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Jerusalem, with Sarah Tuttle-Singer

For me this story began in Jerusalem on December 11, 1917, but I didn't know it then. On that day, my grandmother Esther, who I'm named for, was one of the flower girls who welcomed General Allenby to the city of Jerusalem, which the British had just won from the Turks. My grandmother was born in Rishon L'Tzion - a little town whose name literally means First to Zion. It was established by Jews from Lithuania who came to what was then Turkish Palestine. A few years later she was one of the...


020: Running and Ritual, with Kathy Pugh

I had a fun conversation with running and holistic health coach Kathy Pugh. We talked about everything from the Boston Marathon to the Golden Calf and quite a few things in between. To run with Kathy or reach out to her for coaching, you can find her at www.KathyPughRunning.com. To join us for the Omer, go to www.OutoftheBoxJudaism.com/Omer. And to get a story each week in your inbox, sign up at http://bit.ly/nevermissagoodstory. The music on this episode is thanks to Rabbi Cantor Robbi...


Mourning, in Memory of Kate Bartolotta

Every religious tradition has mourning rituals, and of course, so does Judaism. Today, in memory of my friend Kate Bartolotta, I talk about Jewish mourning rituals and some ways people are grieving together on social media. Kate was a mother, a writer, an entrepreneur, an advocate for, and teacher of, self-care, a coach, and a beautiful human who recently passed away at a young age. You can get her book, Choose Joy, from Amazon: http://bit.ly/ChooseJoybyKateBartolotta To learn more about...


Holiday Episode: Passover

Do you have questions about Passover? So do I. Listen to the podcast for some good questions. Listen to yourself for some good answers. Happy Passover to all who are celebrating!


018: Personalized Judaism, with Cantor Debbi Ballard

In this conversation with Cantor Debbi Ballard, we talk about personalizing Jewish events and rituals. Listen for Debbi's response to the question about how she incorporates ritual into her family and her life. Notice her first answer... and her second. To get in touch with Debbi, go to www.mypersonalcantor.com To join the group of "travelers" metaphorically going to Mt. Sinai, or to find out more about this adventure that you can have from home, visit www.outoftheboxjudaism.com/omer and...


017: Mikvahs, with Naomi Malka

In this conversation with Naomi Malka, Director of Immersive Experiences at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, DC, we talk about the origin of mikvahs, ancient and modern rituals for their use, and even our own personal mikvah experiences. The story about intention referenced in the interview is "Was Aaron Doing Reiki?" and can be found here: http://bit.ly/OOTBJvayikra. To get all the Torah and holiday stories delivered to your inbox, as well as updated information about Naomi's book...


016: Best Dressed, with Rachel Nachmias

Does it really matter what you wear? And how do you choose what to wear? If you were an ancient Israelite priest, that choice was made for you. When performing rituals, they wore some of the most ornate, fancy, and noticeable clothing ever seen, the details of which are spelled out very specifically in the Torah. But if you're a 21st century American, your clothing choices will be different and you have more leeway in your wardrobe choices. Rachel Nachmias of www.BessedDressed.us helps...


Holiday Episode: Purim

It's Purim! What's Purim? Maybe you've heard the story of Queen Esther and heroic party planning that saved all the Jews from India to Ethiopia. But a good story is always worth repeating, and there might just be a few things in there that surprise you. This episode mentions the story from #astoryeveryweek that will be published this Friday. In order to get that story delivered right to your inbox, simply visit http://bit.ly/nevermissagoodstory and sign up. Are you planning a bar or bat...


015: A Place for Every Body

What is it like when there is a stranger in your midst? What about when that stranger needs your help? Rabbi Susan Silverman and I talked about the status of the African refugees seeking asylum in Israel. She spoke about the laws and the processes that aren’t happening, as well as what is happening in the attempt to deport these men who are seeking a safe place to live. As there are no more refugees entering the country now, it is just a question of how to help those who are already there....


Holiday Episode: Tu B'shvat

Today is Tu B'shvat. What is that? To see the poem read on today's episode, visit www.outoftheboxjudaism.com If you enjoy this podcast, please consider leaving a review on iTunes and telling a friend.


014: An EPIC Life, with Julie Neale

Listen by clicking above, on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, or your preferred app. What rules do you live by? Did you create them, or did someone else? Julie Neale of Mother's Quest has made her own EPIC guideposts and she checks in with them often, to see if she's traveling on a course true to herself and her values. We talked about those pillars she uses in her life and how we can all create our own - if we want. To find out more about Julie and what she does, her EPIC life, and her...


013: When Everything Suddenly Changes, with Sarah Nannen

Remember how things were before everything changed? Whether that means a new king ruling Egypt, the unexpected death of a young husband, or the change you experience in your life, sometimes there’s no going back to the way things were. Sarah Nannen and I talked about change and grief and living a full life. If you are a widow or dealing with grief and loss, you can reach out to Sarah at www.griefunveiled.com, where you can also get her book. Are you planning a bar or bat mitzvah or know...


011: Vayigash - Making the Move

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and the whole family escapes famine by moving to Egypt. Today's interview is with Mark Kurbalenko, someone who knows first hand what it's like to have to move from his home country to a safer place. You can hear more of Mark's story at http://bit.ly/MarkKurbalenkoTEDx Are you planning a bar or bat mitzvah or know someone who is? Download the bestselling book The Out-of-the-Box Bat Mitzvah: A Guide to Creating a Meaningful Milestone for free from...


010: Miketz - Famine in the Land

Joseph was let out of jail to interpret Pharaoh's dreams. He saved the land from famine and was appointed the second in command as a reward. Not long after, his brothers came to Egypt in search of food. Today’s interview is with Michelle Stuffman of Mazon, A Jewish Response to Hunger. More information about Mazon, and ways to help, can be found at www.mazon.org. The story from astoryeveryweek associated with this week’s Torah portion is The Horse. You can find that at...


Vayishlach - Complicated Family Relationships

Jacob leaves his uncle's home and heads back to the land that would later be known as Israel. Along the way, he himself gets the name Israel. Jacob reunites with his twin, Esau, and they part again. A prince falls in love with Jacob's daughter Dinah and it doesn't end well for anyone. Today’s interview is with Tamara Arnold, author of My Kid is Driving Me Crazy and The Magical Business Method. We talk about challenging family relationships and finding our tribes. Her books can be found on...


Vayetze - Marriage Oaths and Contracts

Jacob starts this Torah portion at a rock and ends it by a hard place. That rock is where he had a vision of angels going up and down a ladder. The Torah portion ends with Jacob at a hard place, specifically a pillar he made to separate himself from his uncle's ways - and a place where he saw angels again. Tune in to hear about Jacob's adventure between this rock and hard place. There's some shepherding, some oaths, some deception, some weddings, and lots of other drama. Today’s interview...


Toldot - Getting to Know the Neighbors

This is the story of Isaac and Rebecca and their twins, Esau and Jacob. A birthright is bought and sold and delivered, food is made, and lives are threatened. And there's also an assumption made about someone that is false and hurtful. Do you sometimes accidentally have preconceived notions about a person, or group of people, before meeting? Today's guest is Matta Adler, a new immigrant living in Tel Aviv. He meets people in Israel from all walks of life, and shares some of the stories...


Chaye Sarah - Into the Cave and Off of the Camel

Every beginning comes from an ending. In this case, the beginning of Abraham settling in The Land was Sarah's death. Abraham bought a burial cave for her - and later for himself. Tune in to hear about how this purchase was made and what happened in Isaac's life between the death of Sarah and the death of Abraham. Today's interview is with Elana Polin Glassman, a cemetarian. She brings important information to discuss with family about burial arrangements. If you want a helping hand in...


Vayera - Cooking Up New Traditions

Do you host family for the holidays? How do you treat people who come to your home? How are you treated as a guest? Tune in to hear about how Abraham and Sarah, treat their guests, and how Lot treats his. Today's guest is Huppit Bartov Miller, cook and food blogger at Afooda.com. Visit her website for the recipes she mentions on the show. The story from #astoryeveryweek associated with this week's Torah portion is What if There's a Monster in the Elevator? Are you planning a bar or bat...


Lech Lecha - Daring to Suck

Get up and go! Leave everything behind and go! GO! Can you imagine leaving everything you know to go someplace unnamed? Tune in to the episode to hear what happened when God told Abram to GO! to a land that God would show him. Keri-anne Livingstone is a fun and funny coach and speaker who is daring to suck on her journey in life, and finding that it is bringing her - and others - great authenticity. You can connect with her at KerianneLivingstone.com and DaringtoSuck.ca. The story from...


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