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OSS10: Womb Wisdom with Anabel Vizcarra

Can we go back and remember our power? Our energetic bodies are very different from our physical bodies. Every month it goes through a set of beautiful rhythms. If we aren’t connected to our deeper levels and honoring those moments, we can begin to feel a level of dissonance and chaotic disconnect with the world around us. Today’s guest is one of my closest friends, my soul sister, Anabel Vizcarra. Her valuable lessons on embodiment, are teaching women how to connect with their womb wisdom...


OSS09: What Stress Really Means

How many of you have ever been stressed over money? It may not be because you're lacking it. You may have tens of thousands of dollars in your accounts, but you may actually feel like it's not enough. Or that one day it's going to run out or change because of what is happening in the markets. Maybe you have a fear of something happening to you and there won’t be enough money to cover everything. Today’s talk is not just about stress as it relates to money, it is about stress in...


OSS08: Dreaming vs Settling

In today’s episode I am talking to my fellow dreamers, but wait, not just any dreamer because I feel like we all have dreams. This is for my dreamers who are also doers. They are the ones who will actually experience, receive and manifest their dreams. I want to invite you to come onto the side of the dreamers that are taking action. As someone who has transformed their life and now lives a life beyond their wildest dreams, I get frustrated when I see people playing small on their hearts...


OSS07: Money Mindset; Stop Hoping, Wishing & Clinging

If there was one lesson that I wish I had learned sooner, it would be this; that whatever you cling to, you essentially push away. Think about that. Where in your life are you clinging, trying way too hard or hoping and wishing? The very thing you want in your life you push away, by taking out the element of trust and faith. There are many people that are suffering unnecessarily because they have given up their power. They are walking around like money is more powerful than they are. This...


OSS06: Intentions vs Goals

Intentions and goals, are they the same? Today’s episode is for those of you that want to make a tremendous impact, who want to speak on stages and on podcasts.You want to be invited onto whatever stage it looks like on your platform. You have a story, a manual if you will, that is going to change someone's life. If this is on your heart, I'm speaking directly to you. This is a very special, inspirational, motivational podcast for tapping into your greatest creativity and producing...


OSS05: Releasing Expired Relationships

Have you ever hung on to a relationship for too long? Maybe it was for the history you have, maybe it was for the initial feelings you had. If you are like my clients and I, we wanted to keep them for a lifetime but that would no longer serve us. As we deepen into integrity with self and we lean into our inner authority, trusting ourselves and trusting what we feel, we begin to let go of what no longer serves in powerful ways. So when it comes to relationships expiring, we pay attention to...


OSS04: Are you saying no to yourself? Energetic Contradictions

Do you want to know about our energy and the actions we're taking or speaking. What are we creating and what do we choose to create? Or is it speaking to the past and keeping us more anchored in something else? We are talking about Energetic Contradictions this week and really taking a look at what your energy is being focused on. You may really want that 6 figure income so you decide to only take on clients who are paying you $5000 yet you cringe at the thought of spending $1000 on your...


OSS03: Ditch Your Money Blocks

Money Blocks…….yeah those things you go looking for and aren’t sure how to fix them or find them So when you're looking for a money block and you think you have a money book and you're looking for one because you're like, I have a money block, I gotta figure this thing out. Where is it? You're looking for the wrong thing. If you're someone that has identified with having a block in some sort of way, I know how powerful you are. I know how powerful I am. We all are infinitely resourced. Just...


OSS02: Your Radical Transformation Requires This

Your radical transformation requires one key component, one ingredient that can not be left out. In fact, transformation will not occur unless you are willing to say yes to this one thing. Tune in to find out what it is! I connected with thousands of people every year who want radical transformation. How to change my relationship? How to change my eating? How to change my ability to make certain amounts of income.? How can I leave this relationship? How can I have boundaries with my...


OSS01: Why Shift Matters

Welcome to The Oh Shift Show, this is episode 1 and we are kicking it off by sharing with you WHY SHIFT MATTERS. Oh Shift is a journey from chaos the consciousness. What you can expect here is once per week real talk on radical transformation. My main message is that there's excellence in humanness. Just us being us. Everything that I'm going to say is good enough. And I want to really invite you to explore what that would be like for you. What would it be like to just show up and say, Hey,...