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MAS 026: Interview with Andrew Hill (Part 2)

In “Episode 26: Interview with Andrew Hill (Part 2)” Leon continues his conversation with Pastor Andrew Hill about Andrew’s journey of faith from a place of certainty and absolutism, through the unnerving terrain of doubt and deconstruction, to his current location—a place of beautiful simplicity, curious mystery, and hope for greater discovery. In this second half of the interview Andrew discusses with Leon a new way to view the Bible that gives readers freedom to grapple with their faith...


MAS 025: Interview with Andrew Hill (Part 1)

In “Episode 25: Interview with Andrew Hill” a new voice is introduced on the Morning-After Show. Recording in Houston, TX, Leon sits down with Pastor Andrew Hill in a two-part interview to discuss Andrew’s journey of faith from a place of certainty and absolutism, through the unnerving terrain of doubt and deconstruction, to his current location—a place of beautiful simplicity, curious mystery, and hope for greater discovery. Taking a different path than Mike and Leon, Andrew’s migration...


MAS 024: A New Reformation

In “Episode 24: A New Reformation” Mike and Leon share their thoughts on the emergence of a New Reformation in the 21st Century. They explain how the salvation pendulum has swung from the flawed works-based extreme that led to the first Reformation to today’s flawed knowledge-based extreme that has reduced faith to simply agreeing with the proposition that Jesus died for our sins. In their conversation, Mike and Leon discuss what this New Reformation looks like, how we can join the...


MAS 023: The Culture War and Fight for Control

In “Episode 23: The Culture War and Fight for Control” Mike and Leon examine the culture war in America and discuss what the fighting is all about. They bring to light that what’s often viewed as a noble fight for truth is really a fight to gain or maintain a position of power and control. They further discuss Christianity’s inglorious history in the fight for control and how we, as Christians, need to own our history if we hope to be credible representatives of Jesus in the 21st century....


MAS 022: Grief and Hope

In “Episode 22: Grief and Hope” Mike and Leon discuss the reality of grief in a broken world and the hope we find in God. In addressing these subjects, Mike and Leon talk about the difficulty Christians often have with embracing grief and the misplaced hope that Jesus will fix our brokenness on this side of eternity. This is a personal and touching podcast about the importance of expressing God’s love by accepting people as they are and meeting one another wherever we happen to be. Here’s...


MAS 021: Spiritual Disciplines

In “Episode 21: Spiritual Disciplines” Mike and Leon discuss the role of spiritual disciplines in the Christian life and how, in our way-to-busy lives, spiritual disciplines can help us set aside time to quiet our minds and hear from God. As part of their conversation, Mike presents a detailed explanation for how to practice five of these disciplines—The Jesus Prayer, The Daily Office, Lectio Divina, Ignatian Examen, and Submission. Here’s a brief outline of Episode 21. For a more...


MAS 020: Motivated By Fear or Love

In “Episode 20: Motivated by Fear or Love” Mike and Leon present fear and love as opposites and discuss why it’s important for Christian communities to seriously consider what motivates their beliefs and actions. Pointing to the political rhetoric of the last election, controversial issues of Christian doctrine and equality, and citing common reasons for why people leave the Church, Mike and Leon make sobering observations about Christian America and pose the challenge to live the life God...


MAS 019: Social Justice and Christian America

In “Episode 19: Social Justice and Christian America” Mike and Leon discuss the difference between being a Christian American and an American Christian and the profound difference this distinction makes on a Christian view of social justice. Exposing the pitfalls of rugged individualism, the idolatry of family, and the social nature of the gospel, Mike and Leon frame the good news of Jesus as a collective movement intended to transform the world through sacrificial love and...


MAS 018: The Importance of Perspective

In “Episode 18: The Importance of Perspective” Mike and Leon discuss the importance of valuing different points of view and explain how embracing different perspectives can enrich our understanding of truth. They further discuss the implications that valuing differing perspectives has on power dynamics in culture and politics and the impact it could have in the Church by fostering community among Christians and developing greater compassion towards marginalized, neglected, and, all too...


MAS 017: Faith, Certainty, and the Bible

In “Episode 17: Faith, Certainty, and the Bible” Mike and Leon explain how the Modern search for absolute truth has undermined the essence of faith and led to the flawed belief that the Bible is the authoritative source for all knowledge and truth. They further discuss how this view of the Bible leads to misplaced faith in doctrine and creates a false sense of certainty. In the end, Mike and Leon take a different approach, explaining how to read the Bible in a way that frees us to explore...


MAS 016: Death, Afterlife, and Hell

In this sixteenth episode of The Morning-After Show, Mike and I discuss death, the possibility of life after death, heaven, and hell. In addressing these weighty subjects, we acknowledge that our modern day understanding of the physical world extends well beyond that of ancient peoples, which creates even greater uncertainty and complexity when discussing these eternal questions. We begin the conversation with the subject of death, discussing God’s proclamation to Adam, “For dust you are...


MAS 015: Post-Modern Christian Morality

In “Episode 15: Post-Modern Christian Morality” Mike and Leon present and discuss their construct for Christian morality in a post-Modern age. In contrast to the Modern model of viewing morality as a set of rules that must be obeyed, they speak about morality from a relational perspective, highlighting the importance of commitment and honor in each relationship. And it’s from this vantage that they offer a unique perspective on marriage and address the controversial subject of...


MAS 014: Redefining Church

In “Episode 14: Redefining Church” Mike and Leon discuss the need to redefine church in America. They explain how today’s pervasive consumer model of church has transformed a sacred gathering into a business, designed to attract people with its entertaining worship and line of products and services. To redefine church Mike and Leon look at the first gathering of Christians in the book of Acts to explain the meaning and purpose of the church. Here’s a brief outline of Episode 14. For a...


MAS 013: Life In Jesus Together

In “Episode 13: Life in Jesus Together” Mike and Leon address the importance and value of engaging in life together. They remind us of Jesus’s pray that all his followers would be unified, that the differences that so easily divide us would instead be shared with one another, enriching life for us all. So what went wrong? Why are Christians so divided? Why is the Church so segregated? Mike and Leon tackle these questions and share their story in leading one church community on a journey of...


MAS 012 - Life in Jesus

In “Episode 12: Life in Jesus” Mike and Leon build on the foundation they established in previous podcasts and talk more practically about what it means to find life in Jesus. Specifically, they discuss the pitfalls of focusing on our circumstances and explain how to find lasting joy and peace. They further explain how overcoming our fear and addressing our shame-free us to discover our created purpose and experience the fullness of life. Here’s a brief outline of Episode 12. For a more...


MAS 011: The Essence of Faith

In “Episode 11: The Essence of Faith” Mike and Leon survey key biblical figures to uncover the essence of faith that has unified believers throughout history. Picking a fight with modern Christianity, Mike and Leon passionately argue that reducing faith to simply accepting that “Jesus died for my sins” is the greatest heresy of our time—reducing a personal, trust relationship with God to simply agreeing with a statement about God. Here’s a brief outline of Episode 11. For a more thorough...


MAS 010: Who is Jesus?

In “Episode 10: Who is Jesus?” Mike and Leon turn to the Gospel of John to talk about Jesus in terms not commonly discussed. In contrast to the narrow perspective offered by mainstream Christianity that Jesus was born 2,000 years ago to die for the sins of humankind, Mike and Leon discuss Jesus in much broader, grander terms. They speak of Jesus as the eternal God, through whom the entire universe was created, and they explain the incarnation as God’s ultimate display of love and...


MAS 009: The Tower of Babel

In “Episode 9: The Tower of Babel” Mike and Leon look to the ancient story of the Tower of Babel to offer this modern day warning: if we allow technological advancements to replace our need for God, we risk losing our humanity, becoming more concerned with preserving life than experiencing it. And if technology ever advances to the point that we gain the power to create and sustain life forever, Mike and Leon speculate on how the consequences could be devastating. For a more thorough...


MAS 008: The Faith of Noah

In “Episode 8: The Faith of Noah” Mike and Leon explain how faith is really not that complicated–it doesn’t require that we have the correct knowledge or perform the right rituals. Looking at the lineage from Adam to Noah and the account of The Flood, Mike and Leon, in their entertaining yet thought-provoking style, show us that faith is simply the journey of walking with God. Here’s a brief outline of Episode 8. For a more thorough summary of episode 8 and to learn more about The...


MAS 007: The Story of Cain and Abel

In “Episode 7: The Story of Cain and Abel ” Mike and Leon apply their hermeneutic to get to the heart of Cain and Abel. They explain how this story reveals that God is not nearly as interested in what we sacrifice as he is in why we sacrifice. And despite our failure to trust God and humankind’s history of hijacking the Bible for our selfish purposes, Mike and Leon present the hope that offered at the end of the story. Here’s a brief outline of Episode 7. A reading of the Cain and Able...