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Making Allah's guidance meaningful for everyone is part of the mission of Good Tree Academy, an Islamic school with pre-k to high school curriculum in learning Arabic, Qur'an and equivalent core curriculum to local public schools. Qur'an Connection seeks to share guidance for everyone seeking it. Support our project at www.goodtreeacademy.org/donate?id=pd

Making Allah's guidance meaningful for everyone is part of the mission of Good Tree Academy, an Islamic school with pre-k to high school curriculum in learning Arabic, Qur'an and equivalent core curriculum to local public schools. Qur'an Connection seeks to share guidance for everyone seeking it. Support our project at www.goodtreeacademy.org/donate?id=pd
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Making Allah's guidance meaningful for everyone is part of the mission of Good Tree Academy, an Islamic school with pre-k to high school curriculum in learning Arabic, Qur'an and equivalent core curriculum to local public schools. Qur'an Connection seeks to share guidance for everyone seeking it. Support our project at www.goodtreeacademy.org/donate?id=pd






The Easiest Way to Understand

Ustadh Michael Wolfender relates the story of a 7th grader’s realization from four pages in Surah An-Naml (27 The Ant). Hear how a prophet’s numerous miracles continue to prompt him to always turn back to Allah with humility and gratitude. Throughout time, humans have questioned belief, including the miracles from prophets which defeat science. Allah answers this in the Qur’an, as Allah is The Source of Science. Brother Michael refers to Allah’s qualities referenced in Ayat al-Kursiyy, the...


Understanding Allah's Words

Ustadh Michael Wolfender shows how to learn effective words in the Qur'an to build a connection with Allah’s Book. Brother Michael shares the link in why surahs are placed in the order they are. As an example, Prophet Ibrahim’s dua is mentioned early in the Qur’an and is answered at the end, showing precise placement of surahs and words. See the Arabic vocabulary document referred to at https://youtu.be/rdK0WiKcYa0 or QuranConnection.org


Reap Rewards While You Can

Ramadan is a blessed time of sacrifice and worship. Did you know Allah extends that blessing? Learn how as Ustadh Michael Wolfender describes the benefits of six bonus fasts. Ustadh Michael has a short message for each additional day of sacrifice for Allah - each one of those days equals another ten days reward of fasting. For this episode, Ustadh Michael recites from Surah Taha, Ayah 102 where Allah discusses time and Surah Al-Muddaththir (74 The Cloaked One) Ayah 37 on making use of...


Juz 30 Connected for Life

Ustadh Michael Wolfender concludes his 30-part review of succinct messages from the Holy Qur’an, delivered in conjunction with daily fasting during Ramadan. Many feel some sadness as the month ends, reflecting on the sacrifice and worship offered to please our Master. Ustadh Michael explains the oath Allah swears by in Surah At-Takwir (81 The Overthrowing) Ayat 15 so we can see that Ramadan is really a fresh beginning on the journey to connect with Him: "We cannot let this end of Ramadan...


Juz 29 Forgiveness

Ustadh Michael Wolfender spends less than five minutes with a lesson from Surah Mulk (67 The Sovereignty) on making the most of every moment and Allah’s perfection. His creation is perfect. We are imperfect. Allah wants us to win. He forgives our shortcomings, when we fall short of praising Him, when we fall short in our worship, when we fall short in our interactions with each other. Brother Michael says Allah “forgives when we fall short of praising Him. He forgives when we fall short of...


Juz 28 Hardship Before Ease

Allah tests those he loves. Ustadh Michael Wolfender recites from Surah At-Taghabun (64 The Mutual Disillusion) explaining that no situation happens except with the permission of Allah. Whoever believes in Allah, He guides his heart. Continue to obey Allah and His messenger ﷺ. We can achieve contentment and happiness in this life, even with hardships which can make us better.


Juz 27 Rush to Allah

Allah is everywhere. Look up and you will see His creation in the sky, feel the wind, the smell of everything organic is from Him, hear His guidance and connect with His words from the Qur’an. Allah has prepared everything we need. Rushing to prayer is rushing to Him. Ustadh Michael Wolfender recites from Surah Adh-Dhariyat (51 The Winnowing Winds) ayah 47 describing the creation of the sky where Allah says ‘We are expanding it,’ i.e. expanding the universe alluding to the reference made...


Juz 26 The Right Relationship

Ustadh Michael Wolfender focuses on growing the right relationship with Allah. The word ‘slave’ typically has a negative connotation. Yet, believers are happy to be slaves to the right Master. Our service doesn’t bring Allah any benefit. Yet, we are benefiting ourselves by serving Him. No other slave or master relationship is the same. A master does and should take care of his servants. Allah is close, tolerant and He loves us. He has built a home for each of us in paradise. It’s simply up...


Juz 25 Allah Provides

Admit it - you’ve compared what you have to what someone else has, whether as a child or an adult. That’s human nature. Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains why Allah distributes wealth, education, knowledge, talent, skill and even family ties evenly, though we may often be envious or not understand a perceived imbalance. Brother Michael is referring to Ayah 31 of Surah Az-Zukhruf (43 The Ornaments of Gold) where we learn the mercy of Allah is better. He distributes blessings accordingly and...


Juz 24 Allah on Our Side

Everyone wants to be on the winning team. As believers, our number one priority is to ensure Allah is on our side. Ustadh Michael Wolfender uses an analogy to illustrate why Marvel’s superheroes have nothing on our Creator. We hope these podcasts help you speak sincerely to Allah. He knows our troubles, is the Forgiver of all sins, accepts repentance, is severe in consequence and is our Unending Giver. Our final return will be to Allah, who will provide the fairest judgment to all...


Juz 23 Attraction to the Straight Path

Ustadh Michael Wolfender focuses on a popular surah, the guidance in Surah 36 Ya-Sin, where Allah indicates His Book is a revelation of His Mercy. Allah has sent His messengers as a mercy to mankind and His Revelation full of wisdom. Yet His messengers are mocked by their communities. In this surah, Allah lists examples of what we should be thankful for, illustrating why we should recognize Allah as our Provider. Allah reminds us we are quick to turn to Him when in need, with a reminder...


Day 22 What We Don’t See

Believers take time to ponder the wonders of Allah, knowing that the power of belief relies on faith. Rather than taking for granted expectations, we appreciate Allah’s design and order. Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains what he calls the ‘Director’s Cut’ detailing what we don’t see but has Allah’s Hand in everything. In the first two ayah of Surah Saba (34 Sheba), Brother Michael explains Allah’s commands and mercy come down from the sky and angels carry our deeds up, similar to rain...


Juz 21 When Less is Actually More

Ustadh Michael Wolfender from Good Tree Academy has the perfect reminder for us on working in this world for what we need here and in the hereafter. Allah knows what we are looking for. He hears us ask and He provides. How often do you consider that less in this world may mean more in eternity? Brother Michael explains how Allah rewards those who are patient and trust and rely on Him. In ayah 56 - 60 of Surah Al-’Ankabut (29 The Spider) Allah commands to only worship Him. Every soul will...


Juz 20 Design and Purpose

Ustadh Michael Wolfender ponders Ayat 73 of Surah 28 Al-Qasas (The Stories) and the balance Allah provides us in splitting night and day. The times we are required to pray guide our day. Allah says the day is for work and the night is to rest and stand in prayer to speak with Him. Appreciating this balance, observing and obeying His order expresses gratitude and belief. Brother Michael says, "The source of believing is to be grateful. To start appreciating Allah, to get to recognize Allah's...


Juz 19 Guaranteed Success

Everyone loves a winner! Ustadh Michael Wolfender shares Allah’s open guidance to winning in today’s Qur’an Connection, looking at Surah Ash-Shu’ara (26 The Poets). This surah contains stories with lessons from civilizations who didn’t heed Allah’s message, with opportunities to learn from the justice and mercy of Allah. Allah provides us a simple formula for success: be mindful of Him and obey His messenger. Ustadh Michael Wolfender shows us what happened to five civilizations after Allah...


Juz 18 Ultimate Light

What happens when one light meets another light? Ustadh Michael Wolfender shares with us how Allah’s guidance can make believers shine as He brings them out of darkness into light, with an explanation beginning from Ayah 35 of Surah An-Nur (24) The Light. Allah’s guidance is a light. Anyone who is guided receives that direction from Allah. The Qur’an is His guidance and a source of light. Ustadh Michael Wolfender shares what happens when these lights of guidance from Allah and the Qur’an...


Juz 17 Qur’an and Science

Ustadh Michael Wolfender told us in Episode 1 how the Qur’an is a book of guidance for one who seeks to find answers. In this episode on the 17th juz, Ustadh Michael gives us a specific example with the realm of science. The first premise refutes the idea that religion is antagonistic to science. Five minutes in, Ustadh Michael explains Allah clearly addressing what we call the Big Bang theory today. In the 21st surah, Al-Anbya (The Prophets) and ayah 30 Allah describes the heavens and the...


Juz 16: Perfection through Obedience

Allah mentions one of His prophets more than any other in His Book of Guidance and teaches us many dua at the tongue of this prophet. Ustadh Michael Wolfender shows how achieving perfection comes through obedience aligned with dua in Surah 20 Taha. See how asking of Allah can also be seeking to please His direction. As Brother Michael says, "Throughout the Qur'an, what we see from Musa is that he makes dua and he does his best. He makes dua and he does his best. He's trying to please Allah....


Juz 15: It’s all from Allah

Ustadh Michael Wolfender focuses on one of the lessons Allah teaches us in Surah Al-Kahf, the 18th chapter in the Holy Qur’an - that poverty and wealth come from Allah. Do you face the tests Ustadh Michael describes: comparing yourself with others, equating success with materialism, a false confidence of stability without attribution to Allah or even a misguided sense of your ultimate destination because of your current circumstances? This is why we are encouraged to read Surah Al-Kahf, or...


Juz 14 Thank you, Allah

Being grateful makes you positive. Allah helps believers prompt this connection, with His blessings which He recounts in Surah An-Nahl. Hear just one example Ustadh Michael Wolfender explains and check if you had considered just this one blessing. Ustadh Michael also explains how, while we’ll never fully appreciate all of Allah’s blessings, He is the most forgiving and it is His mercy which will accommodate our inability to thank Him for all He provides. Allah lists His blessings in the...