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Helmet of Salvation

Life is full of spiritual attacks, and mostly they happen in your mind. The devil will attack your mind to create fear and doubt in your life. Listen as Pastor Alex teaches how the Helmet of Salvation is used to protect your mind. Learn more at Facebook: Pastor Alex Klimchuck New Life Church 500 S 1st Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57104


Shield of Faith

Everyone has faith. It’s a spiritual force that can take over a persons, mind, soul, and being. Faith is something we are born with, but we are limited by human faith. When you put your faith in God it manifests itself through confidence, courage, assurance, and trust. Call of Duty: Spiritual Warfare Part 6 Learn more at Facebook: Pastor Alex Klimchuck New Life Church 500 S 1st Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57104


The Gospel of Peace

Would you allow an enemy to take over a room in your house? All of the promises of God are yours, but without peace you can’t enjoy them. The Devil will try to occupy a room in your mind, steal your peace, and take it all away from you. Listen as Pastor Alex teaches about 4 types of peace, and how to live in God’s peace.


Breastplate of Righteousness

A breastplate protects your most vital organs, including your heart. We wear the breastplate by regularly reminding ourselves who the Word of God says we are.


What is Truth?

Some people claim truth is relative. No sane person will say gravity works for you, but not for me. Then jump off a building...


Know Your Enemy

How does a small force defeat a powerful enemy? The devil can’t beat you in hand to hand combat so the battleground is your mind. Pastor Alex gives you 6 strategies to win those battles.


Satan: Spiritual Bully

The devil is a bully! He uses fear to try to control you. Bullies hate it when people stand up to them. They don’t expect it, and it scares them. God gave you everything you need to stand up to the devil. When you stand your ground, the devil flees from you.


Forget About It

Did you know the devil has a whip made of your memories? Each lash can bring feelings of pain, anger, and hate. Listen as Pastor Alex tells us what God wants us to remember, and what he wants to forget.


The Reject

Rejection hurts, it can make you feel useless. Jesus was not the Messiah the people expected, and they rejected him. Listen as Pastor Van Singrey talks about how to deal with rejection to become the person God created you to be.


I'm God's Favorite!

People Get saved, and put God’s favor in a box on a shelf. God’s favor is for more than just getting saved. Open the box and live!


Why your generation is full of rebels

First generation build, second maintains, third destroys. What generation are you? In this message Pastor Alex talks about the three generations and their trends. Each of us is born into a generation, but by choice we can become first generations. Watch this message to learn what you should do avoid the destructive trends of your generation.


From promise land to lions den

Ever wonder why your kids don’t have the same relationship with God that you do? This message could have your answer. In this message, Pastor Alex talks about how faith varies from generation to generation. God had to move the nation of Israel out of the promised land to grow them into a nation. Maybe God is working in your life in way’s you don’t understand. Don’t resist God, He will see to it that you arrive in your promised land if you continue on His path.


What forgiveness is... and is not

What do you do when you encounter someone who’s hurt you? In this message Pastor Alex shares from the story of Joseph wisdom about forgiveness. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, but with time and the grace of God, his relationship with is brothers was restored.


Great leader or cruel opportunist?

Is God a great leader or cruel opportunist? We get our answers through the life of Joseph, and they may surprise you. Looking back at the life of Joseph, we see God’s master strategies at work. In this powerful message Pastor Alex explains that everything Joseph went through prior to the palace was training for the purpose God had for Joseph. From tyrant ruler to benevolent leader, Joseph executed the plans of God and saved a nation.


Why the good life isn’t the easy life

There is a big difference between the “easy” life and the “good” life. The truth is, success does not make life easy, as a matter of fact the problems can get bigger. Have you ever wished for your problems to go away? Well, check your pulse. If you’ve got a heart beat your wish simply cannot come true. Even when we find success, new problems will emerge. This is true for relationships, marriage, business, finances, jobs, etc. The goal is not to escape problems, but rather be like Joseph...


Moments that change everything

What if one moment could change the circumstances in your life? What if there was a way to recognize these moments? With God, it only takes a moment to change everything. In this message Pastor Alex talks about God moments in life and how to recognize them. God moments are moments that can radically change the circumstances in our lives, and the more we can be ready for them, the more change we experience.


Take the elevator!

Sometimes life presents opportunities, or elevators, that can take us higher with little effort required. When an elevator opens in your life, jump in! In this message Pastor Alex begins with the second half of the story of Joseph, the good years. In just a few short moments Joseph went from being a slave to living like a prince. Life presented Joseph an opportunity, an elevator, and Joseph had the wisdom to jump in and go up. And the good news is, you can too!


How to turn haters into lovers

The most foul, ungodly, hatful man can be changed. Haters can become lovers, watch to see how. In this message, Pastor Alex shows us in the Word the process of going from being a hater to a lover, an enemy of Jesus to disciple of Jesus. The principles in this message reveal the process every believer goes through in their spiritual development. From conversion to changing the world, every believer must take the same journey one way or another.


Are you on a cruse ship or rescue ship?

Everyone want’s to be part of something bigger than themselves; this is as big as it gets... In this message, Pastor Alex shares the DNA of New Life church. Bringing people closer to Jesus is the central vision of New Life Church and the ultimate goal of every relationship in a believers life.


2017 #noregrets

Whether 2017 was good, bad, or anywhere between, understanding one essential principle can make 2018 the year you’ve always dreamed of having. From not losing weight, not increasing your income, or just giving up on your dreams; in this message our New Life youth pastor, Pastor Anthony, shares the absolutely essential principle to learning from 2017. No matter how 2017 went down, it’s time to hit the reset button and make 2018 the greatest year of your life.


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