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Interviews with #Christians making a difference in the fields of #science, #technology, and industries of the future. Visit PurposeNation.org for more information or to make a donation. PurposeNation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.

Interviews with #Christians making a difference in the fields of #science, #technology, and industries of the future. Visit PurposeNation.org for more information or to make a donation. PurposeNation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.
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Interviews with #Christians making a difference in the fields of #science, #technology, and industries of the future. Visit PurposeNation.org for more information or to make a donation. PurposeNation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation.




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Podcast: Ep. 24: Leslie Wickman, PhD on Human Space Travel and STEM at Christian colleges

With the 50th anniversary of humans landing on the moon during the NASA Apollo missions, where does humanity go next? Back to the moon? To Mars? Should we risk sending humans to space or let the robots handle it? These are a few of the issues we tackle in our conversation with Dr. Leslie Wickman. Dr. Wickman heads up the Christian faith/science group the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) and is also a research scientist, engineering consultant, author, speaker and athlete. She was an...


Podcast: Ep. 23: Ian Hutchinson, PhD on Putting Stars in a Bottle and Answering Hard Questions

What if we could bottle up some of the sun’s energy, right here on Earth, and use it to get abundant, safe, renewable energy? We chat with MIT nuclear engineer and scientist, Prof. Ian Hutchinson PhD, about doing just that with nuclear fusion reactors. What will it take to get there? Will it happen any time soon? Listen to this podcast episode to find out! Prof. Hutchinson also talks about his science and faith journey and conversion to Christianity. We also discuss his latest book, “Can a...


Podcast: Ep. 22: Andy Walsh, PhD on Epidemics, Superheroes and Faith Across the Multiverse

If you like comic book superheroes (think X-Men and Avengers), science, science fiction and the Bible, then you’ll love our conversation with scientist Andy Walsh, PhD! By day, Dr. Walsh is a biologist, computer scientist and statistician and is currently the Chief Science Office for a public health technology company called Health Monitoring Systems. By night (and, well, all the time), he’s a Christian and author and has written a new book called, “Faith Across the Multiverse: Parables from...


Podcast: Ep. 21: Henry Kaestner on Feeling Alive as a Faith Driven Entrepreneur

What does it feel like to "be alive" walking with God in a calling as a faith driven entrepreneur? Join our engaging conversation with Henry Kaestner, the former CEO and Chairman of Bandwidth (Nasdaq: BAND), a $1.4B telecom and technology company. Henry is now the managing partner of Sovereign's Capital, a private equity and venture capital management company that invests in faith-driven entrepreneurs around the world. Henry has also started Faith Driven Entrepreneur, a podcast and...


Podcast: Ep. 20: Fazale "Fuz" Rana, PhD on New Evidence for Design and Adam and Eve in Turmoil

Is the science surrounding Adam and Eve in turmoil? Listen to this great talk with Dr. Fazale "Fuz" Rana PhD, one of the top thinkers at the intersection of biology, chemistry, genetics, human origins and the Christian faith. We discuss his upcoming book on transhumanism as well as the latest science discoveries pointing to a Creator and to design. We also talk about how the latest discoveries in human genetics and human population studies have thrown the science surrounding Adam and Eve...


Podcast: Ep. 19: Fr. Eric Salobir on the Hackathon at the Vatican and Whose Values will AI Have?

Hacking at the Vatican?! Can you combine 2,000 years of deep, Catholic tradition with something as modern as hacking? For our next guest, Fr. Eric Salobir, the answer was most certainly, “Yes!” Fr. Salobir helped to organize the first-ever “hackathon” at the Vatican where groups of students from 62 universities from around the world, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT and many more, “hacked” ideas that could help humanity in three key areas: Fostering inter-religious dialogue, helping the poor...


Podcast: Ep. 18: Catholic Neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Buchanan on Using Brain Tech to Heal Christ's Body

Elon Musk has created a $1B initiative to help develop direct brain-to-computer interfaces. While this line of research holds promise to help those suffering from serious brain disorders and paralysis, it also raises all new ethical concerns. In this fascinating podcast interview, we talk with leading neurosurgeon, research scientist, professor and Catholic Christian, Dr. Robert Buchanan, about this line of research and about his amazing work in treating debilitating and life-threatening...


Podcast: Ep. 17: Hugh Ross, PhD on Engaging Christians Using Science, Scripture & Mutual Respect

Can't Christians just get along when it comes to science and faith? Please join us for this engaging and important conversation that all Christians need to hear! For more than 30 years, Hugh Ross, PhD and his organization, Reasons to Believe, have been dedicated to integrating scientific fact and biblical faith. They seek to demonstrate, via a variety of books, resources and in-person events, that science and faith are allies, not enemies. Dr. Ross is a best-selling author and his books...


Podcast: Ep. 16: Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, SJ, PhD on Baptizing Robots and Shoes of Iron

Do our kids need shoes of iron? Studies show that many young Catholics and other Christians leave the Church by the time they finish college. One of the main reasons they leave is that they are not getting sufficiently satisfying answers to key questions they have regarding the compatibility of faith and science…questions about what the church and science have to say about the existence of God, about an immortal soul and about the life and resurrection of Jesus. Join us as we explore these...


Podcast: Ep. 15: Catholic Astronomer Karin Öberg PhD – Signs of Life in Distant Worlds

Is it possible to find life on distant planets without ever visiting them? Can God work through a single reading of a book to bring someone to faith? Are secular institutions like Harvard supportive of a scientist who happens to be a Christian and a woman? Join us as we explore these questions and more in our interview with Astronomer and Astrochemist Professor Karin Öberg, PhD. Professor Öberg is a Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University and she is using sophisticated new instruments...


Podcast: Ep. 14: Christian Physicist Gerald Cleaver PhD - Interstellar space travel & more

Interstellar travel within our lifetimes? iPhone microchips riding on laser beams? Are Christians behind the curve in accepting scientific theories? Join us for an engaging discussion on these topics and more with Christian Physicist Prof. Gerald Cleaver, PhD. Dr. Cleaver (“Jerry”) is a Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Dept. of Physics, and Division Head at the Center for Astrophysics, at Baylor University. There he directs the Early Universe Cosmology and Strings (EUCOS)...


Podcast: Ep. 13: Christian Technology CEO Victor Ho of FiveStars on Redefining Startup Success

What does success look like for a VC-backed, Silicon Valley technology start-up? Usually, success means strong revenue growth, a thriving customer base, media accolades and other traditional measures. For Victor Ho and his company, FiveStars, success means something very different. Join us for a great conversation with Victor, the CEO of San Francisco-based start-up, FiveStars. Listen to his amazing story of humility, faith, obedience and building a values-based tech company in the heart of...


Podcast: Ep. 12: Catholic Physicist Stephen Barr PhD - Society of Catholic Scientists & Gold Masses

What is a Gold Mass? Who are the Society of Catholic Scientists? Join us for an encouraging and fun talk with Catholic Physicist Prof. Stephen Barr, PhD that took place on November 15, 2017, which was the same day as the Feast of St. Albert the Great who is the Patron Saint of Scientists. We also discussed the brand new “Gold Mass” tradition that also takes place on November 15 that he and some colleagues started to honor Catholic Scientists. We also discussed many fascinating physics...


Podcast: Ep. 11: Scientist & Homeschool Mom, Stacy Trasancos, PhD, on a new scientific revolution

Are we in need of a new revolution at the intersection of faith and science, reminiscent of the first Scientific Revolution of the 1500's? Do we need to have followers of Christ once again being instrumental in driving science forward? Our latest podcast guest, Stacy Trasancos, PhD, seems to think so... and so do we! Join us for a great conversation with this former DuPont Chemist turned Catholic author, homeschool & online teacher and mother of seven. Hear about her journey starting with...


Podcast: Ep. 10: Catholic Physicist Michael Dennin, PhD on Aliens, Superheroes and Miracles

When will we get light sabers and land speeders anyway? Join us for a fun conversation with Catholic Prof. Michael Dennin, PhD about what he thinks about aliens and whether they ever visited earth or built the great pyramids. Prof. Dennin is a physicist at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) and has been a part of shows like Spider-man Tech, Batman Tech and Star Wars Tech where he provided insights into the physics behind many of the cool gadgets and superpowers on display in these...


Podcast: Ep. 9: Christian Technology CEO Mark McClain on Building Strong Values & Culture

Can a technology company be successful while still maintaining strong values? Join us for a great conversation with Mark McClain who is the CEO of high-flying technology company, SailPoint. Mark and his team have successfully and carefully built their company to a $130M+/year powerhouse in the enterprise identity management software industry. He is one of the top 5 most highly rated CEO's in the nation in his company's category by GlassDoor:...


Podcast: Ep. 8: Catholic biologist Prof. Daniel Kuebler, PhD on Stem Cells and CRISPR

Are we heading into the world of designer children as depicted in the movie Gattaca? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gattaca Join us for a special interview with Catholic Biology Prof. Daniel Kuebler, PhD as we discuss evolution, stem cell therapies, CRISPR and the looming prospect of using genetic engineering to produce enhanced, designer children. Prof. Kuebler is a Professor of Biology and Chair of the Biology Department at Franciscan University of Steubenville, a Catholic university. See...


Podcast: Ep. 7: String theorist Tom Rudelius, PhD on lie detector tests and the multiverse

Join a fast-paced tour through the life of an up-and-coming scientist and his journey to faith and beyond. Listen to Dr. Rudelius describe how his twin brother and a polygraph test played a role in his examination of the truth and caused him to investigate the historical resurrection of Jesus. We also discussed big physics questions surrounding the big bang, string theory and fine tuning. While the multiverse theory may provide some interesting ideas, does it rule out the need for a Creator?...


Podcast: Ep. 6: Skip Vaccarello on Finding God in Silicon Valley

Can we still find Christian faith in Silicon Valley? Join us for a conversation with author and log-time technology executive, Skip Vaccarello. He shares with us his journey from living among the sports-geeks of Boston to the tech-geeks in Silicon Valley. He also talks about some of the amazing science and technology leaders he interviewed who have a vibrant faith and work life in the midst of Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. Yes, it seems, God can still be found in Silicon...


Podcast: Ep. 5: Physicist Prof. Clare Yu, PhD on Using Physics in the Fight Against Cancer

Can a future scientist find faith among chiggers and bleach? Join us for a great conversation with physicist and Christian, Prof. Clare Yu. We explore bio-physics, women in science and using physics in the fight against cancer. Prof. Yu describes her early love of science coming out of encouragement from her mother and she talks about her unusual early encounter with faith that involves chiggers and bleach. She also talks about her own personal health challenges and how physics might be used...