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Szn2Ep3: A 2nd Chance On Love

It's Episode 3 and, Sy+ Drew may or may not be in the Valentine's Spirit. Listen in as they dish about their "types", the power of sex, and what it means to love in this #postwoke #AfterChrist era. And, as always, your faves bring you their favorite music and inspired thoughts to bless your eardrums and expand your mental. So take notes yall!! This could be your 2nd Chance on Love!


Episode 4...20?

This week Sy+Drew announce their hiatus, but before they go, they talk 420, Bob Marley, and interview one another for the inside scoop on the girls you have come to know and love! Speaking of love, Sye Elaine Spence, has everyone asking one question... "Is this love?" Stay tuned for this duo's return to the airwaves!


Spring Cleaning the American Dream? (Ep3.5)

Your favorite duo is back for Episode 3.5: Spring Cleaning! Grab a seat on the couch and catch up as Sy+Drew talk Birthdays, Drake slander, and Beyonce. All the while, they make it plain and debunk the American Dream, still finding time to shine a light on why we are all "Running thru Lovers". Oh, and did I mention the Queen Bey?! Issa Celebration!


Living Single or Friends? (Ep. 3)

Ever found yourself feeling guilty for letting friendships fall through the cracks? Sy + Drew welcome their first post grad friend, Michael, as a guest on the couch. The old, but fake friends try to get to the root cause of why it’s so difficult to maintain friendships from previous stages of life. Dan Caplen touches souls with "Badman" and @badgalriri supplies the episode's sound waves. Listeners are challenged to grab a partner and join the April #minsgameONB - - - - ** Subscribe, Rate...


Too Woke, Too Fast? (Ep. 2.5)

Drew + Sy return to put you On Notice that the time has come to put an end to misusing or over-using the term "woke." In Episode 2.5, the duo talks lessons learned from letting go of material possessions and bad eating habits. The discussion of sex and accountability show that all roads lead back to a higher power. Eryn Allen Kane cries out "Have Mercy" and fellow music fans rejoice at the drop of On Notice's "Side A: Be Kind...Rewind" Playlist. Be sure to follow @onnoticebrand and...


Am I a Bad Black Person? (Ep. 2)

You almost didn't recognize us, huh? The Bottom Line is officially On Notice! Drew + Sy close out Black History Month by talking acculturation and communication in black families (or the lack thereof). Journey 'Down by the River' to pay respect to lost loved ones and take a Seat at the Table for a lesson from Sista Solange and Mama Tina. Be sure to Subscribe, Rate, + Review and follow @onnoticebrand on IG, Facebook and Twitter!


The Next Episode (Ep.1)

Your favorite millennial culture curators and commentators are BACK with 'The Next Episode'; at long last, Episode 1 is here. Sy and Drew dig a little deeper into the areas of forgiveness and minimalism, wrapping things up to give you the highly anticipated Feature Artist of the week, Daniel Caesar. Like- Comment- Share @tbl_bottom line on IG and Twitter.


Just the Beginning (Ep.0.5)

Sy and Drew have dubbed themselves, "Millennial Culture Curators and Commentators". They are committed to bringing you, THE BOTTOM LINE on, well... LIFE. This episode (.5) gets things started in the new year as they uncover some life lessons to help you on your journey to self! Stick around for more episodes in the future; like and share! Twitter: @TBL_BottomLine Instagram: @TBL_thebottomline Featured Tracks: Jalen Santoy "Foreplay" Kartell "5am" Joe Hertz "At Dawn" Intrumentals: Childish...