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A New Culture for a New Age

A New Culture for a New Age
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A New Culture for a New Age




The Key Principles of a Perfect World

What does a perfect world look like to you?Chances are, you're answer is centered around a definition of things that no longer exist. No more war. No more crime. No disease. No death. No pain.While these would certainly be major markers of a perfect world, have you ever stopped to consider what WOULD have to be in place in order for these things to happen? Is it about having just the right governmental system? Just the right amount of enforcement? Just the right laws? Just the right amount...


Satan: The Father of ALL Lies – NAC:10

A few years ago I embarked on a journey of discovery about who/what Satan really was. I say it was a journey of 'discovery' because where I ended up truly was a perspective I NEVER thought I'd have about this so poorly miss-understood concept.Simply put...One of my favorite movie quotes comes from a movie called "The Usual Suspects"."The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." - Roger "Verbal" Kint (played by Kevin Spacey)While this is a really cool...


How to Keep your New Year’s Resolution – NAC:9

While I've never been a huge participant in the New Year's Resolution tradition, 2018 has actually proven to be a pretty good lesson for me in the value of intentional life change. In January (of 2018) I decided I wanted to establish multiple streams of income and become a full-time entrepreneur. 12 months later, I have 4 companies up and running, 2 on the way for 2019, and a limitless selection of opportunities in front of me for the rest of my life. My income is certainly coming from...


Christmas: Fact, Fiction, and Fruitcake – NAC:8

In light of the upcoming Christmas holiday of 2018, I thought I'd share some of my favorite insights from my personal journey to find the truth about Christmas and its place in our modern Christian belief system.A few years ago I was on a quest to figure out why Christian traditions existed, and how so many religious assumptions found their way into our daily lives. Things like music-led worship on Sunday morning, tithing, altar calls, communion, and holidays... especially holidays. Why do...


Church: Who, What, When, Where, and Why? – NAC:7

Church. Love it or hate it, almost every human alive has engaged with it to a meaningful extent. It is truly one of the most influential organizational structures in both the ancient and modern worlds, and I don't believe that's going to change any time soon.While the measure of influence that church exudes on our daily lives may not diminish, I believe it's high time for that influence to undergo a major overhaul once again.SummaryIn this episode you will learn:There are really two major...


What about the Bible? – NAC:6

As a continuation of our opening 'series' about the foundational perspectives of New Age Christianity, the subject of today's podcast is unavoidable. If any group chooses to have the word 'Christianity' in their name, it is automatically assumed that they have based their beliefs off a universally agreed upon system of conclusions, not the least of which is the belief that the Bible is the most important source of truth we have available today. While this conclusion may not be overtly...


Money and Giving in the New Age of Christianity – NAC:5

Money and religion go together like peanut butter and jelly. This is a problem… or at least it’s been a problem for most of the world’s experience of God.In this episode, I attempt to revisit some of the old ideas we’ve all be taught about giving to the church. Is tithing really 10%? Is tithing still required by God? Does God give you parking tickets to make sure you pay your fair share to his coffers? Why ‘should’ I give anything to the church anyway? Summary In this episode you’ll...


Who Is Jesus to a New Age Christian? – NAC:4

One of the most popular questions I get asked about what it means to be a New Age Christian is, "What do you do with Jesus?"In my experience, this question is asked by Christians and non-Christians alike and is largely the central roadblock in their minds when it comes to reconciling Christianity with ANY other form of spirituality. Where does Jesus fit into the equation? Was he a real person? Did he really need to die for our sins? Is he really the ONLY way to heaven? Etc.In this episode,...


Honor (3 Keys to NOT Being an Ass) – NAC:3

Honoring others really isn't all that difficult, yet, for some reason, it seems to be a skill that is almost impossible to find in today's culture. Worse yet, it is often more difficult to find it in the 'church' than it is in the secular world.My goal with this podcast episode is to continue laying a foundation for what New Age Christianity aims to build as a community of believers. Namely, the type of culture we aim to build... a culture of honor. Podcast SummaryEvery group has a...


A World Without End – NAC:2

Our first 'real' episode! Yay!This episode is the first of a short series of concepts that New Age Christianity holds as foundational lenses through which we view EVERYTHING in the world. Namely, we don't believe we are here just to pass some test and go to heaven or hell. Humanity is here for a very powerful purpose, and if our view of the future has 'getting out of dodge' as it's central conclusion, why on earth would we even focus and what we have right in front of us?In this episode,...


An Introduction to the New Age Christianity Podcast – NAC:1

So here we are... finally going public with this crazy idea called "New Age Christianity".In full disclosure, this is the first podcast I've ever done and I've already learned a ton about what improvements I want to make in later episodes, but hey, you have to start somewhere right? Summary In this first episode, I go over a basic overview of the premise behind New Age Christianity (NAC) and what to expect from this podcast and the NAC community.Nothing is set in stone and things will...