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An independent evangelical church

An independent evangelical church
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An independent evangelical church




Ordinary – Episode 11 – The sovereignty of God, part 1

Over the next two podcasts we'll be talking about God's sovereignty. Graham and Mark recently delivered a series of sermons at Christ Church on the sovereignty of God and how that works out in the world. But this is one of those topics where there are a diversity of views held by different Christians, and so in these two episodes of Ordinary we are debating two views of sovereignty. The post Ordinary – Episode 11 – The sovereignty of God, part 1 appeared first on Christ Church Haywards...


Ordinary – Episode 10 – Forgiveness

In today's episode we're talking about forgiveness. Forgiveness can be tricky to get our heads around when it becomes a sort of necessary reality in our lives. Graham and Mark help us to unpick the major differences between what the world thinks forgiveness means, versus what the Bible says it is. And we think about the Biblical model of forgiveness and how it works itself out in the difficult situations. The post Ordinary – Episode 10 – Forgiveness appeared first on Christ Church Haywards...


Ordinary – Episode 9 – Bible reading

This week on the podcast, we're talking about Bible reading - but wait! Don't switch off! It's not going to be 30 minutes of guilt tripping as you listen to two perfect pastors talk about how many hours per day they spend reading the Bible. Graham and Mark can help us see why reading the Bible is central to the Christian life, and we talk honestly about some of the road blocks that we all face when trying to be consistent with reading. And then we share a few tips and techniques we use in...


Ordinary – Episode 8 – Work

What does the Bible have to say about work? What does it look like to be a Christian in the workplace, in the every day tasks I carry out, but also if I'm face with opposition, or if I'm asked to compromise on my beliefs in some way? The post Ordinary – Episode 8 – Work appeared first on Christ Church Haywards Heath.


Ordinary – Episode 7 – Hospitality

In this episode we're focusing on ordinary hospitality. Graham and Mark flesh out why hospitality is so important for Christians, both in the church family but also in the context of the wider community in which you live. Viewing hospitality through the right lens - through the God lens - helps us to see how welcoming people into our homes is a deep reflection of the God who welcomes all kinds of people - including the stranger, the outsider, the disenfranchised - into his great feast. The...


Ordinary – Episode 6 – Serving

This week our topic is serving in the church. We cover the fundamentals of why we do serve in the church, who we are serving, and how we can serve the church, but we also touch on some other issues like: Should we thank people when they serve in the church? Do church leaders serve as well as work for the church? And how can we make sure our lives are not so dominated by church service we never make time to meet and build relationships with those outside the church in order to be an effective...


Ordinary – Episode 5 – Membership

This week we are talking about church membership. Graham and Mark discuss why having some kind of church membership system works The post Ordinary – Episode 5 – Membership appeared first on Christ Church Haywards Heath.


Ordinary – Episode 4 – Church

This week we talking about the purpose of church, particularly the local church, some of the patterns we see in church life, but also the freedom there is in the different expressions of church life. We talk about whether church is optional for believers. The post Ordinary – Episode 4 – Church appeared first on Christ Church Haywards Heath.


Ordinary – Episode 3 – Prayer

This week we discuss what ordinary prayer looks like - or rather what it sounds like - and some of the reasons why we should bother with prayer. The post Ordinary – Episode 3 – Prayer appeared first on Christ Church Haywards Heath.


Ordinary – Episode 2 – Evangelism

Ordinary is a podcast that aims to help Christians live for Christ in everyday life. Each week Josh Bannister talks to Graham Nicholls and Mark Ventham, pastors at Christ Church Haywards Heath, in West Sussex, England. This week we talk about evangelism: what evangelism looks like, how the church as a whole does evangelism, and […] The post Ordinary – Episode 2 – Evangelism appeared first on Christ Church Haywards Heath.


Ordinary – Episode 1

Welcome to Ordinary, a podcast that aims to help Christians live for Christ in everyday life. This week we talk about why 2 ordinary pastors wanted to start a podcast, and about what you, the listeners, can expect to hear over coming weeks. The post Ordinary – Episode 1 appeared first on Christ Church Haywards Heath.