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New Apostles Voice featuring speaker John Macdonald

New Apostles Voice featuring speaker John Macdonald




New Apostles Voice featuring speaker John Macdonald








The Importance of Communion - Podcast 243

Taking communion together is an extraordinary part of our service in worship both as a church and individually. Christians share the breaking of bread and the drinking of the cup as symbolic of Christ's body being broken, for our redemption, on the Cross of Calvary. We share our common bond of sharing our fellowship to honour our Lord Jesus Christ. Communion can be taken as often, as it is agreed upon, in remembrance of His sacrifice, for the penalty of our sins. It is a time of adoration...


Renewing the Mind - Podcast 241

The renewal of a Christian's mind is absolutely essential if a person is to inherit and explore the wonderful blessings that God now has for every individual, blood bought born again child of God. Without one's mind being fully recreated in the likeness of Christ rather than a true believer indwelt by the Spirit of God, they become merely a follower rather than a true believer indwelt by the Spirit of God with forgiveness of ones sins through Jesus to the honour and glory of the Father.


Submission - Podcast 218

Submission basically means to be willing to allow someone else to have a dominant position in a conversation or any given situation in life. We are all familiar with being willing to obey a government law or regulation. When talking to others, it often means having a willingness to listen to their opinion. Submission is to put your volition aside and willingly embrace and obey another person's will or a governmental ruling.


Satan's Power Is Broken --Podcast 217

Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness. He rebuked Satan for his temptations and told him to flee. God's written word, the Bible tells us that every being, in both heaven and earth, must only worship the One true God . He, alone, was to be honoured and obeyed. We have the Lord's command that we must obey and serve God and no one else. How much the majority of mankind has not obeyed God's word, but rather gone their own way. Jesus is God and has been given all authority in both heaven...


The Temple of the Holy Spirit - Podcast 216

Three thousand years ago the Lord gave David, as King of Israel, the vision of building the temple in Jerusalem. David, because he had been involved in so much warfare, against his enemies, God forbade him to build his temple. This marvellous work was placed in the hands of David's son, Solomon. The temple in Jerusalem was one of the most magnificent and costly structures, built by man, in the ancient world. God no longer lives in temples made by men's hands. Each born again, blood bought...


Resurrection Life -Podcast 10

Our resurrection in Jesus Christ means our eternal life is secure in Him. Resurrection means the complete new life of our spirit, soul and body making those who have given their lives to Jesus to be completely remade in the likeness of Christ. We become a whole new creation.


A Better Covenant Podcast 215

A covenant is a solemn agreement between God and mankind or between one group of people and another group of people of like mind or intentions. Everything that is mine can be shared with another person and everything that is theirs, can be shared with me. Everything that is God's can become part of my life and everything that I possess is willingly given to the lord. Christian covenant partners are sharers of God's great goodness and mercy. Covenants should never be broken by either party.


Repentance - Podcast 11

Repentance means a genuine deep sorrow for the way you have lived or are living. Real repentance brings complete relief from sins crushing burdens and a 180 degree turn-a-round in the way you live your life. It is no longer a life to be lived for self and its own selfish ambitions but a life that you desire to live through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God.


Overcoming Fear - Podcast 9

Fear is a way of life for many people. They have not been told that they can yield all their fear to the Lord and overcome as a result. Fear has a binding and even a blinding influence upon how an individual will cope with life.


You Must Be Anointed - Podcast 213

To be anointed means to be favoured and empowered by the Holy Spirit to do the will of God and to carry out His will and purposes in the ministry He has given you. No one involved in listening to and obeying the Holy Spirit can afford not to be anointed. If you do you will be doing your own deal and not carrying our God's will and purposes. This can also mean doing your own thing at the wrong location and in the wrong manner. Always you must be commissioned by the Holy Spirit. To be able to...


Covenant Relationships - Podcast 8

Every day as Christians we are in a covenant relationship with our Father, through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Every time we celebrate communion at church; in our fellowship with other Christians; or in our own home; we strengthen our covenant relationship with God.


Overcoming Stress and Depression -Podcast 7

Today many people's hearts are failing them and causing them to become stress filled and depressed. This can often be a result of their lifestyle; their lack of achievements; their own ill health and a variety of social, economic and spiritual issues. They have no real God given goal in life and no real peace in their personal lives. Rather they are filled with man made philosophical responses that are dominated by fleshly desires. The bible says in Proverbs chapter 13 verse 12 'Hope...


Cleansed and Empowered Through the Blood - Podcast 212

Our enemy, Satan, is always trying to convince God's children that they are not good enough to be children of the Almighty God. This is done by planting false thoughts in their minds and bringing back situations concerning things that went wrong in the past. The good news is that Jesus has already paid the price for our sins and for everyone in the entire world. All who have repented of their sins have had all their past iniquities washed away by the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus....


Praise and Worship -Podcast 6

Everything that has breath is to praise the Lord according to Psalm 150 verse 6. We should be extremely thankful that God created us and gave us breath to live by. We should praise the Lord for the talents and abilities He has given us and for the places we live and for the drink and food that give nourishment to our bodies. Above all we have been given the incredible opportunity of eternal life and being able to live in God's almighty presence, forever.


Forgiveness - Podcast 5

Forgiveness is such an important aspect of every Christian's daily walk. God is the originator of all forgiveness. Jesus forgave all mankind, so great was God's all embracing grace. We must willingly forgive others from our hearts. We must really mean it. God is the great forgiver. It is important that we follow in His footsteps if we really are true Christians; His Blood bought children.


Scriptural Healing.- Podcast 4

In 1 Peter chapter 2 verse 24 we learn about the healing that Jesus provided for His children through His atoning victory on the Cross.. The Word tells us that 'by His stripes we are healed'. Everything that we do, as part of God's will for our lives, must be by faith. In Hebrews chapter 11 verse 6 we are explicitly told that without faith we cannot please God. We must first believe that He exists and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Healing is one of God's greatest rewards...


The Great Deception-Podcast 3

This world as a whole lives day by day under the great deception of lies of Satan. The only way this deception can be broken is by people submitting individually to God's will and purposes for their lives.


Prayer -the Essential Weapon of Warfare -Podcast 2

Without good faith filled prayer based on the Word of God and being obedient to the directions of the Holy Spirit your good intentions and plans are doomed to failure. Every Christian failure in both personal and church based activities that is not soundly grounded in prayer and the Word of God will become a failure.


Faith In and Through God'd Word -Podcast 1

There is a wide difference between faith and hope. Hope gives us a worthwhile vision of what God wants for our future but faith is the substance or reality. that brings it to fruition. You can hope and long for something that is very excellent but hope by itself won't cause it to happen. If it is left to hope it will always remain a vision; Something good that we would like to see happen very shortly or in the future. Faith in God and his Word will bring that hope or vision into reality....


The Work of the Holy Spirit - Part 2 - podcast 211

To learn about God and His word and all the ways that we need to know in life we have to be closely knit to the Lord through the Holy Spirit. The anointing or empowering of the Holy Spirit must be working mightily through our spirit or inner person. Because this anointing remains in all born again believers they have no need for other people to teach them about the Lord. You must be diligent yourself, to hear what the Holy Spirit is telling you. The Holy Spirit is well able to give us...