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Radical Faith | Dangerous Prayers - Week 3

Justin and Rheanna Arfsten continue our "Dangerous Prayers" series by talking about how to live a radical faith!


Change Me | Dangerous Prayers - Week 2

Pastor Erik continues our series "Dangerous Prayers" by diving into the story of Jacob wrestling with God (Genesis 32). We learn from Jacob that we 1. START with prayer, 2. KEEP holding on, even when it hurts, and 3. REMEMBER whose we are.


Search Me | Dangerous Prayers - Week 1

Pastor Erik kicks off our series "Dangerous Prayers" by diving into Psalm 139. In order to be more like Jesus, we need to ask God to search our hearts, reveal our fears, and show us our sins, so that we can move forward in grace and love. *There was an issue with the audio recording, so around the 22 minute mark, the audio switches from the board mix to the room mic from the video camera*


Mary's Story | Let It Go - Week 2

Pastor Erik wraps up our series "Let It Go" as we look at the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. 3 Things we learn from Mother Mary: 1. Let go of the PATH, 2. Let go of the PROMOTION, and 3. Let go of the PROCESS.


Joseph's Story | Let it Go - Week 1

What is it that you need to let go? Pastor Erik dives into the story of Joseph, the adopted father of Jesus. Joseph had to let go of being misunderstood, let go of his future, and let go of the results. In the same way, we need to let go and trust and follow Jesus.


Walking in the Wilderness | Peaks and Valleys - Week 4

Pastor Erik wraps up our study on the life of Elijah by diving into 1 Kings 19. We learn that EVERYONE spends time in the wilderness, but that God STRENGTHENS us in the wilderness. Not only does he strengthen us, he will MEET us in the wilderness! What can we learn from Elijah on how to deal with discouragement and depression? God tells Elijah: get some rest, replace the lies you have been telling yourself with My truth, and get back to doing what prophets are supposed to do!


How Long Will You Limp? | Peaks and Valleys - Week 3

Pastor Erik continues our series as we dive into 1 Kings 18. We learn that the things of this world PROMISE what only God can truly PROVIDE.


God Brings Dead Things to Life | Peaks and Valleys - Week 2

Pastor Erik continues our series "Peaks and Valleys" by diving into the second half of 1 Kings 17. We learn that not only is God the one who PROVIDES, he is the God who brings dead things to life! What is dead in your life that you need God to bring to life?


The Power of Provision | Peaks and Valleys - Week 1

Sometimes we miss God’s PROVISION because it’s disguised as a PROBLEM. We keep sending back the package God is giving us, because we don’t like how it looks! PROVISION and PERSPECTIVE are linked! We might need to change our thinking, which will change our PERSPECTIVE, to see that God’s PROVISION is already in front of me! God’s PROVISION often awaits our PREPARATION. God led Elijah through 3 Seasons of Preparation: 1. Isolated Pain (I Kings 17:1) 2.Total Dependance (I Kings 17:2-3) 3....


Leaving a Legacy | Relationship Goals - Week 5

We all want to leave a legacy! But how do we do that? We need to understand that what we do today will echo into future generations. (The audio didn't record on our normal board mix, so this is our back-up audio from the video camera.) MAIN IDEAS: -There’s a difference between FORGIVENESS and RECONCILIATION -The essence of manhood is RESPONSIBILITY. -It’s okay to TEST people before you TRUST them. -Actions don’t just speak louder than words. Actions ECHO into the next generation. -You never...


Increasing Intimacy | Relationship Goals - Week 4

No one PLANS to be unfaithful, but HALF of all marriages will experience it. So what do we do to beat the odds? Listen to what Pastor Erik has to say!


Partnering in our Purpose | Relationship Goals - Week 3

Justin and Rheanna Arfsten tag team preach about the Relationship Goal of partnering in our purpose!


Always Pursue Your Two! | Relationship Goals - Week 2

Pastor Erik and his wife Kristin tag-team preach! We learn the importance of the relationship goal to always PURSUE our TWO! How do we do that? If you think something good- SAY IT! If you think of something special to do- DO IT! If you want to see change in your marriage- BE IT!


The Most Important Goal! | Relationship Goals - Week 1

Pastor Erik kicks off our new series by looking at what is the MOST IMPORTANT relationship goal!


Changed from HATERS to HEALERS - Week 3

Paster Erik dives into Acts 5 as we learn 4 marks of a Holy Spirit Empowered Church. Marks of a Holy Spirit Empowered Church: 1. People are being LOVED 2. People are being SAVED 3. People are being HEALED 4. People are being DELIVERED


From GREEDY to GENEROUS | Changed - Week 2

As Christians, we should stop being known by what we are against and start to be known as a generous people. This has more potential to change the world than anything else. Why? Because extraordinary generosity is extraordinarily powerful! Be generous and SEE what God can do through you! When you give—you will be a blessing! When you give—you will be blessed!


From COWARDLY to COURAGEOUS | Changed - Week 1

We all have areas of our lives that we would like to see CHANGED. Pastor Erik dives into Acts 4 as we learn that the Holy Spirit changes us from COWARDLY to COURAGEOUS. We learn that we are to pray for boldness and to pray for miracles! We are going to pray BOLD PRAYERS, believing that we serve a great God who is able to do far more than we could ever ask or imagine!


The Holy Spirit Empowers an Unstoppable Partnership | Ghost Stories - Week 4

In order for the gospel to SPREAD, the Church had to be STRETCHED! The STRENGTH is in the STRETCH! You need to put into PRACTICE the POWER you have received! Pastor Erik continues our series of looking at the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the early church by diving into Acts 3.


Power to Change | Ghost Stories - Week 3

Rheanna Arfsten continues our series on the work of the Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts by diving into the last part of Acts 2. We learn how to RESPOND to the power of the Holy Spirit, how to build RELATIONSHIPS through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the RESULTS of life in the Holy Spirit.


What's Better Than Jesus Beside Me?! | Ghost Stories - Week 2

What could possibly be better than having Jesus beside me? What could have transformed the Apostle Peter from being a COWARD who denied he even knew Jesus, into a COURAGEOUS preacher in just 50 days? Pastor Erik answers these questions as we dive into Acts 2 and learn about the PERSON of the Holy Spirit, the PRESENCE of the Holy Spirit, and the POWER of the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit can transform our lives!