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Spiritual Warfare, Modern Day Occultism & Our Catholic Faith

Spiritual Warfare, Modern Day Occultism & Our Catholic Faith


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Spiritual Warfare, Modern Day Occultism & Our Catholic Faith




The TLM and My Written Testimony (EP 10)

I finally did make it to the Traditional Latin Mass and talk a bit about how I feel about it in this podcast. I also discuss my personal testimony about leaving the New Age and occult to return to the Catholic faith and share where you can read it (for free) both in the podcast and via the links below. #TLM #testimony #catholic And please don't forget to follow my podcast,...


Real EVP & the Dangers of Paranormal Investigation (EP 9)

In this episode I share an EVP from my days as a paranormal investigator and talk a bit about the dangers of paranormal investigation from a Catholic perspective. #EVP #paranormal #paranormalinvestigation #ghosts


Toxic Femininity: A Catholic Perspective (EP 8)

In this episode I talk about the book The Anti-Mary Exposed by Carrie Gress and the topic of toxic femininity in my own experience. This book does a great job of presenting the dark history of feminism, the impact toxic femininity has had on our culture and the many issues with goddess worship. And I agree with all of it! #toxicfeminism #toxicfemininity #carriegress


Catholic Meditation vs Non-Catholic Meditation (EP 7)

How Catholic meditation (or meditative prayer) differs from New Age, Eastern, and other forms of non-Catholic meditation. Includes related info about the spiritual warfare and other benefits of Catholic meditative prayer. Check out the more in depth videos by Fr. Chad Ripperger on this topic here: and here: #catholicmeditation #catholicprayer #spiritualwarfare


Are Crystals Evil? (EP 6)

Crystals are hugely popular in New Age and occult circles. But while "working with" crystals may seem harmless or even silly, the truth is that crystals have real occult applications. In this video, I talk about the dark side of crystals and why I believe they are dangerous based on my own personal experience. Please note: I don't feel I explained this as well as I should have but promise to go into more detail in the ebook and possibly on the blog as well. If you liked this content, please...


Catholicism on TV, Genre Fiction & Deliverance Prayer (EP 5)

In this episode I talk about how Catholicism is portrayed on two popular TV I have watched and how this helped convince me that Catholics should be involved in the entertainment industry. I also talk about how Catholic exorcist Monsignor Stephen Rossetti's recent deliverance prayer webinar helped me gain clarity. #deliveranceprayer #catholicexorcist #catholicmedia For more about Monsignor Rossetti's work, blog and webinars please visit


Holistic Wellness: A Catholic Nurse’s Perspective (EP 4)

Is holistic wellness compatible with the Catholic Faith? Or is it just another type of new age deception? In this video I share my perspective as a Catholic nurse and ex-new ager. PLEASE NOTE: I sometimes get a little rattled when I do videos (especially when my pup is barking at me through the door) and make mistakes. In this one I said hypotension instead of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) TWICE. I also said "most" toxic medicine is based on herbs which is wrong, wrong, wrong. I meant to...


Traditional Catholicism and Latin (Ep 3)

Talking about being recently drawn to traditional Catholicism and learning to say the Rosary in Latin and how that is influencing my resolutions for 2022. Wishing you all every blessing in the coming year! #tradition #traditionalcatholic #tradcath


From New Age To Catholic: My Testimony Part 2 (EP 2)

I decided to kick off my new podcast by sharing two podcasts from my old show - part one and two of my testimony. This episode shares the 2nd half of my testimony about leaving the New Age and occult and returning to my Catholic faith. Part 1 focuses a bit more about my background, while this part talks about how God brought me back to the faith. Both parts share on modern day occultism. My apologies for the audio on this podcast. It wasn't done 'in-studio' and you can tell....


From New Age to Christian: My Testimony Pt 1 (EP 1)

I decided to kick of my new podcast by sharing two podcasts from my old show - part one and two of my testimony. Since I plan to talk about spiritual warfare and the occult in the podcast, I think that makes sense. This is part one. I recorded it when I was hosting my previous podcast in 2018. In it, I talk about my experience in the New Age and occult and my personal journey from modern day occultism to Christianity. In Part 2 I will be talking about how my journey eventually led me back...