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Join two queer ex-Mormons as they unpack years of generational trauma and explore what it was like to be raised in a Christian cult.

Join two queer ex-Mormons as they unpack years of generational trauma and explore what it was like to be raised in a Christian cult.
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Join two queer ex-Mormons as they unpack years of generational trauma and explore what it was like to be raised in a Christian cult.




49 - Boundaries, THE SEQUEL! Listener questions

This week, Cari and Kelsae revisit boundary setting with Mormon family members and hear feedback and stories from listeners. It’s a wild ride. Keep yourselves safe out there, friends. CONTENT WARNING: Mentions of self harm, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and general discussion of traumatic family interactions. For full show notes and links, go to:


48 - McKenna Denson crashes sacrament meeting and is a BAMF

This week, Cari and Kelsae discuss McKenna Denson’s showing up to Joseph Bishop’s ward and calling him and the Mormon Church of Mormon Latter-day Saints right out. McKenna is a hero; we’re sure of it. Also, please send us your stories of your Mormon family members pushing or decimating your boundaries, or of you standing up to them, for our upcoming follow-up episode to last week’s. Email those to, please and thanks! CONTENT WARNING: Discussion of sexual...


47 - Boundaries with Mormon family

This week, Cari and Kelsae discuss creating and maintaining boundaries with families, especially abusive families or families who are still involved in a cult which harms you. They talk about their own personal journeys setting boundaries with their families and all of the accompanying pitfalls and feelings. Feelings are gross but also important, or so Cari’s therapist tells her all the effing time. Also, Cari and Kelsae are soliciting your stories of your families and why they need...


This is not a real episode.

Hello friends! Cari and Kelsae are taking the week off. Please enjoy the following short audio message saying that exact same thing. okayseeyounextweek, byeeeeeeeeeeeee. For fancy social media links and other info about the podcast, head to:


46 - The Mormon Church is transphobic and how to self-care through unsafe situations

This week, Cari and Kelsae discuss two major topics: an article in the Salt Lake Tribune this week about a trans individual who will likely be expelled from BYU for seeking top surgery and self-care in unsafe, traumatic situations. They know a little bit about that due to where they are broadcasting from this week. Listen for the full scoop! For full show notes and links, go to:


45 - Cards Against Humanity, Zelph On The Shelf Edition

This week, Cari and Kelsae play a version of Cards Against Humanity made by the folks behind Zelph on the Shelf. It’s silly! It’s irreverent! It’s short! Hecklers rejoice! For full show notes and links, go to:



This week, Cari and Kelsae continue last week’s topic by ranting about yet more crappy Mormon tropes. Among these are fake service, “knowing,” codependency, and nonsense reasons to explain why folks apostatize. We’re excited to be doing all this yelling together again. Reunited and it feeeeeeels so goood! For full show notes and links, go to:


43 - Just a few terrible Mormon tropes

This week, Cari goes solo since Kelsae is out of town at mothertucking RollerCon! Thanks to the lovely fans in our Facebook group who supplied her with suggestions, Cari discusses just a few terrible Mormon tropes and other crappy, trauma-inducing nonsensical ideas, including the idea of the “adversary” (that totes means Satan, you guys, and it’s super creepy) and of suffering in this life being justified by rewards in the next. There are a lot of clips of talks and intermittent solo...


42 - Happy birthday to Kelsae and a coming out story

This week is Kelsae’s motherducking birthday episode. Kelsae is coming out -officially! - as a lesbian at the age of 31, fresh out of a mixed-orientation relationship. Cari and Kelsae discuss the consequences of being raised as queer Mormon kids and how they are still paying the price. CONTENT WARNING: Mentions and brief discussions of sexual assault, rape, abuse, and suicidal ideation. For full show notes and links, go to:


We're taking the week off

Sisters Cari and Kelsae are taking the week off again (because self care is important, folks!). We'll be back next week for a very special episode to celebrate Sister Kelsae's 31st birthday. Hooray! See you next week!


41 - A follow-up conversation re: Believer documentary

This week, Cari and Kelsae have a follow-up to last week’s episode, including encouragement to leverage your privilege. Oh, and there was the time they had a phone conversation with Tyler Glenn about our opinions regarding Believer and LoveLoud. Cari and Kelsae: Now conversing with legit rock stars. CONTENT WARNING: Discussion about suicidal ideation and self harm (including some specific methods) during Good News Minute section. For full show notes and links, go to:...


40 - Why we're pissed about Dan Reynolds' documentary Believer

This week, Cari and Kelsae discuss the Dan Reynolds documentary Believer, which was made available on HBO this week. Lots of people have been lauding it, but (spoiler alert which should surprise no one) Cari and Kelsae think it has a lot of shortcomings to say the least. There's a lot of anger, a lot of swearing, and a lot of Imagine Dragons songs unfortunately now stuck in our heads. This documentary is NOT about queer people or the youth suicide epidemic in Utah or the Mormon church's...


39 - Our amazing LGBTQIA heritage

This week, Cari and Kelsae discuss American LGBTQ history and heroes because queer folks deserve to feel proud of where they come from rather than just not hating themselves. They discuss Stonewall, the US AIDS epidemic, LGBTQIA activists to know, and more. For full show notes and links, go to:


38 - LGBTQ Mormons in history

This week, Cari and Kelsae review some stories of LGBTQ early Mormons. They discuss Evan Stephens (director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir who was totes gay), Ada Dwyer Rusell (an actress of Mormon descent who was a lesbian), Kate Thomas (writer of an openly lesbian poem that was published in a Church magazine), and Almerin Grow (Salt Lake resident who was exiled to southern Utah by Brigham Young for gender nonconforming behavior). Happy Pride month, y’all. Go find the LGBTQ early Mormons in...


37 - Gays do it better, especially Louie B. Felt

This week, in celebration of Pride month, Cari and Kelsae discuss a rad lesbian from Mormon herstory, Cari’s great-great-great aunt, Louie Felt. Louie and her longterm partner, May Anderson, ran the general Primary for decades and started the Friend and Primary Children’s Hospital. Warning: The story of another Felt family member toward the end takes a dark turn. We would love for you to hunt down the stories of your LGBTQ Mormon ancestors and share them with us! For full show notes and...


36 - Mormonism and mental illness

This week, Cari and Kelsae discuss several mental health disorders and how Mormonism feeds into them. Mormonism is the worst. So is mental illness. Sorry if you, like us, have both. CONTENT WARNING: general discussions and mentions (no explicit details) of sexual assault, rape, self harm, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempt. For full show notes and links, go to:


35 - You don't have to take our word for it

This weekend is Cari’s 30th birthday, so it’s a short one. There’s one brief note about last week’s episode about white privilege, and then they do something completely different and read a story of their own creation. Have a chill Memorial Day, apostates. For full show notes and links, go to:


34 - A secular come-to-Jesus-meeting for white ex-Mormons about our privilege

This week, Cari and Kelsae, two white ladies, gather up other white ex-Mos for a discussion about white privilege and how it makes us into a**holes. White ex-Mormons, particularly those who create ex-Mo content, should be talking about white privilege, implicit bias, and racism. We need to hear more from marginalized groups. We need to believe them when they say they are hurt and we need to support them in the ways they want to be supported. We also all fail, and we should own it. In that...


33 - It's a two-fer! LDS church on the BSA and medical marijuana

This week, Cari and Kelsae give you two topics for the price of one. They discuss the announcement that, after 105 years, the LDS Church and the BSA will go their separate ways and the LDS Church’s concerns on Utah’s medical marijuana initiative. Cari may need to take a chill pill in parts of this but hey you knew what you were getting into. Please listen, Utah voters, and make sure your neighbors have access to the medicine they need. For full show notes and links, go to:...


32 - "Non-consenual immorality" and why Mormons don't understand consent

This week, Cari and Kelsae discuss Elder Quinton L. Cook’s recent General Conference address, Prepare to Meet God, wherein this so-called apostle of the Lord introduced the concept of “nonconsensual immorality” and conflated it with good old fashioned immorality. Body autonomy is the theme of the day as Cari and Kelsae rip that miserable special witness of Christ a new one. CONTENT WARNING: Cari shares a specific event of sexual assault from 30:50-31:50. For full show notes and links, go to:...