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Nobody Special 068 | Crowder, Maza, and Being Offensive

Steven Crowder and Carlos Maza get into an internet feud where Youtube has to interfere. Now everyone is unhappy and offended. But when can the Christian be offensive? Find out in this week's episode. Steven Crowder is known for being a comedic provocateur. As a libertarian leaning political commentator who claims he is a Christian, he frequently seems to come up to the line of offensive while defending truth. Carlos Maza, on the other hand, feeling offended and looking for a reason to...


Nobody Special 067 | Tithing and Uncomfortable Giving

On this episode we talk about Tithing and uncomfortable giving. Caleb and Danny have both had conversations on tithing on whether or not tithing is a biblical concept. Yes. Yes it is. But the deeper question is whether or not it is a New Covenant concept for New Testament Christians. Giving is important for Christians not because we need to tip God or pay for services, but because it aligns our hearts. Also, giving goes beyond just. We can give with our time, talent, and treasure. Everyone...


Nobody Special 066 | Fun, Joy, And Church Photobooths

Church photo booths are remarkably dumb, according to Danny. On this episode of Nobody Special, the boys discuss Danny's irrational hatred of church photo booths and basically all things church trendy marketing ideas. Sure, some of this might be deep seeded personality problem, but overall, it does point to a larger question. Should Christians have fun? Overall, there is an issue of balance in the church where everything is either about the experience or that Christians should be sullen all...


Nobody Special 065 | Kenneth Copeland and Gotcha Journalism

Inside Edition ambushes known Prosperity Preacher Kenneth Copeland and the whole thing is just an absolute mess. Caleb is sick this week so Danny goes searching through facebook for something to talk about. And boy oh boy does Danny find a doozie. Inside Edition released a twelve minute full interview they did with Kenneth Copeland. We talk about prosperity Gospel and the importance of finding and choosing a good mentor. Also, Danny talks about getting back on the workout routine and his...


Nobody Special 064 | James Charles and Tati Fight and Makeup

What happens when two public fashion Youtubers get into a super public spat on the internet? They out each other’s business. On this episode, Danny and Caleb discuss the very public disagreement between famous Youtuber James Charles and the woman who helped him in his career, Tati. Rather than deal with one another, they opted to put their business out on various social media platforms. There are clear ways to handle disagreements between one another and it’s safe to say these two didn’t do...


Nobody Special 063 | Sacrifice and Scripture

Kendrick Castillo shows us the nature of Christ by giving up his life for the sake of the innocent! On this episode of Nobody Special, Caleb and Danny talk about the events that occurred in STEM High School in Colorado. Where a gunman came to kill and destroy, one young man rushed the shooter to tackled him losing his life in the process. Kendrick Castillo’s death is a tragedy but we will remember him as a hero. This, though, is exactly what Christ did for the sake of the mankind. Jesus...


Nobody Special 062 | The Episode You Were Predestined To Hear

Caleb and Danny discuss predestination without calling anyone a heretic. Gold star! Predestination, for some reason, gets everyone all on edge to discuss. The boys of Nobody Special look at the two major thoughts of Calvinism and Free Will theology and the biblical support in favor of each. Also, we discuss what the relationship between the two could be. But we want to know your thoughts. Where do you stand on predestination and why? Also, we talk about the new show on a youtube channel...


Nobody Special 061 | The Kanye West Easter Debate

Kanye West did an easter service at Coachella on the mountain top. Apparently this sentence broke our brains because we throw out our notes and debate whether or not Christian should even be at a service like this. Kanye has a history of self-deification but also the heart of a person is highly important. Things get intense between Danny and Caleb but don’t worry, we most likely won’t cancel the podcast. We still like each other even when we fight. Finally, Danny talks about the time that...


Nobody Special 060 | What Makes This Friday Good?

Caleb is back and Danny couldn’t be happier. On this week of Nobody Special, we look at the events of Good Friday and discuss what makes this such a crucial event for the history of the world. Grace by definition is highly unmerited and why we struggle with this as a concept. Also, we discuss how the disciples routinely missed the obvious statements of Jesus declaring that Jesus would die for their sins. Honestly, these guys…. Then we dig into the Bible at John 19 to discuss the...


Nobody Special 059 | Pastors, Shoes, And Basketball Courts

This week Caleb had to go work on a special project so Danny is holding down the fort and talking about some really interesting things. A new instagram account PreachersNSneakers recently become popular and cause a fair amount of stir on the internet. No shocker there. Should Pastors be spending excessive amounts of money on something as trivial as shoes? What do you think about PreachersNSneakers and making the stage a basketball court? Then Danny talks about the decision of Texas Pastor...


Nobody Special 058 | Enneagram: Personality Test or Tool of Satan?

This week Caleb and Danny take a letter from Classic Joni (Claaaaaaasssic Joni). He asks our thoughts on the Enneagram. This personality test has become popular in Christian circles over the past few years and we look at the role these thing play in our day to day lives. Furthermore, we look at who gets to define us and what it means to be defined by Jesus Christ. Also, we discuss the Spiritual Gifts and how we have a tendency to group ourselves according to our gifting when we should be...


Nobody Special 057 | The Good Book and Closed Book Stores

On this episode Caleb and Danny take a letter from our overseas listener. He want to know how to start and maintain a devotional life, spending time getting in to the word. Getting into this habit can be tricky and we break down our tips and tricks for being more disciplined. Also, we look at whether devotionals are good or not for the Christian and when we should be using them. Also, we mourn the loss of Lifeway stores and the service they provided to people. Specifically to Danny who did...


Nobody Special 056 | Worship And “Dead People”

On this episode Caleb and Danny look into the issue of worship in the modern day church. So much time and attention is given to the production value of worship that we have to questions whether our worship is a show or the act of giving our absolutely best in all regards to God. It comes down to a matter of heart to determine if our worship comes from a living or dead faith. Worship is essential to our relationship with God and, thus, our worship needs to be authentic and directed towards...


Nobody Special 055 | Four Leaf Clovers Are Heretical

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! One this episode, we celebrate this holiday by walking through the origins of Saint Patrick. It turns out, he is not even Irish. But he was willing to give up everything he has for the sake of the Gospel. From his actions, arguably western civilization was saved. Also, we found a fantastic description of the Trinity with the Shamrock. So much of St. Patrick is cloaked in story and we look at what is what and how we can be impacted by his life even today. Danny...


Nobody Special 054 | Girl Scout Cookies, Heroin, and Evangelism

The boys of Nobody Special know its Girl Scout Cookie season. We both have seen the girl scouts tempting those of us on a diet to buy their cookies. Along came a hero who then saved girl scouts by the cold and bought over $500 in cookies so the girls could go home...and then he got arrested by the DEA for drug trafficking across country lines. On this episode of Nobody Special, we people being made in the image of God and their identity. We can extend grace to sinners and hold Christians...


Nobody Special 053 | Burned By Fyre

Danny and Caleb celebrate Valentine's day by taping this weeks episode of Nobody Special. And Valentine's Day we celebrate as we dive into the origins of Valentine's Day and what happened to make the traditions we have today. It's another holiday we stole and used it to communicate the love of God. Honestly, the history of Saint Valentine is pretty sweet. Then, with the recent popularity of Fyre Festival documentaries on Hulu and Netflix, we look into what happened that caused millennials...


Nobody Special 052 | Abortion and Christianity

With New York and Governor Cuomo signing into law a bill that allows for third trimester abortions, Christians quickly became rightfully outraged at the loss of human life. But instead of reacting to our knee jerk response of fear, we MUST, during this time, allow the Gospel to shine through our actions by displaying Faith, Hope, and Love to the world who desperately need a Savior. Caleb and Danny discuss the various aspects of abortion and how the church can rise up and be the church during...


Nobody Special 051 | Gillette's Shaving Grace

Gillette made a commercial to tackle the issue of manhood in today's day and age. The world has not been more upset since the day before yesterday when the world fought over the previous fad. Thus, the boys of Nobody Special wade into the controversial waters of making statements about gender roles and society to determine if this commercial was indeed offensive. What do you think? Did the Gillette ad overstep its bounds or do you see it as a positive message for men. More importantly, we...


Nobody Special 050 | New Year Same Nobodies

The boys of Nobody Special tackle the New Year by going through all the blessings that God’s has continually poured out through 2018. We have seen the hand of God move through many things we have had the honor of working on. So we talk about our opportunities and what we are thankful for in 2018. Then we turn our attention to 2019 and what we are looking to accomplish for the upcoming year. We have goals for personal spiritual growth and for the Gospel Outpost. We should not fear digging...


Nobody Special 049 | VR Church and Punching Christmas Heretics

The boys of Nobody Special in no way advocate punching people, even if they are heretics. With that said, the historical Saint Nicholas did punch a heretic in the face for saying that Jesus was less than divine. We talk about the historical character that lead to the weird convoluted story we have today. But not before we talk about VR Church. Props first of all to John Crist in being one of the greatest influences of Christian Culture by criticizing what needs to be criticized. His recent...