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New RSS feed: Ever wondered what Mormon religious texts really say? Play the drinking game with us as we read them all!!!

New RSS feed: Ever wondered what Mormon religious texts really say? Play the drinking game with us as we read them all!!!
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New RSS feed: Ever wondered what Mormon religious texts really say? Play the drinking game with us as we read them all!!!




CC 140-141: Zion is in your heart (possibly)

Israel "Dutch" Smith spends his first years of his presidency at his wife's bedside, with breaks to write correspondence and delegate decisions to F. Henry Edwards, his nephew-in-law. All the Links Support the show here Read along with us here Roscoe Davey Maurice L Draper Reed Holmes A Gentle Monarch


CC 139: Rest In Peace, Fred M.

The post-WWII era ushers in an era of economic growth for the church, and a grumpy Fred M., a prophet who failed to write down his succession plan. Israel "Dutch" Smith becomes prophet-president, soon thereafter giving his first revelation. All the Links John Garver Frank Henry Edwards Fred M.'s funeral bulletin


CC 138: Hello, Israel.

The revelation is just another staffing change from Fred M. The reality is that nobody likes him and his closest confidantes are quitting. Somehow, despite a lifetime of being treated as Lesser, little brother Israel A. Smith steps in to start the process in becoming the next prophet-president. All the Links Read along with us here L.F.P. Curry Gentle Monarch: The Presidency of Israel A. Smith Bonus Episode - Russell M. Nelson tells us the November policy was motivated by love. He's...


CC 137: Even More Depressioning

Fred. M's vision of a literal, physical Zion slips even further from his grasp. Church membership is falling, money is tighter than tight, and WWII is just around the corner. All the Links Read along with us here Support the show here 1933 Saints Herald 1937 Saints Herald C. George Mesley Arthur Oakman Charles Hield Mr. Hield looks pretty fly


CC 136: Oops! A Great Depression

Fred M. has gained complete control of the Church, for both good and bad. Great strides are made in the quest for a physical Zion on earth! And he completely misses how overspent the coffers are, and then a Great Depression wipes out what little resources were left. All The Links Read along with us here Supreme Directional Control F. Henry Edwards The Graceland College Book of Knowledge, by David Goehner


CC 135: Too Many Controversies

Brother McGuire stages a coup, sort of, with the help of immense amounts of bureaucracy. Fred M. is temporarily ousted from The Saints Herald, only to regain power at the expense of his younger brother, Israel. Read along with us here Historical Amnesia: Corporate Identity and Collective Memory General Conference Resolutions


CC 134: SDCC #2 - Common Consent

There's so much controversy that we just don't have anything harmonious, except a tiny little background clause in membership transfer that we'll care about in 1925. Right now it's 1922-1924, and Fred M's leadership is tanking the church. Membership? Money? Happiness? It's bad news bears. Let's yell about it at general conference!! Read along with us here Historical Amnesia: Corporate Identity and Collective Memory Support the show on Patreon


CC 132-133: Supreme Directional Control Controversy #1

Fred M becomes the prophet, and immediately things go awry. He micromanages, he gives his wife biological specimens, he throws down during general conference. It's the first of six controversies!!!! All the Links Patron Bonus - Sunstone 2019 Read along with us here NPR article about surgery on a boat Historical Amnesia : Corporate Identity and Collective Memory, the doctoral dissertation by Dr. Kenneth Mulliken Rubber suits during baptism


CC 131: Rest in Peace, JS III

An era comes to a close as the son of the prophet passes away of old age. Let's recap his life and read his final revelation. Suspicious that his final words from God sound a lot like everything Fred M. wants, eh? Read along with us here Lyman Wight's recollection of Joseph Smith Jr passing the torch to his son Support the show on Patreon


CC 130: A Shift in Tone

Prophet Emeritus Joseph Smith III suddenly sounds an awful lot like his son, Fred M. It's shocking how much the divine will of god aligns with the mortal will of Fred M. This does not bode well. All the Links Read along with us here Isaac White J.W. Wight Joseph R Lambert Wiliam M Aylor "The Apostolic Office", by Paul Hanson


CC 129: Dissent!!!

R. C. Evans is ousted from the presidency and he is NOT happy about it. He's replaced with "just another Smith". All The Links Section 129 Pretender to the Throne: R. C. Evans and the Problem of Presidential Succession Bertha Madison Smith Roger Launius, NASA historian Elbert A. Smith (a grandson) J.F. Curtis


CC 128: Zion Is Calling

Fred M.'s influence grows ever stronger. The church is (slowly and thoughtfully) on the move from rural everywhere to Independence, MO. Saints are advised to migrate only after they've secured a job and housing, and to integrate kindly with their neighbors. All The Links Read along with us here Mormon Extermination Order The Stone Church (historical) The Stone Church (today)


CC 127: The women (try to) speak

The church is in transition from the founders to the next generation. Fred M is named the successor to JS 3.0, money isn't enough for all the things, and are children or old people more important? Discuss. All the links Read along with us here Health Ministries in the RLDS Church Independence Sanatorium Ennovation Center Mite to Bishop Emma Burton is a Queen (her husband's biography)


CC 126: JS 3.0 has a vision

Joseph Smith III has a vision. Happily, it streamlines responsibilities within the church and nominates people to leadership positions. It's official canon... but not everyone believed so at the time. All the Links Read along with us here Support the show on Patreon List of the Presiding Patriarchs Richard P Howard James Caffall Edmund C Briggs R.C. Evans Francis Sheehy Cornelius Butterworth John Rushton



It's 1901, and the differences between RLDS and LDS are big enough to warrant a full-on comparison. What does the two factions believe? How does the afterlife work? Which is the One True Church? All the Links Support the show at Patreon Community of Christ (formerly RLDS) vs LDS


CC 125: Do What I Say Because I Say So

The church is at a turning point. Should their money go to the newly-begun Graceland College? What about strengthening their existing membership? Missionary work? Joseph 3.0 solves it all by taking a turn from Common Consent to Divine Revelation, but in a nice way, not an authoritarian dictator sort of way. All the Links Read along with us here Gomer T Griffiths History of Graceland Patron Bonus Ep


CC 123-124: The Q12 is Fulfilled

The Q12 is being fully filled, not just on paper, but in reality. Sure, we could focus on the formality and the procedure. Nope! There's human drama all over the place. Much for fun to focus on that. All the Links Read along with us here. Presiding Patriarchs E. L. Kelley William W. Blair William H Kelley Isaac White J. W. Wight R. C. Evans


CC 122: Be Kind

Be nice to each other!!! For real, just be nice. All this administrative stuff is important, and boring. All the Links Read along with us Support the show at Temple Lot Case Thomas W Smith Joseph Bazalgette, the sewer architect The Great Stink


CC 121: Joseph's Younger Brother

On the surface, this is all some administration and encouragement for unity and peace. Just underneath, two members of the Q12 flounce away while Joseph Smith 3.0's younger brother, David, is committed to a hospital for the insane. All the Links David H. Smith, the youngest son of the Prophet and Emma From Mission to Madness: Last Son of the Mormon Prophet, by Valeen Tippetts Avery The Sweet Singer of Israel, Deseret News Northern Illinois Hospital for the Insane The Temple Lot Court...


CC120: Organize the Reorganization

Sometimes you just have to write out the boring church policies. Slog through it with us. Please? It's real boring, but we're interesting. Promise. Oh god, go get a drink and chug. All The Links Read along with us Alexander H Smith