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How To Walk Through Infertility

Here’s the problem with expectations. We develop this mentality that we’ll exceed all of them. They become hard and fast rules. Not necessarily goals - they become facts. And then, when they go unmet, we face the emotional, spiritual and physical toll of what seems like failure. But that’s just not true. Expectations can change. They can be molded...but only if we hold them loosely. Many women expect getting pregnant to be a simple, easy thing. But as I got married, as my best friends got...


…Suffering Can Be Sweet

Cancer. Even saying the word, hearing the word - it makes my stomach drop. But when it’s tied to someone you love - it’s hard not just to say or to hear, all of a sudden, you feel it. When that word comes into your life, it’s a permanent marker. The lens through which you see the world shifts. Places have new meaning. You hear songs differently. Every day moments don’t feel so every day anymore. I didn’t think of any of this. Honestly, I didn’t know any of this, until my friend Jenny was...


…What The Enneagram Actually Means

Alright, so really, how many times have you heard or read the word enneagram in the past six months? Whether you have a vague knowledge or you’ve researched all there is about your number - this particular episode is for you. I feel like “what’s your number?” is our generation’s replacement for “what’s your sign?”. My friend Kaley isn’t necessarily an expert in the enneagram but she’s the reason I even heard about it to begin with. And I’ve seen what a huge tool it has been in...


…About Weariness

As we prepped for this final show of 2018, there were lots of topics we thought we could cover. And interviews lined up to talk about them. But, something in me has been unsettled. Have you ever felt that? A restlessness? And here’s some real honesty...I’m just tired. This particular episode is short, mainly because of this weariness in my heart. And the emotions that started welling up. Sometimes, you just don’t need a lot of words simply because you can’t find them. Anyway, I hope you hear...


…How To Buy Gifts As An Adult

Buying gifts is real hard. I didn’t realize how hard it was until I was old enough to actually start picking and buying gifts out for friends and family. So I got to thinking - how can I can make this easier this year? Option one is to send a family email out saying I’m making a donation in their name to Henley and Hagan's college fund. Option two is perhaps a nice coin counter that was $5 at Kohl’s on Black Friday. And then there’s option three which is...effort. I’m just going to have to...


…How Controlling Anxiety Can Be

Growing up, I generally wasn’t an anxious person. I mean, I worried about who was going to ask me to prom and if my turtleneck gave me a double chin - but my life was never really altered by any of it. Until my mid-20s. Until my life started changing in big ways. Whether it was avoiding large groups of people because I didn’t want them to sense something was wrong. Or the times I would be so overcome with worry it was hard to fall asleep. It was varying degrees of just simply feeling...


…Food Is Our Friend Just Not Our Best Friend

When I graduated high school, I started thinking a little bit about what I ate. I started intentionally exercising. And, slowly, it became an obsession. The problem was, I was just going off what I read on social media and some unhealthy habits that would help me lose weight - but it wasn’t sustainable. No one ever taught me about food. All I knew was diets and restricted eating. My friend, Megan, is a registered dietician who dispels lots of myths we read about daily and partners with us in...


Thoughts & Feelings: Thanksgiving Edition

In this episode we talk about the best sides (#corncasseroleforlife), "special" family dynamics and some things you maybe shouldn't bring up when you're gathered around the table. The post Thoughts & Feelings: Thanksgiving Edition appeared first on No One Told Me Podcast.


…Hormones Are Not Just For Puberty

I didn’t know anything about hormones. Honestly...nothing. I didn’t know they corresponded with menstrual cycles, eating habits, moods...everything. I was at a loss until I got married and went on birth control. And then, literally, my life changed. I share about that time in my life and learn so much, SO MUCH, from Dr. Edie Wadsworth concerning a woman’s health, hormones and overall well-being. This episode is full of so much information. Dr. Edie has an incredible story found in her...


…My Mom Won’t Always Buy My Groceries

Alright. We’re getting practical here. I’ve gotten lots of messages about grocery shopping. Personally, I kind of like it. There’s something kind of comforting, soothing even, about walking aisle by aisle. Of course that’s not actually a thing when a one and three year are yelling about getting another cookie from the bakery. We have Continue reading → The post …My Mom Won’t Always Buy My Groceries appeared first on No One Told Me Podcast.


…Parenting Is Super Hard

After lots of convincing...lots of husband, Ryan is finally joining me for an episode! Honestly, we took on parenting blind. Like completely blind. We didn’t read a bunch of books or go to any seminars. We actually got kicked out of a birthing class. I mean who knew you actually had to sign up for those things? Be more clear, birthing people. All we went off of was what people told us. In this episode, we talked about the worst advice, how kids changed who we are and we even...


No One Told Me: Halloween Edition

This special Halloween episode was honestly born out of sitting and talking about stories that make your skin crawl. You know the kind. The ones that make your heart rate pick up just a little bit - or actually your heart is lodged in your throat. And your stomach is rolling because just the idea of some of these stories is enough to make you grab your mace. Or wasp spray...that’ll make more sense after you listen to this episode. I gathered up three friends who have some stories of their...


…The Truth About The Friend Zone

I thought I had forgotten what the Friend Zone was like. I haven’t. And it made me want to pull my shirt over my head and just take a minute to get myself together. My friend Caroline has a few of those stories. We shared our worst ones, but then we just honestly talked about those seasons of life where emotions run our lives. When our emotions make us do some...regrettable...things. I grew up with Caroline and good grief has she become a woman with a whole lot of wisdom. It doesn’t matter...


…Not All Advice Is Good Advice

Listen, there is no shortage of advice out there. Everybody has something to say about every something. Including me, apparently. But, just because everyone wants you to know something doesn’t mean it’s something you need to know. Listen carefully doesn’t just apply to the flight attendant’s pre-flight instructions. (As a nervous flyer, you better believe I’ve got pen and paper out every single time. I’m not going down like that.) You can’t always control who shares insight with you, I get...


…Every Mom Is Figuring It Out

Whether you’re a first time mom calling the doctor because your little one’s left earlobe seems slightly smaller than the right one and on various Google search results, that’s a marker for the plague or you’re a 2nd, 3rd, 4th time mom (because if you’ve crossed the line to child number five, bless you and may the Lord be with you) who honestly is contemplating the pros and cons of asking that random lady you’ve seen walking the neighborhood a few times if she’ll keep your kids because...


…Marriage Is Easy. And Hard. But Also Easy.

When I got married, I was all about that ‘wifey’ vibe. I mean, I legitimately bought aprons to wear. APRONS. What even? I had great intentions of home cooked meals, fresh laundry, clean bathrooms and snuggling on the couch beneath the glow of Netflix. I created some pretty intense expectations. Did you catch that, “I created…”? And the pressure to deliver, whew, made me not really, um, the nicest person. In this episode, two of the funniest people I know got together with me to compare...


…I’d Be Living the Single Life

I’m going to be real honest here...I was flying blind on this episode. I thought of myself as a pretty good matchmaker. No...I don’t have any examples. But, you know, it’s like buying gifts - it’s the thought that counts. Right? Um, apparently, no. My friends Rachel and Laura set me straight and then we go over the highs and lows of dating apps, the leagues we’re all in and the meantime of being single. It doesn’t really matter if you’re single or not - I think you’ll love this...


Episode 00

No One Told Me is for all of those times you wished someone just a little ahead of you would tell you what they did in the same situation, in the same season of life. The post Episode 00 appeared first on No One Told Me Podcast.