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Mindfulness Lists is about simple meditation, philosophy, psychology and health solutions.

Mindfulness Lists is about simple meditation, philosophy, psychology and health solutions.
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Mindfulness Lists is about simple meditation, philosophy, psychology and health solutions.






Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 24

All Structures Are Unstable is the name of the next section of A New Earth. All structures, everybody, everywhere, all thoughts, emotions, sights, smells, sounds, tastes and sensations are unstable and temporary. Awareness is stable and eternal.


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 23

Do You Want Peace Or Drama and Beyond Ego: Your True Identity are the names of the next two sections of A New Earth. In the past the limbic system was responsible for keeping us safe from danger that no longer exists. Instead of saving us from wild animals I believe it has taken the job of saving our egos. The reason why we get so upset and agitated when we're in an argument or debate is that we're identified with our beliefs to such an extreme degree that we consider them part of us....


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 22

War Is A Mind-Set is the name of the next section of A New Earth. War has probably been around as long a civilizations have been around. By direct observation we know that war has never stopped war, it's an endless downward spiral of perpetration and retribution. Mother Teresa said... I will never go to an anti war rally , but I will march for peace... Think of solutions, don't dwell on the problem. What you resist, persists and what you fight you strengthen...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 21

The Ego Is Not Personal is the name of the next section of A New Earth... "Only if you mistake it for who you are can observing it within you can be threatening to your sense of self."(awareness)


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 20

The next section(s) of A New Earth are called, In Defense of an Illusion and Truth: Relative or Absolute. In most arguments or debates the reason why people get angry, hostile or passive aggressive is we think that we will be less or inferior if we don't convince or force another person into agreeing with our opinion. Since people get confused sometimes and think they are their thoughts , they think if they lose an argument or debate they will be mortally injured by the defeat. Don't waste...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 19

Reactivity And Grievances is the name of the next section of A New Earth. When we over react life responds to our observations! In my experience when you look for problems in your life, there's endless things to whine about. Reactivity is a wonderful thing for the ego to find a sense of self in. "This is an Outrage!" ... "I demand a recount!" ... hahaha The ego will settle for almost any identity... The identity of person who has been done wrong sounds great! Being pissed off is serious job...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 18

Complaining And Resentment is the name of the next section of A New Earth. The ego likes to complain because when we complain it infers that we are right and someone or something is wrong. Being right gives egos a superior, stronger sense of self in comparison to the inferior, weaker, person, place, situation or thing that it's complaining about. The ego also likes to resent things, because it also gives us a feeling of being right. Resentment is also similar to when children get mad. Some...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 17

Chapter 3 of Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth is titled , The Core Of Ego. Two of the main characteristics of the ego are identification with form and separation. Since the only thing that is consistent about our lives is Change the ego is constantly struggling and grasping for anything it can identify with to form a stronger sense of self. Another thing that strengthens the ego is seperation, by defining others as others it strengthens the illusion of self...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 16

The Peace That Passes All Understanding is the name of the next section. Sometimes when people lose things that they identify with, and accept the loss, it frees them from their ego.


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 15

From Descartes's Error To Sartre's Insight... The section of chapter 2 discusses two philosopher's observations. "I think, therefore I am" was the statement Descartes, the 17th century philosopher, claimed was the root of his being. Descartes didn't realize he had found the root of the ego, thought... About 300 years later a philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre, contemplating Descartes statement proclaimed... "The consciousness that says 'I am' is not the consciousness that thinks". Sartre, didn't...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 14

Forgetfulness Of Being is the name of the next section of A New Earth... "When every thought absorbs your attention completely,when you are so identified with the voice in your head and the emotions that accompany it that you lose yourself in every thought and emotion, then you are totally identified with form and therefore in the grip of the ego." -Eckhart Tolle ...The solution to this condition is, As Always, be the awareness of your thoughts and emotions , while maintaining the...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 13

Feeling The Inner Body is the name of the next section. The last section was about identification with the body, it's a very common condition. Many people think they are their looks and body. It's a very common condition and the great thing is there's a simple fast solution. Instead of focusing on the outside of our bodies, make it a constant practice to pay attention to the inner sensations of the body. There's usually 6 different things you can possibly focus on in meditation, sight,...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 12

Identification With The Body is the name of the next section. In the west identification with the body seems to be a very common thing. For many people their beauty or physical attributes are big part of who they consider themselves to be. As people get older false beauty and beach bodies deteriorate. If you think you're looks, when you begin to age you're going to suffer. It easier sooner than later if you look inside your book and realize you're not the cover.


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 11

Wanting: The Need For More is the name of the next section. The ego thinks if you have more you are more. Once we get what we want, we still don't feel whole. The ego never stops wanting, since having doesn't heal the emptiness inside of us we are trying to fill. The loss of connection with our sense of being is the root of this condition and daily practice of reconnecting with ourselves though meditation or similar mindfulness practices is the solution.


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 10

The next section of chapter 2 is called The Illusion Of Ownership. An undesirable aspect of ownership is getting lost and obsessed in identification with our possessions, thinking that we're more or less because of them or from the lack of them. It's a common saying that in order to gain everything you must lose everything.


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 9

The Lost Ring is a section in the second chapter of A New Earth that tells a story of a lady who loses a precious possession. Instead getting lost like Gollum in the lord of the rings, the lady who loses the ring is able to feel that the loss hasn't diminished her state of being and is able to brake the connection of self identification with the ring.


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 8

Identification with things is the next section of chapter 2. We've all had the experience of fantasizing about something that we really want. For most people we get what we want some of the time and after the amazon box is opened and recycled the fantasy comes to a halt and we start desiring another toy or we wake up. The cause of this desire is that we feel that we need more , because inside we have a deficiency. The solution for this addictive proliferation of material possessions is to go...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 7

The Voice In The Head... What? Exactly! I am very pleased with the way humanity is evolving... Internal dialogue or psycho babble is a normal human condition. The solution to working with this human condition is to see it clearly, realize that it's a condition common in all humans and constantly be vigilant about passively observing this voice. When we become aware of the incessant chatter that constantly fills our heads we have identified this chaotic human condition and can use the...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 6

This episode reviews a section of the second chapter of A New Earth titled, The Illusory Self. When children reach a certain level of consciousness they begin to identify with things that they start to consider as part of their identity... name, boy or girl, good or bad , silly , sad... you get the picture. Our lives are filled with temporary manifestations and the result of this condition is constant change. Subsequently children and adults, in an attempt to control life try to find things...


Mindfulness Lists Episode 15 pt 5

Chapter 2 of A New Earth is titled, Ego The Current State Of Humanity. Ego is identification with thought forms, emotional forms and any thing that we are attached to that gives us a sense of self. The more we have, the more we know, the more we do, the better we are in the eyes of the ego... in the first section of this chapter Eckhart explains that instead of using words as linguistic conventions we use them essentially as ego enhancers and through labeling things it gives us a sense of...