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Messages from our weekly Sunday morning worship services at Ponte Vedra United Methodist Church, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Messages from our weekly Sunday morning worship services at Ponte Vedra United Methodist Church, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.
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Messages from our weekly Sunday morning worship services at Ponte Vedra United Methodist Church, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.








A Covenant Season: 2. The Creator's View

God does not merely show Jeremiah a vision or give him a vivid dream. God directs him to actually go see the local potter in the workshop and observe how he works his craft. While there, the prophet observes the complete creative power the artist has over the unfinished project. The potter suddenly stops his project. It was not turning out as he intended. He does not merely stop bothering with it and then set it aside. He decides to start over from the beginning and do something completely...


A Covenant Season: 1. Personal Experience

We begin a new series for September drawn from the Old Testament book of Jeremiah: “A Covenant Season.” The prophet Jeremiah lives in ancient Judah (the southern Kingdom) and speaks for God during a lull in history between the devastation of the northern Kingdom by the Assyrian Empire, and the beginnings of the threat to the southern Kingdom by the Babylonian empire. God's assessment of Judah's failure to keep covenant relationship is likened to the vast difference between living water,...


Action Required: 5. Repent

Hearing the word "Repentance"- what comes to mind? An angry, judgmental person holding a megaphone screaming "Turn or Burn" while wearing a sandwich board with"Repent" in big red bold letters? Unfortunately some have had something like that experience. Or, maybe you think of "Repentance" as outdated and narrow-minded and out of place in today's multicultural, pluralistic culture. May you hear "repentance" as Jesus taught and demonstrated in Scripture accounts. His message resonated when...


Action Required: 4. Look Beyond Yourself

Jesus uses a questioner's request to form a teachable moment with one of his stories ("parables") to show how He desires to order the lives of followers, aligning with His Kingdom values. Second only among his most taught subjects is material wealth. Why? Perhaps because it is the single greatest danger to living in faithful relationship with Him. When pursuit of success and material resources dominates one's attention and efforts, the loss is spiritually devastating. So Jesus cautions by...


Action Required: 3. Persistence in Prayer

"Shameless Persistence" is Jesus' description of desperate neighbor knocking at a friend's door late at night. He persists to prevent shame on himself and his household from not fulfilling the required hospitality of food for a visiting guest. Jesus teaches his disciples from this motivation to continually approach the Heavenly Father in prayer. They had asked him to teach them to pray (like him). He elaborates with a second example of flawed fathers loving their children well enough to meet...


Action Required: 2. Stop and Listen

Our real problem is not the practical one weighing on us - it just seems like it because of our overwhelming attention given it day to day. Our deeper issue is our vision of God's character of love toward us, and the scope of eternal life we have already begun living. My persistence in returning my focus again and again to the Heavenly Father in prayer and reading receptively and learning from the scriptures is the difference maker. It separates me through having Kingdom life with...


Action Required: 1. Love

A new series begins: disciples of Jesus find behaviors flow from the inner transformation of character in process as we faithfully follow Christ. We begin with the action of love toward others. What kind of love? to what degree? Jesus turns a public challenge into a teaching moment with those around him. He reveals another dimension of His Kingdom order of life that so contrasts with the norms of society - even contented religious society. In making up a teaching story Jesus immediately...


Intervention: 6. The Cost of Humility

Pastor David Moenning shares his own experiences of recent humbling from a few difficult days. He goes on to share the historical example found in 2 Kings 5, where the proud accomplished Aramean military commander, Naaman, learns the impact of humility as well as its cost. Why is it we are more willing it seems to take on a hard challenge, rather than do the simple but humble action? The power of pride, the root of all sin and brokenness, can only be tamed by simple obedience of a worthy...


Intervention: 5. God Enlightens His Own

No one wants to be "rebuked." There is no way to soften the message: you are wrong. Seriously off base. But, we find whenever Jesus corrects to strongly he is responding from both passion for his loving mission, and love for his apprentices - in this case, two of his three inner circle, brothers James and John. So what did they do to receive such a strong reaction from Jesus? They simply suggested Jesus approve of their exercising divinely gifted power to call down fire to instantly...


Intervention: 4. God Rescues and Restores

Pastor Steven Dorsey shares a special communion message with us, looking to the event of the two disciples walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus on the day of Jesus' resurrection - having no awareness of its reality. In their dejection and loss of purpose, they are greeted by the risen Jesus. They are unable at first to recognize him and he chose to spend time revealing in the scriptures how the Messiah is Jesus, the One crucified and allegedly raised from death. Then when they had been...


Intervention: 2. A Change of Heart, Not Scenery

We disciples need to learn from the example of the former demon-possessed Gentile responding to Jesus' "no" to his plea. Strangely, Jesus says no to the changed man's desire to go with him as the new chapter in his life. Instead the man is directed to go back to his family and remain in the community in which he suffered and even tormented others. In Luke 8:26-39 we find this unusual event. It is provocative for us in part because we can see in the reactions of multiple parties that Jesus'...


Intervention: 1. The God Who Sees and Sets Right

Leaders do not get much worse in character than King Ahab and Queen Jezebel (yes, that is where that undesirable name comes from) of ancient Israel. They led the ten northern tribes which broke away from the two southern tribes after King Solomon's rule. More importantly, Ahab and Jezebel received God's righteous judgment in all its severity, following the message delivered by the faithful prophet Elijah. Like Naboth's tragic murder, many scenarios may appear beyond the scope of justice or...


Unexpected Acts of God: 6. It Really Is That Simple

Acts chapter 16 recounts the event of a divine prison break that did not happen for apostles Paul and Silas. Why not? If you are imprisoned unjustly, an earthquake dramatically disrupts the prison building such that the doors fly open, and miraculously even the chains drop off, wouldn't you take that as a huge hint to escape? Yet, because of their close relationship with the risen Christ Jesus, the two apostles instead prayed aloud and sand hymns to God - and the others even remained in...


Unexpected Acts of God: 5. An Amazing Detour

It can seem like deja vu to read the account of Paul's vision to change course and go to an unplanned meeting in which the Holy Spirit extends the range of the Kingdom of God (Acts 16:9-15) Just last week we saw the event of Peter's vision leading to a new expansion of mission among the Gentiles. There can be a strange disconnect between contemporary Western culture disciples' view of life experiences and those whose experiences are so familiar in the scriptures. We see how common it is for...


Unexpected Acts of God: 4. An Unexpected Menu Change

After Peter experiences a mind and heart stretching spiritual experience with the Holy Spirit doing the unexpected, he then had to face upset colleagues. They reacted with insecurity over allowing for boundary stretching grace of God toward the outer world. Then like a miracle change of heart and thinking, they "see" God's good work in Peter's relating of his vision and resulting spiritual fruitfulness from obedience. How could the Jewish disciples so suddenly accept that the Holy Spirit...


Unexpected Acts of God: 3. The Grace of Persecution and Trials

Pastor Dave shares from the narrative of the early Church from Acts chapters 8 and 9. God's unexpected activity is to bring fruitful expansion of the mission to share the news about the crucified and risen Jesus - with persecution and suffering to push disciples out of their homes and into the surrounding lands! What appears to be devastating hardship and the undermining of "progress" is a catalyst for dramatic growth! So we have the experiential experience of our own lives: where is God...


Unexpected Acts of God: 2. An Unlikely Friendship

The event reported the first of three occasions in Luke's writing known as "Acts" in chapter 9, verses 1-20, shows not only Jesus' powerful conversion of Saul, but his call to trust and obey for Ananias to let go of resistance to news of a most unlikely ally in the faith. Despite honest misgivings, Ananias ultimately obeys his call and serves as the hands of Jesus to bring healing of body and spirit to the former enemy. Only because of Jesus can Ananias call Saul a "brother" in Christ. Are...


Unexpected Acts of God: 1. A Surprising Turnaround

What's next after the Easter celebration of Jesus Christ rising from the dead? This is first in a series from the book of Acts, focusing on the unexpected ways God worked to establish the formation of the earliest assemblies of disciples. The apostles carried out their commission to take the message of Jesus' death and resurrection to all the world, so that all may come to saving faith in Christ and be transformed by the renewing of their minds. From Acts 4 and 5 we see an amazing turnabout...


Easter: The Unexpected Outcome

Despite training and expectations, when real life happens in one of those huge categories - the kind that can drastically alter your life going forward - it somehow seems to surprise us. Why is that? Look at the apostle Peter peering into Jesus' empty tomb on the first Easter morning. Why is he unable to grasp what this means? So if you wrestle with the huge implications of such an event - Jesus of Nazareth rising from death back to life again, just as he said he would - you can take heart....


Palm Sunday Musical: "Hallelujah! What a Savior!"

A medley of Holy Week songs share the message from Jesus' triumphant arrival to Jerusalem, until days later when he is crucified, and buried. Then the miracle and wonder: Jesus is raised again to life and is forever to be honored and worshipped as Lord of all, our Savior. Pastor Greg then follows this with a brief message inviting response to the musical message of witnessing the achievement of Jesus and offer of grace and new life as his follower.