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Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 13

Continuing with, “The Role and Effect of Leadership on Covenant Keeping”, Rabbi Steve Berkson takes us on a journey through the books of 1 & 2 Kings where he shows us examples in King Solomon and the Northern Kingdom of Israel of what happens when those in leadership cause real problems for those for whom they are responsible by not upholding their side of the Covenant. What is the key element of the relationship between the Creator and His people? How does a man with a wife who is not...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 12

Is sin and transgressing the Covenant two different things or the same? What is the definition of sin? What does Joshua 7:9 show us in regards to what Elohim thinks about sin and His Covenant. What is it that the “World” will not allow you to do? Rabbi Steve Berkson then moves us to Joshua chapter 23 to continue with the thought, “The Role and Effect of Leadership on Covenant Keeping.” When a group needs direction to go forward, who is it that receives the vision for direction? What happens...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 11

Rabbi Steve Berkson subtitles this teaching, “The Role and Effect of Leadership in Covenant Keeping.” He starts by taking us to Deuteronomy 31 to show how that after the Covenant had been established the people did well with keeping it sometimes and not so well at other times. The role of the leadership and the way the people interacted with the leadership has a direct connection with the fledgling nation’s ability to uphold their part of the Creator’s Covenant. Who was the “leadership” in...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 10

What is the definition of evil? Is keeping the Covenant really that big of a deal? Hasn’t it been “done away with” because of the Messiah? Who are the teachers today? What is the leadership structure today? Isn’t it now all about the “Holy Spirit”? What is the “essence” of all covenants? Digging deeper into what it means to be in covenant, Rabbi Steve Berkson continues to uncover exciting treasures that have been obscured by the erroneous teaching of a system that uses the word covenant, but...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 9

Continuing in Deuteronomy, Rabbi Steve Berkson shows us how to recognize certain words and phrases continuously linked to help you understand what they’re about. What do you suppose is the phrase that links to the Covenant? As we look at a “covenant within the Covenant” made with the tribe of Levi we see that one of the responsibilities of the Levites was to bear the Covenant (Ark of the Covenant) and to establish the Torah as the foundation of Israel. Who has that responsibility today? As a...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 8

As he said he would, Rabbi Steve Berkson spends a bit more time teaching on Deuteronomy 4:9. He points out the emphasis placed on the exhortation to “guard yourself” lest you forget the words your eyes have seen. How does one “see the words”? The second part of Deu 4:9 instructs the reader to make those words known to your children and grandchildren. How do we do that today? Are you having trouble in your Torah observance? Rabbi Steve tells you what the number one cause. Deu 4:16-19 talks...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 7

What is discipleship about? What does it look like in your life? How does it relate to being in covenant? What are you willing or not willing to do as a disciple? Continuing the topic of the “Covenant of Salt”, Rabbi Steve Berkson teaches vital principles about discipleship and how Yeshua ties being his disciple with the “Covenant of Salt”. Then, moving to Deuteronomy 4 Rabbi Steve shows us that at a point in time Abba showed us The Covenant, taught it to us through his appointed-anointed...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 6

Is there such a thing as a covenant within a covenant? Does the word ‘forever’ always mean what you think it means? What exactly is a “Covenant of Salt”? Does it still apply to us today? What are the challenges to understanding the Bible? How do “The Beatitudes” go hand-in-hand with the “Covenant of Salt” and being in covenant with The Creator? In this episode, Rabbi Steve Berkson answers these vital questions as he continues the series, and the main question, “Are You Covenanted?”. Don't...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 5

A covenant made between two parties has certain expectations of performance. When those expectations are not met the covenant has been broken or breached. When a covenant has been broken there will then be another expectation–consequences. In this lesson of “Are You Covenanted?”, Rabbi Steve Berkson focuses on the consequences of us breaking our covenant we have made with our Creator. Related Teachings can be found here, CC101: Shabbat INFOCUS: Are...


The Sound of the Shofar

May the sound of the shofar wake us up to life that only comes from the Father through His Messiah. From Yom Teruah 2018, this message by Rabbi Steve Berkson goes deeper into some of the responsive reading of the liturgy. Don't miss out on new teachings every week. You are welcome to post your comments and please click on the "LIKE" button if this teaching has been a blessing to you. For more information about MTOI (Messianic Torah Observant Israel), visit our website at


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 4

Covenanted people need not worry–Yahweh is faithful to His side of the covenant. In this episode, Rabbi Steve Berkson places emphasis on “emunah”, which is Hebrew for faith/trust/belief, as it pertains to being covenanted with our Elohim. Related Teachings can be found here, Infocus - Ask For the Old Paths CC101: Are You Saved Making Decisions…the reason you exist The Fear of Yahweh Infocus - The Needs/Wants Disconnect Don't miss out on new...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 3

What is/are the sign(s) of The Covenant? Is baptism/immersion a sign of The Covenant? Who are those that are a part of The Covenant? Rabbi Steve Berkson takes some time making sure we understand what it is we’re involved with–The Covenant between The Creator and us. It is important we are not going on what we think we know. Related Teachings can be found here, CC101: Discovering Your Identity Making Decisions…the reason you exist Don't miss...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 2

There’s only one covenant that we should be concerned about, right? What if there are more than one covenant in play, with some overlapping others, that we need to understand and be concerned about? In part 2 of this teaching on covenants, Rabbi Steve Berkson gets into more detail about Yahweh’s covenant with Noah, Abraham and Isaac. Are all covenants the same? How is a “promise” different than a “covenant”? What does the word “perfect” or “blameless” mean? (Gen 17:1) What does it mean to be...


YMTOI Parsha Pearls - Rosh Hashanah/Yom Teruah

Song: Dip the Apple in the Honey


Covenant Community 101: Are You Covenanted? Part 1

Now that you’ve learned about the relationship between salvation, faith and works, and that “saved” is not a status in the “Are You Saved” series, it makes sense to learn about the one thing that could be considered a status worth bearing–being “in covenant” or “covenanted”. In this series Rabbi Steve Berkson begins to define “covenant” as seen throughout scripture; covenants between persons and covenants between Elohim and mankind. Sometimes Yahweh makes a covenant with himself. Other times...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Saved? Part 17

If we already “possess” everlasting life, why are we instructed by Messiah Yeshua in John chapter 6 not to labor for the bread that perishes but rather for the bread that is remaining unto everlasting life which the Son of Adam gives? What is that “bread” referring to? How do men get this concept wrong? From there, Rabbi Steve takes us deeper into the Gospel of John, chapter 10 verse 24, where we see the followers/disciples of Messiah Yeshua referred to as sheep. Who are his sheep? Who are...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Saved? Part 16

Do you, right now, have eternal life? Do you possess everlasting life as Messiah taught about in the Gospel of John chapter 3 verse 36? This week’s teaching from Rabbi Steve Berkson is on the topic, Possessing Everlasting Life. This is an important topic to clarify simply because most people are taught that salvation “equals” everlasting life…but, is that true? Rabbi Steve takes us into the Gospel of John chapter 5, with a brief moment in chapter 6 (by mistake…or was it?). Related Teachings...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Saved? Part 15

Continuing in the book of Revelation, Rabbi Steve Berkson takes us into chapter 3 where we find Messiah Yeshua continuing to give His praise and correction to the seven assemblies. In this teaching Rabbi Steve asks questions such as, “what does the word ‘complete’ mean?”, “Why does Messiah Yeshua refer to Himself as a thief?”, “What about this idea of being worthy?”, “What is meant by ‘white garments’?” When the text talks about “name”, what does that actually mean? Is it really a name? Who...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Saved? Part 14

There is a particular blessing for those who read, hear and guard the words in book of Revelation. (Rev 1:3) Knowing this, Rabbi Steve Berkson takes us this week into Revelation chapters 2 and 3 where we see the apostle John write messages to seven assemblies as dictated by Messiah Yeshua. What do these messages have to do with salvation, faith and works? What is the one statement that is consistently in the beginning of each message? Should we apply the meanings of these messages to our...


Covenant Community 101: Are You Saved? Part 13

Continuing on the topic of “you’re going to be judged according to your works”, Rabbi Steve Berkson reviews and reiterates 1 Peter chapters 1 and 2, adding even more insight and revelation to the words of the apostle Peter (Kepha). If your relationship with your Creator is like a marriage, what do you expect from Him? What does He expect from you? What is “submissive obedience”? What were the futile behaviors of the fathers? What was at the beginning and will be at the end? As Rabbi Steve...