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Quantum Conversation with Kerri Lake - Divine Integration with Sensory Awareness

When Kerri was a young teenager she had the awareness that every ailment in the body was related to emotions, that what we call “disease” is the body expressing surpressed emotions. At that time, she made a pact with the Universe and said, “Look, whatever I have to go through, let me do it energetically and emotionally, but leave my body alone!” She didn’t want to go through cancer and other diseases she watched other people struggle with. That set her on a very unique path of seeing the...


Quantum Conversation with Kelly Hampton.Star Healing Intergalactic Energy

Kelly Hampton is a second-wave Pleiadian and spiritual Alchemist here to anchor the Christ grid of Ascension. She is also an angelic channel of many light Sources, a gifted medium, animal communicator and energy healer. She is also the founder of multiple 5thD ground-breaking healing systems given to her by Archangel Michael including STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY™, Star Healing Equine™, Star Healing for Small Animals which some are calling THE most powerful healing systems on the...


Quantum Conversation with Judy Cali - The 13 Goddesses of Love

Access Judy Cali's Special Offer http://www.acoustichealth.com/judyoffer.htm The 13 Goddesses of Love and the 13 Angels of Love Love is Simple, just be Who You Really Are. Judy will bring forth & share about The 13 Goddesses of Love & The 13 Angels of Love to Create a Divine Team to assist YOU to live Authentically, the Truth of You. SELF LOVE is the Most Important Choice. You can not Love anything if you do not have it 1st to share. There are so many ways to experience Love of Self. We...


Quantum Conversation with Caroline Douglass

Access Caroline's Special Offer http://www.acoustichealth.com/carolinedoffer.htm Golden Diamond Crystalline Light Activation & Attunement to Align & Expand Expand your consciousness and raise your vibration! In this Quantum Healing Conversation with Caroline-Sakura Douglas we will experience a powerful Golden Diamond Crystalline Light Activation & Attunement to open and expand your heart, align with the Divine Essence of you and the Diamond Crystalline 5th/6th Dimensional Core of Gaia....


Quantum Conversation with Danielle Brooks

Described as a galactic conduit for the sacred voice, Danielle sings multiple light languages that work at a soul level to recalibrate, renew and realign you with your Divine power and full creative potential. You are the healer, she is the facilitator; here to support, guide and teach heart centered wisdom and love. Danielle draws on a diverse background in psychic surgery, shamanism, vibrational medicine and mysticism. As a trance medium, the light languages are sung through her to...


Quantum Conversation with Macaya Miracle

Enjoy this special offer from Macaya Miracle: http://acoustichealth.com/macayaoffer.htm Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Macaya Miracle: Life Transformation Specialist . Our focus in this series turns towards our own inner intuition and guidance and how we can raise our perceptions to see all situations from a Higher Consciousness. It's all related to opening your 3rd, 4th and 5th eyes and in today's show, you'll receive an activation to open these energetic centers. Enjoy this Quantum...


Quantum Conversation with Dorian Light - Light Language and Psychic Energetics

Join us for this LIVE call with Dorian Light who shares Light Language Activations ! Show Topic: What Is The Possibility - Self Empowerment through Conscious Creation A good way to prepare for this event is to make sure you clear your energy field & chakras and drink plenty of water beforehand. Also, you may wish to schedule time after the call for a sea salt shower or epson salts bath and drink lots of water. "So many have past and current life patterns and programs, belief systems,...