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Nobody Special 043 Williams Kaepernick and Two Nerds

This week the boys of Nobody Special talk about sports. Yes, that's right, sports. I know, we are surprised too, especially knowing how nerdy they are. But we look at anger from a sports perspective and see what Colin Kaepernick and Serena Williams can say to Christians and how we can respond when our feels get heated. At all times, we must continue to live as Christians. Also, we open up letters from listeners with a great letter from Alex Mr. Che Che. You won't want to miss out on this...


Nobody Special 042 Humble or Be Humbled

There is something humbling about being humbled. While it's never a fun process, the boys of Nobody Special talk about the times when they have been humble and been humbled. In the end, everyone will one day bow before God, the difference will only be on what side of eternity we stand. This week we look at some of the moments where Caleb and Danny endured tough times and came out stronger in the process. We talk about where to find your identity and what it means to stand with one another,...


Nobody Special 041 Cutting Out Toxic People Just Like Jesus

Have you noticed an increase in people saying they are Cutting Out Toxic People on facebook? The boys of Nobody Special have and we are talking about how scriptural this is. Why You Should Cut Toxic People Out, Just Like Jesus If you didn't interpret the last thing as sarcasm, this may not be the podcast for you. Next we mourn with the actions of Willow Creek and celebrate with the actions of Saddleback. A great comparison of what happens when churches focus on the mission in front of...


Nobody Special 040 Guardians Of The James Gunn

This week Danny goes on an emotional roller coaster, going through everything that makes him cry. But then we go back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all the changes that have gone on this week. James Gunn has been let go from Guardians of the Galaxy and we think that idea is terrible. People need grace. Also, people need other people. We look at how the the cast stood with their friend and how Christians can be there for one another. Also, we give a special thank you to everyone who is...


Nobody Special 039 Fortnite, Firing Kathleen Kennedy, and Filippians

The boys get nerdy this week. With everything going on in current events, we take a break from the disaster of politics and international situations to look at pop culture. Why? Because everyone is yelling on the internet but no one is sure what anyone else is saying. Talking points this week include We want to hear from you and whether you are trying to trim down with Danny or how God is speaking to you. Be sure you follow us on social media and tell your friends about us. Also, if you...


Nobody Special 038 JD Greear and The Scum of The Earth

This title is so misleading. JD Greear, if you are listening to this podcast its not what it sounds like. Congrats on becoming the new President of the Southern Baptist Church. The boys of Nobody Special look at decoupling the SBC from the GOP. Furthermore, we look at the role of the politics and the church and how the two should interact with one another. Ideally, the church should be a welcoming place to all people no matter their political background or anything else. Speaking of... the...


Whoopsidoodle Part 2

Well guys, the boys of Nobody Special are back at it again! And by at it again, we mean that we are completely messing up this episode. While recording, our equipment just straight up fell apart. Seriously. Just fell apart. So we are taking this as a sign from God to just do something else. We will try and have a better show for you next week! So today, instead of an episode, we are going to give you some suggestions for a Podcast. We love the people at Love Thy Nerdand their two podcasts...


Nobody Special 037: Would Jesus Ride a Donkey or a Falcon?

It's been a busy few weeks since Caleb and Danny last recorded. For the most part, the boys of Nobody Special ignore most of it. Although, we do want to wish a congratulations on JD Greear on becoming the next President of the Southern Baptist Church. All this admits the fact that inviting Mike Pence to speak at the event turned it largely political. Speaking of politics, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met this past week in an historic event towards peace. Naturally, everyone is upset by...


Nobody Special 036: Getting Angry at Inappropriate Kid's Movies

This week, Danny and Caleb record early so we do our best to have not-dated content (not that there is anything wrong with that) and then miss everything that happened this week. Would have been fun to talk about some of it. Oh well! Instead, we discuss what is important in life; inappropriate children's movies. The movie Show Dogs thought it would be good to include commentary on fondling genitals... in a kids movie. I know! Weird right? Then we look into what makes us mad, specifically...


Nobody Special 035: Laurel, Yanny, and Bethel

This week Caleb and Danny answer the question that everyone is asking and nobody really cares about; Laurel or Yanny? We don't like that we are looking in to that, but hey, why not? Also, Danny dives in to his love of a children's worship album and discusses the important of theological significance even in the midst of emotional pieces. props go out to Bethel Kids, now Bright Ones, for a stellar album and for the talented voice of Peyton Allen. Seriously. Awesome and you should all go check...


Nobody Special 034: Feminism, Faith, and Facts

This week Caleb and Danny discuss spoilers for the Avengers movie without actually giving them. Which, unlike is the responsible thing to do instead of posting numerous spoiler based articles within the first 24 hours of a movie's release. You know what you did. Also, Danny knows what he did in spoiling a book series for one of the most wonderful people he knows. Sorry about that. Then, in an effort to not be offense, we tackle the minefield of sexism, feminism, and where...


Nobody Special 033 Stan Lee and The Great Commission

This past week Caleb had a fantastic time at Teen Pact, growing deeper in his relationship with God and learning how to lead along with people his age as they step in to leadership. Danny, on the other hand, got sick and stayed home all week. We can't all be winners. As the boys begin to look into the current events of the past two weeks, we decide we don't really want to talk about most of it. So instead we answer the age old question: "Is water wet?" Don't worry, the show gets...


Nobody Special 032: Youtube Shooting and Oyster Shucking

Danny has a new business adventure and it will blow your mind! Oyster shucking is a real phenomenon that is way more prevalent than any person could every think. Meanwhile, Caleb doesn't get on board the oyster shucking train. And rightfully so. But don't worry, we are fully committed to this podcast and providing you with the quality content we always do. Nay. We are committed to improving and providing you with good content. Next we look at the events in the world today and the recent...


Nobody Special 031: Make Christian Media Great Again

Danny is apparently a sports genius. That's right, March Madness is upon us and its bracket season for many of us. What a fun game that we sincerely know nothing about but apparently are doing good with brackets. Back to video games I guess, which we discuss whether they make people violent and the effect that they have on people. Somewhere in the course of this conversation, Danny admits to being a huge nerd. Also, we look at our lifestyle to see where we are or are not representing...


Nobody Special 030: The Boys Do A Cuss

This week, the boys of Nobody Special take on the profound topic of swearing and the power of words. Which proves to be incredibly difficult as we don't want to lose our clean tag in the process. So we do it all without actually saying the really bad words, which would be a failure. Speaking of failure, we also look at what it means to fail and whether we are a failure or not from doing so. All in all, God gives us and we in turn can give grace to one another. We all struggle with some kind...


Nobody Special 029: Finding God in Parkland, Politics, and Pain

This week, the boys of Nobody Special take a more serious approach to the current events of the past couple of weeks. It seems like we are faced yet again with a senseless tragedy and we in no way make light of the events in Parkland at Marjory Stoneman Douglas on February 14th. During these trying times, we strive to find God and firmly believe that the light will always shine through the darkness and that the darkness cannot contain the light. Caleb and Danny look at the real issues...


Nobody Special 028: Kanye or Kierkegaard

This week, the boys of Nobody Special do everything in their power to not land a joke. Caleb and Danny discuss everything going on in the world today from Selfies to Space and what we do on the weekends. Saturday is for the boys but Sunday is for the Lord. Caleb and Danny look at the Sabbath and the effects of both taking one and not taking one. They discuss their own past struggles with taking a sabbath and give encouraging advice on how to best take one. Then its quiz time! Caleb has to...


Nobody Special 027: How To Be Better At Evangelism Than Google

The boys of Nobody Special are looking at the hard hitting questions that the world is asking. Specifically, looking into the cultural phenomenons that are Tide Pods, Star Wars dating characters, and whether Alexa, Siri, and Cortana all hate Christians. Apparently there are videos circulating around the internet of Alexa having no idea who Jesus Christ is but having an ability to give full lectures on every other faith. So we look at what a Christian's response should be and whether we...


Nobody Special 026: I Guess We Are Talking About Logan Paul

This week the boys of Nobody Special talk about what is going on in their lives and then realize that nothing is really going on. At least nothing that would necessitate a daily vlog. Truly, we live boring lives. Although, occasionally, we have to deal with the issue of comments made about Danny's weight. So we take this opportunity to learn how to support one another during difficult times. Exercising is terrible. Just saying. Also, we look at the current and ongoing scandal of Logan Paul....


Nobody Special 025: New Year New... Nevermind

They say distance make the heart grow fonder. Well, this time, it makes the podcast way more difficult for the boys of Nobody Special. It's the Christmas season and that means that Danny is out of town. But don't be afraid, Danny still took time to record this episode by using Skype. Which made for new challenges and some interesting audio. Always getting better though! We look ahead to the new year to see where we are going and where we want to be. All while trying our best to not say "New...