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Presence: Experiencing God Each And Every Day

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Presence- Evening musings of where I experienced God in the midst of my day to day living.

Presence- Evening musings of where I experienced God in the midst of my day to day living.
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Presence- Evening musings of where I experienced God in the midst of my day to day living.




Atomic #20 - Christ Through Calcium

When we think of calcium and the human body bones and milk come to mind. But calcium is even more important at the cellular level and the regulation of important bodily functions. Christ is also found at the depths of everything vital for life as in Christ "we live and move and have our being." --- Support this podcast:


Atomic #19 - Christ Through Potassium

Potassium, atomic symbol K, is essential to the basic functioning of your body. It also was likely integral to the emergence of life on Earth. Christ, like K as it hits H2O, explodes into creation not by going up to the heavens, but by descending into humanity and the experience of being alive in flesh and bone. --- Support this podcast:


Barmen Today -Commitment to Equality and Dignity - Background and Intro

A Washington Post article today quoting words against racism from a Catholic archbishop and words from a Baptist reverend saying Donald Trump isn't racist illustrate the division in how Christians are responding to recent violent, hate filled shootings and "tweet-storms." This episode begins reflection on "Barmen Today: A Contemporary Contemplative Declaration." Find out more at --- Support this podcast:


Atomic #18 - Christ Through Argon

Argon, a noble gas is inert and inactive and thus is useful in various ways. Some think that God is inactive and uninvolved in the world. But Christ shows us that God is here and now. NEW - checkout EdTechEmergent.Word for more info on this and other episodes. --- Support this podcast:


#87 -Year 2- Presence in American Gun Troubles, Irish Fest and Made for Better

I recorded this episode at the Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival after celebrating mass with our Bishop Robert Brennan. My heart is heavy and I'm angry too after 20 were killed by an American terrorist in El Paso yesterday and 9 murdered early this morning in Dayton - 90 minutes from here. I talked with a Northern Irish author and am struck by how this form of domestic terrorism we are facing isn't too different than what he grew up with in Belfast. Any yet I am encouraged by the refrain from...


Atomic #16 - Christ Through Chlorine

Cholorine gas kills in a horrific way. Yet chlorine, in small amounts, purifies our drinking water is a useful disinfectant. Is God vengeful and destructive? Or is God - Love? Christ incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth firmly shows us who God is and how God is life-saving and live-giving. --- Support this podcast:


#86 -Year 2-Presence in an Undeveloped Park and the Wood Wide Web

I hike in a track of public land which isn't yet a designated park and I reflect on the ways that the trees and the entire woods is connected under the earth. Words from the new book "Underlands" come to mind as I experience Christ in this place and time. --- Support this podcast:


Atomic #16 - Christ Through Sulfur

"This stinks!" is what we say when surprised by the pungent rotten egg smell of sulfur. We are also surprised by the parables told by Jesus the Christ about the coming Reign of God. And we are challenged to see that stinky sulfur has important uses within our world. --- Support this podcast:


#85 -Year 2- Presence in the Great Story of Stranger Things

NO Spoilers for the series in this episode! I finish all three seasons of Stranger Things and am awed and moved by how great and soulful the story telling is. God is always Present in a well told and moving story. --- Support this podcast:


#84 -Year 2- Presence in Mysticism and is Jimmy Buffet a Great Man?

I am struck my two conversations I had last Thursday which took place hours apart and just a few store fronts from each other. The second was a talk about Jimmy Buffet and his "greatness" while the first was about the great mystics of the Church. Are you a mystic? Are you a "parrothead?" How is Christ present in the midst of this contrast? --- Support this podcast:


#83 -Year 2- Presence in the Migrant Detention Center Candlelight Vigil

My son and I gathered with 175 others on the evening of the Lights for Liberty action. We gathered for talk, song and prayer at the Mount Gillead, Morrow County Ohio jail where about two dozen migrants are being detained. I witnessed, from a small distance, some of those men reaching out to us from behind the windows. They are "the little ones" to whom the Hebrew prophets and Jesus himself tell us to provide special care. --- Support this podcast:


Atomic #15 - Christ Through Phosphorus

There are three kinds of phosphorus - the deadly white, the rare and useless black and the red form used in matches to ignite. It is also the key element needed for plants to grow. Christ came to bring light and flame and growth to the world. And there are many forms of his followers - some who are toxic and use his name for bigotry and violence, those with a benign faith that never leaves the church building and those whose hearts are burning and ignited as they bring Christ's Love to the...


Atomic #14 - Christ Through Silicon

What was Jesus the Christ's first commandment as told in the first written Gospel (of Mark?) Was it to "repent" or to "change your heart?" And is it silicon or silicone? Is there even a difference between these? --- Support this podcast:


#82 -Year 2- Presence in Protesting to #ClosetheCamps

The US Inspector General for the Dept of Homeland Security today said the migrant detention centers the US is running at the border are a "ticking time bomb" Yesterday my son and I attended two rallies asking US Representatives to immediately improve the conditions of these camps and to ultimately #closethecamps. I experienced God's presence in at least two people that I spoke with at these rallies. --- Support this podcast:


#81 -Year 2- Presence in Serving and Being Served

I am working this summer with a temp agency and also delivering with a food delivery company. In both of these job roles I am a servant. On Sunday afternoon I worked serving a bridal shower and then was served at my daughter's dance banquet. --- Support this podcast:


Atomic #13 - Christ Through Aluminum

What of the greatest value? Gold? Silver? Or Aluminum? It all depends on your perspective. How do we know when we are hearing the voice of God? And what are the marks of a healthy, life giving religion? Ponder these questions and more in this episode. --- Support this podcast:


Atomic #12 - Christ Through Magnesium

We arrive at "the first of the truly marvelous structural metal" which is also highly explosive 🎆 in small amounts. Is Christ 💥 and loud or a "still small voice" like the one Elijah heard when he waited in the cave? --- Support this podcast:


Atomic #11 - Christ Through Sodium

Sodium is a remarkably contradictory element. In its pure form, when combined with water, it violently explodes. Yet, when combined with chlorine, it makes table salt - which is necessary for life. Jesus the Christ was also contradictory in surprising ways too. --- Support this podcast:


Atomic #10 - Christ Through Neon

"I am the charge and you are the neon-filled tube" is what Jesus might say to us today. Please listen and discover how this noble gas becomes beautiful with just a charge of electricity. --- Support this podcast:


Atomic #9 - Christ Through Fluorine

Fluorine is one of the most reactive gases. Yet when it is bonded with one or more other events, it makes quite stable compounds - including one of the most famous item you'll find in your kitchen or winter coat. Jesus the Christ, although he had great power was responsive rather than reactive. --- Support this podcast: