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Priority Talk is the daily live radio broadcast hosted by ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis that shares Good News and Christian Values. The show which airs live 5-7 pm CST on WXJC Radio for Birmingham & Huntsville is your source for what happening in politics, ministry, church and family in the state of Alabama and beyond.


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Priority Talk is the daily live radio broadcast hosted by ALCAP President and CEO Greg Davis that shares Good News and Christian Values. The show which airs live 5-7 pm CST on WXJC Radio for Birmingham & Huntsville is your source for what happening in politics, ministry, church and family in the state of Alabama and beyond.




Jim Burns: Understanding Your Teen

In this Best of Conversation from 2017, Family expert Jim Burns of Homeword joins Greg and provides practical advice for parenting teens.


Priority Talk Show 11-16-2022

Greg begins the show bringing attention to a judge’s ruling on Georgia’s abortion law and its potential impact on Alabama. Greg and Nate discuss the rise and potential fallacy of much of non-denominationalism. The question is raised, what finally makes you say, “we can’t be a part of this denomination any longer”? The two then discuss a couple of interesting news stories from Alabama. Finally, should a preacher wear skinny jeans while preaching?


God Is Still in Control, and the "He Gets Us" Campaign

Nate Williams discusses how we can respond well to the midterms and recent news on church attendance. Then, Greg Davis joins the conversation to talk about the "He Gets Us" campaign.


Harrison Smith and Alliance Defending Freedom

Greg Davis is joined by Harrison Smith of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to discuss what you need to know about religious liberty and what's going on in our culture. Why should the local church care about religious liberty? How can churches be prepared for when legal storms come their way? All of this is covered, and so much more.


Tough Prison Conditions, Church in the Metaverse, and Unity

Nate Williams brings up concerning stories about Alabama's criminal justice system, how we should view the Church's relationship to technology, unity in the Church, and a handy apologetics tactic to use when talking to someone who holds a different worldview.


Clete Hux - How America Became Pagan PART 10

Greg and Clete Hux ( continue their weekly conversation on How America Became Pagan, including more discussion on the Harry Potter series and how it contrasts to other forms of fantasy like The Chronicles of Narnia.


Abortion Buses, Spiritual Growth, and the Life of a Pastor

In the first half of the show, Nate Williams discusses mobile abortion clinics, a heartwarming story from The Alabama Baptist involving families and ice cream trucks, and how Christians can grow spiritually. In the second half, Nate welcomes his senior pastor (Rev. John Richter) on the show to talk about life in pastoral ministry. What are his favorite and least favorite parts of ministry? What is the future of the Church in America? All of this, and much more


Pastor James Ward

Alabama native and Chicago area pastor and author James E. Ward Jr. shares his unique Zero Victim perspective with Greg and listeners. He came to national prominence after Jacob Blake Jr. was tragically shot seven times in the back during an incident involving Kenosha, Wisconsin police. Jacob's mother Julia Jackson, a member of Pastor James' church, asked him to speak a word of calm at the family's press conference. Pastor James's impassioned plea for prayer, wisdom, justice, and healing...


Asians Are the New Jews and Assisted Suicide

Nate Williams discusses how Asians are being treated now like the Jews were in the 1900s by top schools, what all the woke madness will lead to in the schools, and the movement to legalize assisted suicide.


Dr. George Barna

Dr. George Barna breaks down his most recent research about which issues are most important to more than a dozen population subgroups, including race and religious party affiliation. Where do abortion, racism, immigration rank? Listen to know. See the full study at


Clete Hux - How America Became Pagan PART 9

Continuing their weekly conversation, Greg and Clete Hux ( continue the theme of How America Became Pagan. This week they discuss how the occult, divination, and Witchcraft have become mainstream.


Cultivate Disciplemaking with Kevin Blackwell and Randy Norris

We are stressing the work of the local church in this episode. Kevin Blackwell and Randy Norris joined Greg to discuss their own church's journey in disciple-making and the emphasis of their new Cultivate Disciplemaking resources.


Theological Thursday 10-27-22

Pastor Paul Brasher and his wife Laurie fill in for Greg on Theological Thursday as they discuss the concept of unity and why it's so crucial in today's culture that focuses on diversity and causes divisiveness.


Dr. Kevin Leman

In this entertaining best of conversation from several years ago, Greg visits with Dr. Kevin Leman about the re-release of his best-selling book for parents, Making Your Kids Mind Without Losing Yours.


Jerry Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins whose son Dallas is the creator of The Chosen TV series joined Greg to talk about his novels based on The Chosen series. Jerry is of course co-author of the Left Behind Series. Greg asked many questions about The Chosen and Left Behind.


Thom Rainer

Joining Greg today is Thom S. Rainer, an American writer, researcher, speaker, former president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, and founder and current CEO of Church Answers. The two discuss a myriad of subjects related to the Christian and the local church post- covid. For Mr. Rainer's latest book "I Am A Christian", visit


The Political Seduction of the Church

Dr. Michael Brown ( joins Greg to discuss How Millions of American Christians Have Confused Politics with the Gospel. His newest book "The Political Seduction of the Church" discusses how Christians are called to bring true biblical change.


How America Became Pagan with Clete Hux part 8

In the 8th edition of our How America Became Pagan conversation, Greg welcomes Clete Hux from the Apologetics Resource Center into studio for a continued discussion of Yoga and Eastern Mysticism.


Stephanie Holden Smith talks American Feminism

Stephanie Holden Smith with Thatcher Coalition joined Greg to discuss what she sees as the death of feminism and what caused its demise. She goes back 100 years and traces to modern time and current issues concerning women in America and around the world.


Conflict Resolution and Masculinity

Nate Williams discusses a host of current news events, from NYC providing lavish accommodations for illegal immigrants to a pastor stealing a massive amount of money from his church. He also talks about conflict resolution amongst Christians and the crisis of masculinity facing our culture.