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Decoding Your Dreams and Spirit Messages

Inside this episode, we’ll discuss: Our dream work practice Various experts perspectives on dreamwork from Jung, Freud, Alice Ann Parker and David Fontana.How to interpret their dreams’ meanings.Teach you how to remember and recall details in dreams.Teach people how to identify archetypes, themes and symbolism in dreams.Various types of dream states and waking states.The most popular dream symbolisms and archetypes. Resources mentioned in the show: *Youtube video: Higher Self...


Spirit Communication and Life on the Other Side

Episode 4: Spirit Communication & Life on the Other Side Inside this episode, we’ll discuss: Resources mentioned in the show: Articles and Books: Talking to Heaven, by James Van Praagh. Adventures of the Soul, by James Van Praagh. Visions, Trips and Crowded Rooms, by David Kessler. Article by David Kessler: Who and What You See Before You Die.” My Stroke of Insight, by Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor On Death and Dying: What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and Their Own...


Spirituality, Intuition and Divine Guidance

We’ll be exploring and discussing intuition, how to recognize it and the various ways intuition speaks to people. We thought it would be fun for all of us to take a quiz to find out what is the primary channel to receive divine communication. We’ll discuss how reading energy and managing energy are connected to intuition; the ways in which spirit communicates with us and people’s fears about their intuition or receiving divine guidance versus false guidance. We’ll be exploring and...


Spirituality and Astrology

Whether you’re new to astrology or obsessed like Keme and Robyn, this episode covers how to use astrology to learn more about your true nature, as well as how to read the planets on the daily and harness the planets’ energies. “What’s your sign” is only the beginning of the astrology conversation. Astrology has been around for thousands of years across various civilizations throughout the world, which is why writing it off as nonsense is a bit short sighted in the grand scheme of...


What's Spirit Path: Souls Having a Human Experience

We explore what is a soul, what is the spirit path, when we realized we were more than our physical bodies and how spirit influences our happiness, passions and daily mind-body-spirit connection. The spirit path is about connecting more with that inner, mystical, magical, divine part of ourselves. That part of us that connects us with everyone and everything, us. The spirit path is about living with an awareness of all aspects of yourself - mind, body and spirit. Meet Keme and Robyn We're...