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I believe everyone has a story. You have heard it said "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes". My hope is you will experience what it's like to walk in "Other People's Shoes" to gain perspective and understanding.

I believe everyone has a story. You have heard it said "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes". My hope is you will experience what it's like to walk in "Other People's Shoes" to gain perspective and understanding.
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I believe everyone has a story. You have heard it said "Walk a mile in someone else's shoes". My hope is you will experience what it's like to walk in "Other People's Shoes" to gain perspective and understanding.




You Lost Me Part 1

You lost me...DISCLAIMER: The guests that will be featured in this season all have a connection with Church. My goal in no way is to disrespect any Church that is shared about this season. The views, thoughts, and feelings shared by guests only represent their perspective. Some of the content shared comes from this book. You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church . . . and Rethinking Faith By: David Kinnamani s listed below. Link to the...



My guest today is Pastor Craig Greatman of This Aint Your Mamas Church. Craig was part of a story shared by a past guest Rob. Craig shares his story about when he was “sexualized at the age of 2”. He shares where he thinks our country is heading and about how his faith is such an important part of his life.My guest today is Pastor Craig Greatman of This Aint Your Mamas Church. Craig was part of a story shared by a past guest Rob. Craig shares his story about when he was “sexualized at the...



Faith: My guest Garrett, is in my mind, the biggest skeptic. Garrett takes a deep dive into why he has made a choice to follow Jesus. He shares the WOW moment when chose to really follow Jesus. He describes his own heart change. He also shares why people may not want to come to faith. Hear why Garrett believes community is so important to him and why it should be important to you. Hear why coming to the end of yourself is the first step on the road to faith. We also discuss how powerful an...



Blindness: Danial Turnbull was born going blind suffering from Retinitis pigmentosa (RP). RP is a group of rare, genetic disorders that involve a breakdown and loss of cells in the retina—which is the light sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye. Common symptoms include difficulty seeing at night and a loss of side (peripheral) vision. RP is an inherited disorder. Minh Turnbull was born blind. Minh states that all of her other sense are very keen. Minh came to the states from...


Pornography Part 2

Pornography 2: My guest Christine takes a deep dive into her view of how pornography almost destroyed her marriage. Christine shares her pain and how her tears came with great healing. Hear where she and her husband found the answer. Christine also shares her steps back to recovery with her husband and how they are a stronger couple now. Christine gives some real steps that helped her and her husband take proactive steps to help protect her home and marriage from this deadly addiction....


Pornography Part 1

Pornography Part 1: Rob shares his story how at the age of nine he first discovered pornography. How from that one choice it started a chain reaction of events that led him down a very dark road of lies and more lies and how even getting caught didn't make him change this damaging behavior that stole so much of his time, and childhood. Rob also shares how this addiction took over his life into adulthood and how it became so overwhelming it cost him relationships, and almost his marriage....



Belonging: My guest Nolan today helps us take a look at the subject of belonging. Nolan helps us understand his generation better. How at 23 years old he still is working and figuring out how to belong in this current world we are living in. How these five basic needs help us belong. Survival, Belonging/Love, Power, Freedom, and Fun. Nolan breaks down each of these subjects. We also take a look at bullying in our communities and how belonging plays a part in it. How advertisements are...



Discouragement Today's episode centers around discouragement. My guest Dan Gregory shares today the moment he hit rock bottom and how discouragement hit him face to face. Listen to how in that moment where he turned, and why he saw he needed to turn. Dan talks about where he found the hope to keep going, and where he is now. Dan and I also talk about "12 Things To Do When We Get Discouraged". Dan also shares how the quicker he came to the end of himself the better his life became. Dan also...



THIS EPISODE TALKS ABOUT MATURE CONTENT The feeling of emptiness is something many people battle. This week my guest, Uriah takes a deep dive into the subject of depression and shares some really personal stuff. If you have ever battled with feeling empty you may be able to relate to Uriah. He also shares some steps and advice on what he has done to overcome feelings of emptiness. Other People's Shoes info: Remember when you walk in Other People's shoes you get a...


Labels Part 2

Labels are everywhere we go. My guest Twyla is a mom, friend and instructional assistant in special education. Twyla and her husband are also currently serving as foster parents. Twyla provides some amazing insight into helping parents with special needs children. She shares her passion for children in the foster care system. She also shares 8 important tips of working with a special needs children and five things she would change with our current education system. 1) Relationships-Healthy...


Labels Part 1

The greatest gift on the planet is a mom. My guest is Anna who is mother of three young men. Anna shares her insight on how labels have affected her and her young men. We discuss I.E.P.'s or Individualized Education Programs and how it can be a good thing for parents. We discuss the importance of Parents being an active participant in the education of their students. Anna shares her perspective on how raising her young men to be great husbands is her most important job as a mom. We also...


Aspire-Andy Howell

If you fail to plan, you have no objective for your day. My guest Andy Howell is Personal Trainer and Realtor. He shares how you can change your life in two very dramatic ways. Hear his insight on how personal health and home ownership can work together to help you reach the goals you have in life. We discuss how looking past obstacles is a must in life and why being told you can't do something should be used as a motivator. Andy shares how goals are the driving factor in helping you get...


Aspire-Jose Ibarra

How do you define aspire? Don't we all want to figure out how to be a better version of ourselves, but we're not sure how? My guest Jose Ibarra is here to share how he can help you with the starting and stopping with your health and help you with moving forward with some aspiring steps. Learn how success.com/5-ways-to-become-the-person-you-aspire-to-be fits into the plan to aspire to greater things for you. 1) Be authentic 2) Have vision 3) Embrace a never-give-up-attitude 4) Remove...


Success-Rogue City Comics

How is success define? "No one on his deathbed ever said, I wish I had spent more time on my business." Paul Tsongas How does a small business owner measure success? My guests Steven & Jamie Ronda are owners of Rogue City Comics in Medford, Oregon. We talk about how taking the risk of starting a business and becoming a student of business is so important. We discuss how prioritizing can bring success in the right things and Why you can have both family success and business...


Success-Gene Copley

Are you a success? Is success something that you would like to achieve? My guest is Gene Copley he is a entrepreneur business adviser former business owner of seven successful businesses including three Quiznos restaurants. He talks about ways he measures success. Why setting goals is important and how getting distracted can majorly derail you in life and in business. How www.mensxp.com defines successful people. He offers some some practical steps to help you reach your goals. Gene's...



Pilot: Sometimes it's really helpful to walk in Other People's Shoes to gain understanding and perspective. I believe without understanding we have no foundation. In this Pilot episode I share why and how this podcast came to be and why I feel led to do this show. My hope is that this will give you a little glance into me and this journey we look to take together. Some things that will be accomplished is we will explore people's stories. Hear about their adventures. Discover something...