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How To Be A Godly Man

On this episode, we are talking about the definition of biblical and Godly manhood. My guest is a coaster and friend who has been such a father figure for our church youth. Here are the questions we address: What is the biblical definition of a Godly man? What does real godly masculinity look like? What would you tell a young man who is struggling with their identity due to childhood Physical, Emotional or Sexual abuse? What advice would you give to young men who are dealing with...


The Gift Of Godly Marriage

Valentines Day Part 2 The gift of Godly Marriage. On this episode, I am talking with Dmitriy, a friend who works as a resident pastor and worship leader at Resurrection church in Tacoma WA. He has been married for seven years, and he shares some of the lessons he has learned in preparing for marriage as a single person; as well as the lessons he learned about being married with three kids. We spent an hour and a half addressing so many questions about what is like to be married and pursue...


The Gift Of Godly Singleness

The gift of Godly singleness. On this episode, I am talking with a friend of mine, who is also single and working in the same ministry with me. We are talking about the struggles and joys of being in the season of singleness while pursuing the Lord and pursuing marriage. I hope this episode inspires you and challenges you to walk faithfully with the Lord, regardless of what season you are in. Official Website


Feeling Hopeless? Jesus Is The Answer

On this episode, I am speaking with a friend of mine who has been serving alongside me at the same church for a long time. Even though Paul gave his life to the Lord a long time ago, his journey took a lot of unexpected turns and he got himself in trouble. In the process, he lost hope and for a certain period of time his faith. We discuss his journey from faith to utter helplessness and back in the community and relationship with Jesus. It would mean so much to me if you can rate or...


Missions And Church

Missions and Church On this episode, I am speaking a with a friend of mine who has been a missionary overseas for the last few years. We are discussing the differences as well as similarities but more importantly, we are trying to learn what we can do better to serve our communities while preaching the Gospel of Jesus. Thank you! It would mean so much to me if you can rate or review this podcast! Support Dennis: https://www.awakenedgeneration.org/support Instagram:...


True Christianity Among Tradition And Culture

True Christianity among tradition and culture. On this episode, I am talking with Vitaliy Isak. He is a preacher and a friend of mine who grew up in the former soviet union and immigrated to the US. The one thing we both have in common is growing up in a conservative Pentecostal church; where tradition and the way our parents and grandparents believed and walk out their Christianity was held in high regard. In this conversation, we explore the difficulty of finding genuine faith and...


Christian Music

Christian Music. On this episode, I am talking with Leanna Crawford who is an up and coming artist and songwriter. But most importantly she is someone who has chosen to live her life in light of eternity in order to glorify God and inspire people through music. Currently, she is touring the west coast with the 2019 Roadshow tour and she is collaborating with Matthew West and Michael W Smith. Leanna hopes to inspire people to live out their faith boldly while displaying the love of Jesus to...


Finding Healing And Restoration

Finding Healing And Restoration. On this episode, I am talking is to Josh Donnell who has been evangelizing and writing rap music for a long time and recently has been going through a really difficult season; after his marriage failed and longtime friends abandoned their friendships with him. We talk about the pain he has experienced unable to defend himself against accusations and slander. Yet as always God has a greater plan in our suffering, and in Josh's case God has been restoring him...


Beauty And Influence

Beauty And Influence With Tanya Cheban. On this episode, I am talking with a friend of mine who is a beauty YouTuber influencer. Tanya Cheban is known for her beauty videos and an overall great personality on camera. However, the most crucial aspect of her life is the fact that she is a follower of Jesus and is committed to serving people with her gifts and talents. Even though growing up in the public eye has some benefits it also can bring some harsh criticism. But what keeps her identity...


Faith And Hollywood

Faith and Hollywood. ​On this episode, I am talking with Dennis Mulyar. A Hollywood producer and Co-Founder for Now Rewind. A few years ago he moved to Hollywood from Portland to pursue his career in filmmaking while trying to live out his faith genuinely and impact those around him. While living in Hollywood can be stressful and challenging he expresses hope that he can make a difference not only in his professional field but also walking out his faith. No matter the level of difficulty,...