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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. For more information about NPPBC, go to our site at:


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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. For more information about NPPBC, go to our site at:






He Will Hold Your Hand

People worry that they’ll have to get rid of the things of this world when they come to God. God doesn’t want those things. You can keep those things cause He doesn’t want them. People actually have fear of losing those things. Unless those things get in the way of serving God you shouldn’t fear those things. You should never put anything above God. Drugs or alcohol, yes, you should give those things up. However, you shouldn’t fear those things because once you come to God He will take those...


Treasures of the World

God always takes care of everything we need but a lot of times we think we don’t have enough. Do you realize that the things you have down here will not go with you when you leave this life? When you’re lost you will search out everything to stick into the void, the emptiness of God. The world will offer and promise you everything. It’ll tell you that you need the fanciest car, nicest house, best relationships, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. Those things are nothing and will lead you to death...


Fully Armed

We all put limits on God, it’s natural because we can’t comprehend God’s power. Put on the full armor of God. If you’ve been born again God we never leave you. God didn’t leave you all alone once He saved you. God gave you an armor that you can wear that the devil can’t penetrate. Don’t we all get big-headed and proud of ourselves at times and think we don’t need God’s help? What’s going on up in Washington and in the school systems is wicked because the people are wicked. There may be some...


Are You Awake?

Just because we have fliers, and names of whom is bringing the word doesn’t mean revival will happen. The church is asleep because they are sitting back and not doing what God has told them to do. The church must be willing to do the things that the world doesn’t like. Go out and knock on people’s doors, invite people to church. People won’t attend church anymore on Sunday nights or Wednesday evenings. If you’re saved and it doesn’t bother you that the people are going to Hell, then you need...


Come Out of the Cave

The church is supposed to be a hospital. You have to take the bandage off for the doctor to fix it. Are you hugging your self-pity? If you’re always looking for something to “butter your toast” then you’re going to be disappointed. We no longer live in the Garden of Eden. What will it take to get you out of the cave? The devil's intentions One can’t change their spouse but one can change themselves One can’t change others. In verse 9 we see Elijah went to the cave on purpose to lodge there....


The Hard Cases Of Luke 7

There are hard things that come to us at times. We all experience it regardless. It rains on the just, just as the unjust. God never said it would be easy just because you’re saved, but what He did say is that He would never leave you or forsake you. In verse 2 we begin to see a story about a centurion. He loved his servant and spent a lot of money on all kinds of doctors and anything else he could possibly help him. No matter the amount of money, his servant was about to die. He had a...


God Is In The House

We’ve been praying for a revival for a while to come to us. We need to be doing God’s work and inviting people to come into the house of God. It doesn’t take a lot of people to work for God. These men heard the noise that Jesus was going to be there. They wanted to see Jesus and they knew Jesus could heal their friend. When they got to the house they saw that there was no way they could go into the house the normal way. That didn’t stop them. They climbed to the top of the house and tore the...


Gain Over Loss

No one will be able to stand against God. When one gets saved some things are given and then some things are taken away. The wrath of God is happening all around us each second. We might not be able to see it but it’s happening. God gave us a few things that no one can take away. An eternal peace. You gained the precious, righteous blood of Christ. Gained Heaven. A few things that were taken away from you once you’re saved. You’ll never stand before God and hear Him say to depart from Him...


The Suffering of Our Savior

Many people died on a cross at the Roman’s hands. It was common for them to make a mixture of cheap wine and myrrh. It was basic anesthesia to help aid the suffering. When they offered it up to Jesus, He refused it. When allowed to help end His suffering He refused it to take upon the fullness of our sins. He took our suffering and death. Only Christ could do this. Any part of the suffering that we should have and should be our penalty, Jesus took it. We should be grateful for the love of...


What Will It Take?

We are no different than Adam, Eve, or even David. We are all sinful and we try to justify it. We try to tell ourselves it’s not as bad as others’ sins. Daily in the garden, God would walk and talk with Adam and Eve. Yet there come a day that they disobeyed and rebelled against God. We all need to be honest about our sins with God. How did David come to his realization that he was a sinner and it wasn’t someone else's fault? It’s the same with us, conviction. It doesn’t matter who you are,...


The Captain

Being alone with God is a beautiful thing. God does not sit idle. He is always ready and willing. There aren’t enough devils in Hell to defeat God. Which side are you on? God doesn’t follow you around trying to figure out which side you are on. He doesn’t serve you, you are to serve Him. Jesus Christ can not be described in His fullness completely. Captain, sar, or commander. God is the commander of everything. Everything on this earth and everything in the heavens. We should line up with...


I Love This Place!

In the Old Testament, we know that God dwelled in structures, tents, temples, tabernacles, mountains, etc. However, after Christ came and gave His life we now have God living within the Christian. One can be saved anywhere God invites them however most are saved within a church house. If you’re saved in a church then it will certainly hold a special place within your heart. A lovely place We have a lovely place to meet in. We have people that take great care of the building. However, the...


See In Part

We look at others and we judge, it’s just what we do. We only see in part. We are all living in enemy territory. We only see in part. We can’t see the angels and demons fighting around us. Homosexuals are only about 3% of the population but the media would have you believe it’s much, much larger. Be encouraged in Christ. Stop letting the world dictate what you believe. The world is wrong. Satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy. He wants the Christians to keep their mouths shut. Who do...


The Pylant Family

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Are You Willing?

God doesn’t call everyone to the same field. He doesn’t call everyone to be preachers. We as Christians must be ready and willing to work for God. A hedge. Have you ever seen a hedge? A hedge blocks off something or surrounds something. A hedge that has a gap in it is no longer secure. God is looking for Christians to stand in the gap. Will He find someone to stand in the gap at New Providence? We have the privilege to be in mourning with the brethren. If you are willing and obedient then we...


Having Leaves Only

Jesus being a man was hungry. He saw the leaves of a fig tree from afar off yet the tree was barren. God is looking for something other than just leaves. The leaves are just the outward appearance of a person. It doesn’t matter if you can act like a Christian or talk like one. Have you ever been to an apple tree and just eaten the leaves? Many people today will gather under a building called a church and go through the motions of a typical Christian. But are they only leaves blowing in the...


We Have Nothing To Boast About But God

A lot of people brag about a lot of things. What they have and what they can do. We are all nothing without God. God’s been good to us all. Some people brag about their health and how good they think it is. But we are not promised another day. Plenty of perfectly healthy people have died from heart attacks or strokes. Proverbs 25:14, Psalms 25:4 We can’t do anything without God. Ephesians 2:3, we are not perfect but God is. Romans 5:12, Adam & Eve had it made but they went against God. Their...


God’s Provision In Your Past Is His Promise For Your Future

Elias (Elijah) was just like us having good days and bad. There’s going to come a point in our lives no matter how strong we are in the Lord we will struggle. A low point in your life. Yet, while in that lowness in your walk, God knows where you’re at, always. Likewise, if we see someone down in the dumps of life we ought not to judge but pray for them to obtain strength through God. God provided everything that Elijah needed. At the widow woman’s house, he needed bread and water and the...


There’s Room To Grow

We as Christians are to be doing and working for God. Not to be slothful and just sit. We are to be going outside the walls of the church. It’s easy to work for God inside the church alongside other Christians. We should be testifying to the lost trying to compel them to be saved. We know it’s a better life to be saved because we’ve lived both sides, lost & saved. God has a work for the Christian. He didn’t just save you to give you His peace, love, and grace. He isn’t going to bless you...


Keep It!

We live in a society where people think they need more in order to be happy. They work hard to gather up things all the while at death they can’t take any of it with them. Parents are more likely to hand over their child to a stranger just to live their life the way they’d want to. Credit cards maxed out just to get the things of this world. If you’re working because of work to get things down here then you’ve missed it. There are things in this world that we don’t need. God is there and...