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Off the Shelf - Episode 142 with Jimmy Akin

Did you know the Bible is a Catholic book? Some of our Protestant brothers and sisters may not believe that but it's true. Listen in as Jimmy Akin and I discuss the origins of the Bible and the role the Catholic Church played in bringing it to all Christians today.


Off the Shelf - Episode 141 with Fr. Jeffrey Kirby

Do you feel anxious, worried, filled with anxiety? Does your job make you feel as if you must multi-task ten things at once? Is technology driving your every interaction and move? Tired of all that? Join Father Jeffrey Kirby and I as we discuss how to overcome these obstacles with the help of Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussad. Check out Father Kirby's book Be Not Troubled: A 6-Day Personal Retreat with Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade.


Off the Shelf - Episode 140 with Sam Guzman

This week Sam Guzman aka The Catholic Gentlemen joins me to cover his book The Catholic Gentleman: Living Authentic Manhood Today. We take at look at what it takes to carry our roles as virtuous men in a society that pushes back against us. It's time for authentic manhood to see a revival. Sam Guzman tells us how to make that happen!


Off the Shelf - Episode 139 with Colleen Carroll Campbell

Constantly striving to make sure everything is perfect....including your spiritual life? You may be falling into the trap of spiritual perfectionism. Join Colleen Carroll Campbell and I as we discuss her own struggles with trying to lead the perfect life and how the saints helped her pull through.Be sure to check out Colleen's book The Heart of Perfection: How the Saints Taught Me to Trade My Dream of Perfect for God's.


Off the Shelf - Episode 138 with Trent Horn

Many people these days have an agenda and attempt to prop it up however they can. Some even go to the extremes of creating a false likeness of Christ in an attempt to give their cause worthiness. Join Trent Horn and I as we weed through these imposters and discuss his book Counterfeit Christs - Finding the Real Jesus Among the Impostors.


Off the Shelf - Episode 137 with Susan Tassone

Susan Tassone returns to the show this week to discuss the power and benefits of adoration. We take a look at what Saint Faustina had to say about adoration time and we cover Susan's book St. Faustina Prayer Book for Adoration.


Off the Shelf - Episode 136 with Abby Johnson

This week Abby Johnson joins me from the Breadbox Media booth at the Catholic Marketing Network Tradeshow in Lancaster, PA. We discuss Unplanned, the situation at the border, and how you can help with both! You don't want to miss this episode.


Off the Shelf - Episode 135 with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

The history of the Catholic Church is filled with great saints from all walks of life. One of the joys of being a Catholic is watching as those who have struggled to bring he message of Christ to the world elevated to this point of recognition within the Church. Such is the case withe fascinating story of Father Augustus Tolton. Born in 1854, son of a slave, Tolton rose from poverty to become a priest in remarkable fashion. Join Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and I as we discuss the life of...


Off the Shelf - Episode 134 with Alan Migliorato

Raising daughters in today's society is TOUGH! As each day passes it becomes more and more obvious that the Lord and Satan are in a battle for the souls of our daughters. How do we win them over to the the Lord's side? Alan Migliorato and I discuss the tactics on what we need to do to ensure we raise daughters who will be holier, happier, and stronger. Check out Alan's book The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter.


Off the Shelf with Pete Socks - Episode 133 with Susan Tassone

There seems to be an ever increasing interest in Saint Faustina. There's a good reason why and that reason is her message of Divine Mercy. Brought to the forefront by Saint Pope John Paul II the Divine Mercy Message is a message of hope, faith, and love. Join Susan Tassone and I as we discuss her book Day by Day with Saint Faustina: 365 Reflections.


Off the Shelf - Episode 132 with Marge Fenelon

Ever want to take a trip checking out some of the great Marian sites in the United States? Marge Fenelon did and she created a living novena from her adventure. Join Marge and I as we discuss her book My Queen, My Mother: A Living Novena. You may not be able to get to all of these locations on your own, but you can do so from the comfort of your favorite reading spot!


Off the Shelf - Episode 131 with Jeannie Ewing

Parenting is tough. Wouldn't it be great if it came with a manual? Well it does! Jeannie and Ben Ewing have written a book that leads parents to the manual they need. Parenting with the Beatitudes: Eight Holy Habits for Daily Living does an exceptional job at showing parents how to apply the Beatitudes to the not so easy task of raising kids. Each Beatitude is also fleshed out with a set of sub-virtues making this a complete guide. Listen in as Jeannie and I discuss how the Beatitudes can...


Off the Shelf - Episode 130 with Carrie Gress

We live in a world where radical feminism has clearly unleashed a malicious "anti-Marian spirit". How do we confront this skewed view prevalent in society today? Carrie Gress lays out the evidence of and a plan to combat this in her latest book The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity. Join as as we discuss the pitfalls of the Anti-Mary way of thought and how imitation of Mary can rescue our culture.


Off the Shelf - Episode 129 with Fr. William Burton

Father William Burton has written an approachable book on Scripture Study entitled Abba Isn’t Daddy and Other Biblical Surprises: What Catholics Really Need to Know about Scripture Study. Join us as we look at some misconceptions and hidden treasures withun Scripture that you many not have known about. As Father Burton states, “Studying the Bible is itself a fun and entertaining endeavor.”


Off the Shelf - Episode 128 with Ray Haywood

There are about a million stumbling blocks that society throws in front of young men today. These include confusion as to what a man's role is and the proper behavior for men today. Let's get intentional with how we prepare young men today. Ray Haywood has written Tools to the Ready the Journey: A Father's Guide to a Faith-Filled Family. Listen on as Ray and I discuss how to tackle this troublesome trend in society today.


Off the Shelf - Episode 127 with Sr. Kathryn Hermes

Struggling with regret? Are you caught in it's clutches and thinking of yourself as a failure? Throw those regrets aside and reclaim them for good.....and God. Sister Kathryn J. Hermes joins me to discuss the freedom God offers each one of us through prayer, meditation and reflection as outlined in her book Reclaim Regret: How God Heals Life's Disappointments.


Off the Shelf - Episode 126 with Deacon Greg Kandra

Tired of living the rat race and not making enough time for prayer? Think squeezing time into your busy schedule for just 15 minutes of quiet time is impossible? Well Deacon Greg Kandra and I are here to tell it ain't so! Listen in as we talk about how to incorporate prayer into our busy lives as we discuss his book The Busy Person's Guide to Prayer.


Off the Shelf with Pete Socks - Episode 125 with Fr. James Murphy

Don't know much about the Cristero War? There's a book for that! Join Msgr. James T. Murphy and I as we discuss his book Saints and Sinners in the Cristero War: Stories of Martyrdom from Mexico. This is a fascinating book that brings to the fore front this internal struggle in Mexico that up to only recently has been for the most part little-known. Join us and learn about some of the figures that were part of this modern persecution of the Church in Mexico.


Off the Shelf - Episode 124 with Mark McCann

Mark McCann returns this week to discuss the second book of his four book series To the Ends of the Earth. On Episode 115 we talked about Character, this time around we are discussing Action. When it comes to action most guys want to be known for jumping in to help, to save, to win! Being a Catholic man of action means so much more. Listen in as Mark and I discuss how we can draw our strength from the Sacraments so that we can be active followers of Christ who set out to evangelize the...


Off the Shelf - Episode 123 with Mark McNeil

Another conversion story coming at you this week. Listen in as Mark McNeil and I discuss his journey to the Catholic faith after spending years in the Oneness Pentecostal movement. Mark grew up Baptist, became deeply involved in Oneness Pentecostalism as a young man, and then the Holy Spirit got involved. With an inquisitive mind and deep study, Mark found himself joining the Catholic Church. We follow his journey and discuss his book All in the Name: How the Bible Led Me to Faith in the...