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New RSS feed: Ever wondered what Mormon religious texts really say? Play the drinking game with us as we read them all!!!

New RSS feed: Ever wondered what Mormon religious texts really say? Play the drinking game with us as we read them all!!!
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New RSS feed: Ever wondered what Mormon religious texts really say? Play the drinking game with us as we read them all!!!




Ep 224: Official Declaration 2

Church leadership was powerless - POWERLESS - to change their extremely racist policy. After a bunch of petitioning, god changed his mind about black people. Drink count - 6 Read along with us on Patreon Bonus - The Interfaith Chapel


Ep 223: Official Declaration 1 - Refrain from Polygamy

Wilford Woodruff writes a memo to the Saints, which then has to be followed up with a few "No, seriously, we mean it!" lectures. Refrain from polygamy because OMG, what if the government takes all our stuff??? Drink count - around 5 Read along with us at Official Declaration 1


Ep 222: D&C 111 - Section 138 (the last one!!!)

Pres. Joseph F. Smith has a dream in 1918 and behold (drink!) it did bring unto him a revelation from God. Or it's D&C fanfic from an old guy nearing the end of his days. You be the judge. Drink count - 2 Read along with us at Patron Bonus - Protect LDS Children/McKenna Denson


Ep 221: D&C 110 - Section 137

Throwback to before the Kirtland Temple Dedication! Joseph lets you know that you definitely need this temple because ordinances, and do those ordinances so your ancestors have the chance to get into heaven. Head over to the Twitters to vote on where we take the show next! Patron Bonus - How *you* doin'?


Ep 220: D&C 109 - Section 136

It's winter in Omaha Nation/future Iowa and Brigham Young has a plan. Gather your things and prepare to head to Mexico/future Utah. There may be room for some of your possessions, there won't be much room for food. Drink count - 2 Read along with us at Many thanks to supporters of this show for Marie's new sound setup! Bonus Episode - Studio Hallway Closet is no more


Ep 219: D&C 108 - Section 135

Joseph and Hyrum Smith are deceased, and we all need a solid emotional outburst in response. Grab your pint of ice cream and your favorite spoon, it's time to eat/talk our feelings. Support the show at Read along with us at


Cover to Cover, Inside and Out (Sunstone 2018 Presentation)

Sunstone Symposium 2018 has graciously given us permission to broadcast our presentation at this year's conference. If you'd like to listen to other presentations, they are available for purchase at Bonus episode - Behind the Scenes of the Presentation


Ep 217: The Demise of Joseph Smith (Live Show)

In which two years worth of readings culminate in Marie finally learning how Joseph Smith dies. Find Mormon Happy Hour and Colleen Dietz at, or search for Mormon Happy Hour wherever podcasts are found Patron Bonus Episode - Live Show, Behind The Scenes!!!


Ep 216: MofF - The Sin Next To Murder, Part 2

Miracle of Forgiveness - The Sin Next to Murder Spencer W. Kimball continues to tear us down as the horrible humans we are, with special attention to the divorced harlots of the world.


Ep 215: MofF - The Sin Next to Murder, Part 1

Live show, July 27, 2018! 8pm, Squatter’s on 147 Broadway in SLC The Miracle of Forgiveness was written by Spencer W. Kimball and has been removed from the approved reading list for missionaries. We're reading chapter 5, The Sin Next To Murder.


Ep 214: Miracle of Forgiveness, The Sin Next to Murder, Pt 1

Live show, July 27, 2018 8pm, Squatter's on 147 Broadway in SLC The Miracle of Forgiveness was written by Spencer W. Kimball and has been removed from the approved reading list for missionaries.


Ep 213: The Nauvoo Expositor, Part 2

William Law and friends continue to call upon Joseph Smith to stop leading the saints astray and return to monogamy and a monotheistic religion. Joseph responds by seizing their printing press and burning it, and all found copies of the Nauvoo Expositor, to the ground. Live Show on Friday, July 27, 8pm at Squatter's in downtown SLC Marie and Bryce's presentation at Sunstone is on Saturday, July 28 at 10:15am Patron Bonus - Porter Rockwell The Nauvoo Expositor


Ep 212: The Nauvoo Expositor, Part 1

William Law and friends published the first and only edition of The Nauvoo Expositor on June 7, 1844. This was the newspaper published by dissident Mormons which was declared a "public nuisance" by the Nauvoo City Council on June 8, 1844. By authority of the Council's order the Expositor press was destroyed that same day and the newspaper was immediately shut down. It never resumed publication. Drink Count - As needed Patron Bonus: Raw emotions after a witnessed car crash The Nauvoo...


Special Ep: Missionary Visit, The First

Throwback to July 2017 when Marie accidentally invited missionaries to her house.


Ep 211: D&C 107 - Section 134

Today’s political statement/revelation lets us know the church believes you should follow secular law… kind of? It definitely is a pro-slavery church because that’s what this revelation plainly says. Once more for the people in the back, THE CHURCH CONDONES SLAVERY. Drink count – 0 Patron Bonus: Marie and Bryce catch up from vacation How to Vote In Every State – YouTube Ear Hustle brings you the stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it Opening Arguments...


Ep 210: D&C 106 - Section 133

This was originally the appendix/closing of the Book of Commandments. Since the BoC was never fully published, it was included as part of the revelations instead of a separate appendix. It's the return of Pangea at the end of days, with a brief visit to Canada first. Eternity is singing to god. That god is having a big ol' tantrum because his creations aren't paying him enough attention, so watch out or he'll send you to outer darkness. Drink Count - 19 The Links Patron Bonus - Marie...


Ep 209: D&C 105 - Section 101 (monogamy, erased)

D&C 101 was in the 1835 and 1844 versions of the D&C... and then was removed. You can't find it referenced on, so it's almost as if it was *gasp* removed entirely so that it wouldn't conflict so drastically with modern day D&C 132. Here's what it says: You can get married to a non-believer, you'll just be marked as "weak". When you get married it should be public and done according to local laws. Your officiant needs to wing it, no writing a ceremony beforehand! Pledge to be...


Ep 208: D&C 104 - Section 132, Part 2 (more polygamy!!!!)

Colleen Dietz and Miranda Crandall from the Mormon Happy Hour Podcast join us to drink our way through the second half of polygamy. Follow, support, listen, for they are amazing. Joseph Smith shames Emma Smith for even daring to potentially have given a glance at William Law while asserting his own power to "seal" with anyone he desires. Virgins are the best! So are the non-virgins who have been vetted for their worth. #barf The Petticoat Affair - Peggy Eaton was a widow, not a divorcee as...


Ep 207: D&C 103 - Section 132 (Polygamy!!!!!!)

Polygamy!!! It's happening!!!! Joseph spends all day in a room with William Clayton and Hyrum Smith penning this revelation. It's such an important revelation that if you don't follow it you WILL NOT GET INTO HEAVEN. This is when we find out that men who enter into the principle of plural marriage are the ones who become gods after they die. George D Smith - Nauvoo Polygamy: But We Called It Celestial Marriage Cristina Rosetti is brilliant and amazing and you should follow her on...


Ep 206: D&C 102 - Sections 129 to 131

The Nauvoo Mormons are being fast-tracked into Masonry, which we should care about, but we care more about how to identify a good or bad spirit. Angels get their own planet, as do men, but not women. Joseph prophesies the Civil War. Patron Bonus: The Miracle of Forgiveness, The Sin Next To Murder, Part 2