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Mark Buchanan: King David and Seasons of Leadership

In this Pastors Resource Call, professor and author (and former pastor) Mark Buchanan will explore the life of King David in three seasons – David’s youth and rise in the court of Saul, David’s 20s and his fugitive and exile years in the wilderness, and David’s 4 decades on the throne. Throughout the seminar, we […]


Dan Reiland: Clear Vision … Real Execution

We all know that vision is crucial for a church’s sense of purpose and direction. But many churches struggle to take meaningful action steps toward their stated vision. Dan Reiland is a master at knowing how to help church leaders build a culture of implementation throughout the organization. In this PRC, Dan will unpack his […]


Steve Macchia: How Important Is Self-Awareness for Christian Leaders?

John Calvin put it this way, “Nearly all the wisdom which we possess, that is to say, true and sound wisdom, consists of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves.” St. Augustine once prayed, “Grant, Lord, that I may know myself, that I may know Thee.” Consider this too: “Self-awareness is our only defense against self-deception.” […]


Carol Childress: The Power of Internal Culture

The internal culture of a church is the most important social reality within the church. Often more powerful than vision, mission, strategy or doctrine, it is deep, complex, difficult to articulate and largely unseen because so much of it is “below the water line.” A church can have the right vision, mission, strategy or doctrine […]


Brian Newman: Outreach in an Age of Radicalism

The gospel is meant for every people group in the world without exception, since all are made in God’s image and are specially designed for relationship with him. Across the world there are an estimated 1 billion Muslims who are considered unreached (less than 2% of the human race are known Christians). Of those, there are […]


Ed Stetzer: The Real Story About What’s Happening In The American Church

Ed Stetzer, Ph.D., holds the Billy Graham Chair of Church, Mission, and Evangelism at Wheaton College and serves as Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism. He has planted, revitalized, and pastored churches, trained pastors and church planters on six continents, holds two masters degrees and two doctorates, and has written dozens of articles and books. […]


Jeff Jones: Preaching for Life Change

Preaching today is not without its challenges. With the average “regular attender” showing up just 1.5 times a month, it is getting more and more difficult to be an effective communicator. Barna Research shows that the number one reason people come to church is to hear a good message. Jeff Jones brings over a decade of […]


Lance Witt: Uncomfortable Conversations

“Twenty years of research involving more than 100,000 people reveals that the key skill of effective leaders, teammates, parents and loved ones is the capacity to skillfully address emotionally and politically risky issues. Period.” From the book Crucial Conversations We will cover … – Why uncomfortable conversations are so difficult for pastors – How to […]


Mike Pate: Is Your Church Board a Chore or a Labor of Love?

– What is the role of the board/leadership team? – What should the board be focusing on? – How can we recruit great board members? – How do we eliminate unhealthy communication and triangulation in our church? – How can I create board meetings that are engaging and meaningful? Mike Pate will share on these […]


Jim Denison: 2017 America – How Did We Get Here (and what can be done about it)?

Why is same-sex marriage the law of the land? Why is euthanasia available to one in five Americans? Why is religious liberty more challenged than ever before? Why has our culture gotten to where it is today? There are reasons why we think the way we do. Americans are influenced by three cultural metanarratives. When […]


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