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Have you thought sermons were boring? Think again as Fr. Joel unpacks the word of God for today’s audience. Fresh, local, and live takes on the Gospel for our world. A new homily every Sunday.

Have you thought sermons were boring? Think again as Fr. Joel unpacks the word of God for today’s audience. Fresh, local, and live takes on the Gospel for our world. A new homily every Sunday.


Antigo, WI


Have you thought sermons were boring? Think again as Fr. Joel unpacks the word of God for today’s audience. Fresh, local, and live takes on the Gospel for our world. A new homily every Sunday.




Things That Survive The Apocalypse | #1238

The things of this world are like so many bubbles — you grasp them and they pop. So let’s talk about what will survive the end of the world. Invest in these things and you’ll be able to face the Apocalypse with confidence.


A Barn full of Bubbles | #1237

We will all stand before the judgement seat of God, and God is not going to be impressed with the size of your bank account. What will God be impressed with? What does it mean to be rich in what matters to God?


What God Really Wants to Give (You Aren't Asking for It) | #1236

Jesus teaches us how to pray. First he gives us the right words to say. Then he talks about the right attitudes behind good prayer. Finally he tells us what we should really be asking for.


Learning to Live in the Presence of God | #1235

The soul of every person has a deep connection with God himself. We keep ourselves busy on purpose to avoid having to go to that deeper place. We have welcomed Jesus into our hearts but we don't sit at his feet and listen to him. Pause and listen.


Getting Down with the Good Samaritan | #1234

This parable beautifully captures the generosity Jesus expects from his disciples. It also tells us about Jesus' love for us. He rescues you from sin, washing you in his blood and healing you with the sacraments. Go and do likewise.


Leaping for Joy at the Gift of Life | #1233

Today we leap for joy that abortion is no longer a Constitutional right. We must continue to promote the Gospel of life in every part of society. Some of my practical suggestions may surprise you.


Chew on This Instead of Consuming One Another | #1232

The Galatians are chewing on each other like two teenage sisters who are always mean to each other. How can we avoid consuming others as they consume us? Jesus shows us the answer.


Holy Trinity, Holy Family | #1231

God created all life, but he didn’t do it alone. He made us capable of procreating along with him, but we can’t do it alone. This point to the reality that we were made to live lives of self-giving love. The Trinity is our Mission!


A Double Portion of Your Spirit | #1230

What will it take to finally change the world? Jesus hasn’t gone so very far away. And He has given us a most precious and powerful gift. Learn how to use that gift and you will be the change that you are longing for.


Peace--What It Is and Where to Find It | #1229

Despite the outside appearances of peacefulness, our hearts are far from peace. Fortunately for us, peace is closer than you think. Here are four words that will help you find peace: Presence. Power. Plan. Past.


Move With Purpose | #1228

The drill sergeants constantly yell at the recruits to, "Move with purpose!" So many people have no sense of purpose. We were made for a purpose; let me tell you what it is.


Award for the Most Important Vocation Goes To... | #1227

What a wonderful God we serve! I love being a priest and encourage young Catholic men to consider a vocation. But there is a vocation that is even more important than priesthood.


The Shadow That Heals | #1226

The healing work of Jesus continued with the Apostles and with us. Jesus works physical healings so that we will trust him with more important spiritual healings. We are the doubting Thomases who don't realize how powerful Jesus is.


Easter is the Light of Christ in You | #1225

We probably think we know what Easter is all about. But if we were asked to explain it to a friend or family member, what would we say? For many of us, “the faith” is something we belong to. But the Bible sees faith as a Someone.


Why Did Jesus Have to Die on the Cross? | #1224

First, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world. Second, to defeat Satan, our ancient enemy. Third, Jesus is trying to win your love. Jesus dies a most miserable death in order to show us, "I love you this much."


The Banquet of Love | #1223

Jesus gathers his closet friends and gives them three precious gifts. As we gather at this banquet of love, consider what it cost to provide this meal. Are we prepared to love others as Christ has loved us? Are we willing to wash the feet of others?


When The Rooster Crows for You | #1222

Lent has taught us how attached we are to the pleasures and treasures of this world. We are not unlike the disciples. I will show you why Jesus succeeded where we have all failed. He will help your Lent to end well.


Are You Feeling Surrounded by Hostile Voices? | #1221

The woman caught in adultery is surrounded by accusers. Jesus doesn’t speak. One by one, the voices become silent. Are you feeling accused by your past failures? Let Jesus part the waters and lead you to freedom.


I Was Not Expecting That | #1220

The Father's love never ceases to surprise us; it's like rose vestments on Laetare Sunday. Our life is a journey back to the Father's house. Let us learn to love others in the surprising way that the Father loves us.


What You Can Do to Stop World War III | #1219

The message of Fatima reminds us that God is still in charge and that our prayers and sacrifices make a difference. So stop looking at other people and expecting them to repent. It's time for you to start bearing fruit.