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New Life Vision for 2019 – Harvest, Homecoming, Watchmen – Pastor Luke Taylor

Pastor Luke looks at the vision for the year at New Life – based around three words: Harvest. Homecoming. Watchmen.

The Real Christmas – David Taylor

Recorded at New Life Church, Teesside on December 2nd 2018 We all know the Christmas story. But it’s more than a story – it’s a real event that took place in a real time with real people. David looks at criticisms of the story of Jesus’ birth and digs into the scriptures and the history […]

No Longer Slaves – Pastor Luke Taylor

This message was recorded as the final session in New Life Church, Teesside’s conference in 2018 called the Freedom Gathering.Pastor Luke looks at what it means to say we are no longer slaves – what were we slaves to? He then looks at 3 different mindsets we can have as Christians, that of a slave, […]

Fuel System – Pastor Cliff Henderson

In the final part of our series “Your Spiritual MOT”, Pastor Cliff looks at what it takes to make us move. We can pass the MOT but without fuel we are going nowhere. How can we provide fuel for our walk with God?

Tyre Tread – Pastor Luke Taylor

Part 7 of your Spiritual MOT – Luke looks at what it is that keeps us gripped to our faith and what does a deep faith look like?

Brakes – Pastor Luke Taylor

Part 6 of your Spiritual MOT – this week Luke looks at the thing that can slow us down and keep us out of danger. How do we apply the brakes when temptation comes and how can we make sure we don’t make a car crash out of our faith?

Mirrors – Pastor Cliff Henderson

Part 5 of your spiritual MOT. Cliff looks at the subject of mirrors – where we can see what’s behind us and what is possibly overtaking us. But also, how much should we look in our mirrors compared to what God has ahead of us?

Suspension – Alan Coyle

Part 4 of your Spiritual MOT. Alan looks at keeping steady and steadfast in your faith.

Tuning – David Taylor

Part 3 of Your Spiritual MOT, David looks at reconciliation – how how we deal with conflict within the life of the church and when judgement should and should not be used.

Number Plates – Pastor Luke Taylor

Part 2 of “Your Spiritual MOT” – Luke asks the questions – “What is it about you that clearly identifies to all around that you belong to Jesus?” He looks at how Jesus told us people would know we are His disciples and what the marks of a true Christian look like.

Headlights – Pastor Cliff Henderson

Part 1 of Your Spiritual MOT – things we need to keep in check. This week Cliff looks at the theme of our Headlights. Is your light shining as brightly as it once was? Are you a light in the darkness, or has your light grown dim?

Psalm 119 – Pastor Cliff Henderson

Part 7 of Selah – Summer in the Psalms. Pastor Cliff looks at verse 49 and 50 and talks about the promises of God and His faithfulness.

Psalm 133 – Alan Coyle

Part 6 of Selah – Summer in the Psalms. Alan looks at unity and how God is looking for us to be united so that he may unleash blessing.

Psalm 49 – Pastor Luke Taylor

Part 5 of our series in the Psalms. Luke looks at the nature of wealth and it’s purpose. What is money? Why should we be careful with it? And what is God’s plan for it’s place in our lives?

Psalm 23 – David Taylor

David looks at this Psalm and answers “Everything you’ve wanted to know about Shepherds but were afraid to ask” What does a good Shepherd look like and what is it like to walk through the valley of the shadow of death?

Psalm 51 – Paul King

Part 3 of our series looking at the Psalms. Paul looks at David’s psalm of repentance.

Psalm 1 – Pastor Luke Taylor

Part 2 of our Selah series, looking at the Psalms. Luke looks a the very first Psalm and how it defines the blessed, happy life by who we do not become. Luke asks, whose council do we take, who do we align ourselves with and who do we become?

Psalm 40 – Pastor Cliff Henderson

To start our series Selah: Summer in the Psalms off, Pastor Cliff shares on Psalm 40. He looks at what it means to praise, to worship and to sing.

Mary and the family of Jesus – David Taylor

Part 6 of “Hidden Warriors” at New Life Church, Teesside. David looks at those who were in the family of Jesus and asks what we can know about them and what we can learn from them. He unpacks some myths that have developed to find the real people behind them and how Jesus changed their […]

Barnabas – Alan Coyle

Part 5 of our series “Hidden Warriors” – Alan looks at the life of Barnabas, the son of encouragement. He looks a the roles he played in the early church and the part he played in the lives of others – Barnabas had an open heart, an open mind and open eyes.