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The reKindle Podcast is a conversation toward catalyzing spiritual renewal, disciple making and mission in the church and among her leaders. Join reKindle Podcast hosts, Doug Balzer, Sarah Hunter, Jerin Thomas and Nick Kadun as they explore the integration of making disciples in the empowerment of the Spirit for the sake of reaching the least-reached – here, there and everywhere. The hosts are serving within the Christian and Missionary Alliance and are based in Calgary, Canada. If you have topics you’d like to see covered in the reKindle podcast please email them to




The reKindle Podcast is a conversation toward catalyzing spiritual renewal, disciple making and mission in the church and among her leaders. Join reKindle Podcast hosts, Doug Balzer, Sarah Hunter, Jerin Thomas and Nick Kadun as they explore the integration of making disciples in the empowerment of the Spirit for the sake of reaching the least-reached – here, there and everywhere. The hosts are serving within the Christian and Missionary Alliance and are based in Calgary, Canada. If you have topics you’d like to see covered in the reKindle podcast please email them to




Ep. 62: Unlocking the Potential of Digital Missions

Did you know that there are more than 6.84 billion smartphone users in the world today? That is 85% of the world’s population. The rise of technology has created countless opportunities to spread the gospel through live streaming, online videos, social media, and web content. In this episode, Jerin Thomas has a compelling conversation with Karin (International Worker) about an opportunity to engage in digital mentoring ministry in South Asia. Karin serves as a Digital Mentoring coach and mobilizer with the Alliance Canada in South Asia. Karin reminds us that we can reach people across the world from the comfort of our living room in Canada, fueled by compassion. Show notes: - Check out this video to have an overview of the Digital mentoring ministry: - TMM (The Mentor Ministry) website and link to register as a mentor. - Also attached is a helpful document: Digital Mentoring: The New Missions.


Ep. 61: Staying Deeply Rooted Pt. 2

Staying rooted in Jesus is key for all believers everywhere, regardless of profession. Enjoy this podcast as we take an inside look at what it's like to stay rooted in Jesus in the midst of the medical field. Dr. Elaine Ho shares openly about her faith and practice and how rooting herself in Christ not only sustains her but actually brings hope and fulfillment.


Ep. 60: Staying Deeply Rooted Pt. 1

We will be interviewing three Christian leaders from various walks of life, to share how they stay rooted in Christ. The 21st century has been one of turbulence, including numerous shifts economically, the global pandemic, moral shifts, climate shifts, and even threats to basic livelihood. It doesn’t seem like things are slowing down or necessarily getting better. How does the Body of Christ stay rooted in this season, such that we still are a voice and presence of hope to the world around us. These podcasts are intended to encourage the listeners in their specific walk with God, and also to assist leaders in having a greater awareness of how to help those they lead do the same.


Ep. 59: Pursuing God’s Presence

Dr. Roger Helland is the Prayer Ambassador for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and previously served as district minister of the Baptist General Conference in Alberta. The author of seven books, he has over 35 years of experience as a pastor, denominational leader, adjunct professor at several theological schools, and renewal catalyst. He lives with his wife, Gail in Alberta, Canada.


Ep. 58: Possibilities and Potential Perils of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

We are on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution that will profoundly alter how we live, work, relate to one another and engage in God’s mission. As with all technological advances, the possibilities and potential perils are endless. On one side, the missional opportunities are expanding with better real-time translation services, AI discipleship partners and chatbots for social media engagements and so forth. On the other side, there are many ethical challenges and unknowns. Join Jerin Thomas, Nick Kadun and their guests Rev. Dr. Bryce Ashlin-Mayo (Dean of Theology, Ambrose University) and Jeremie Boulianne (Electronics & Robotics Hardware Designer, EZ-Robot, Inc.), for a discussion around possibilities and potential perils of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).


Ep. 57: Building Disciple Making Capacity

For decades, the church has focused on increasing "ministry capacity" - where we invite people to events and programs, hoping to make disciples. What could happen if we shifted our focus from "ministry capacity" to Disciple Making Capacity? Join Sarah Hunter and her guests Brian Johnson and Rob Wegner of the KC Underground for a discussion around what it looks like to build the capacity to make disciples within every believer.


Ep. 56: What is the difference between biblical mission and colonialism?

Jerin Thomas and Nick Kadun engage in a fascinating conversation with Lisa Rohrick (Assistant District Superintendent - Canadian Pacific District of the Alliance) on biblical mission vs colonialism. Lisa asserts: - Colonialism destroys cultures, whereas biblical mission respects cultures - Colonialism imposes values, whereas biblical mission invites - Colonialism is about economic gain, whereas biblical mission is about giving You can find Lisa's article "Is Modern Missions Colonialism All Over Again?" in the book "On Mission: Why we go?" Click the link below for a free download:


Ep. 55: The Discerning of Spirits

Doug Balzer along with guests Maureen Guardacosta and Teri Balzer explore the topic of discerning of spirits, discovering and developing these gifts. Listen in as they discuss and answer questions on this spiritual gift. To see more resources on this topic and similar, go to:


Ep. 54: How Shall We Then Live? Asbury Outpouring, Humility, Hunger, Holiness and Hope

Join Kathy Klassen and Doug Balzer as they discuss observations of what God is doing in this day, referencing prophetic words, the reKindle Trend Tracker and the recent outpouring at Asbury University. To access the free, downloadable reKindle Trend Tracker go to and click on “futurenow.” Kathy Klassen, serves as the Director of Relational and Spiritual Vitality (ECD) as well as a reKindle Associate. She is a catalyst for the deeper life as she helps other journey from disillusionment, disengagement and distraction into the vibrant, abundant life Jesus promised. Doug Balzer, serves as Director of reKindle and as Spiritual Renewal Catalyst. Much of his time is given to equipping church leaders towards healthy souls, ministering in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, equipping in ministries of healing and deliverance.


Ep. 53: Future-Now, Trends and Gospel Response

Join Doug Balzer and Darren Herbold (President of The Alliance Canada) as they discuss the recent reKindle Trend Tracker, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, social media algorithms, economic volatility and general openness to the gospel. To download your own free e-copy of the Trend Tracker go to


Ep. 52: Hospitality and Disciple Making

We hear a lot about disciple making these days, and often the first thing that comes to our mind is some kind of Bible study program. But when we look at the Life of Christ in the scriptures, we see that the starting place is often the gift of hospitality. It begins with a chat over a cup of coffee or a meal. Join this conversation with two cross cultural disciple makers who have grown to really appreciate and master the gift of hospitality in this regard.


Ep. 51: Marketplace: A New Pathway For Disciple Makers

Harvey Matchullis says, "Who we are is not defined by our work. However, we can define our work by who we are." God designed us in His image to do work. When we do good work, we honour God. Our career enables us to make God’s Kingdom visible in a unique way. Our occupational calling is an opportunity for us to impact lives while glorifying God, anywhere in the world. In this episode, Jerin Thomas and Sarah Hunter engage in a conversation with Harvey Matchullis, who serves as Strategy Director: Marketplace & International Churches for The Alliance Canada. Harv unpacks “Marketplace” and shares how God sends the ordinary and the willing for his transformational work in this compelling and highly engaging conversation. For more information on the Marketplace, please check out:


50. Trend Tracking for Kingdom Advancement:

Doug Balzer and Brent Trask discuss the release of the 2023 reKindle Trend Tracker, emerging issues we need to pay attention to, and the needed posture and response of the Church to align with God’s mission in the world.


Ep. 49: What is One Language All International Students Understand

Did you know that there is 1 international student for every 60 Canadians in Canada? International students indeed speak different languages, but they all understand one language - the language of hospitality. In this episode, Jerin Thomas engages in a conversation with Erich & Ayumi Wong, who shares their experiences in Canada as international students. Ayumi shares how the hospitality from her host mom paved the way for her to experience Jesus. There is no better season than Christmas to introduce Jesus to International Students. Let's make this Christmas extra special by celebrating with an international student. Would you like to make friends with an international student? Check out:


Ep 48: Mysteries & Complexities of Believing in Jesus as Healer

Join reKindle associate Kathy Klassen as she interviews Michelle Linnen who has wrestled with chronic pain for 20 years after being in an accident. They discuss the complexities of believing in Jesus as Healer.


Ep 47: Listening to Their Voices: Church & Culture Through the Eyes of Gen Z.

In this episode, Nick Kadun and reKindle Associate Kathy Klassen sit down with two Gen Z’ers to listen to their stories of growing up in the church in Canada. Through this conversation with Keeley and Tim listeners will gain a greater understanding of the upcoming generation including their unique needs and desires, and their hopes and dreams for the church of tomorrow.


Ep 46: Partnering with the Spirit of God in Bringing New Life to Others

Jesus transforms us! There are few things more exciting than witnessing and participating in God's transformative work in the life of one of His children. In this episode of the reKindle podcast, Kathy Klassen shares an effective framework to partner with the Holy Spirit in bringing new life to those you disciple.


Ep 45: Spirit-Empowered Mission - The Fallacy We've All Believed

Why is it that while thousands across Canada have participated in renewal events (Soul Care, Holy Spirit Encounter, etc.), current statistical data shows that missional behaviour, as measured by missional prayer, social concern, and direct or verbal witness, has not increased? If the belief that spiritual renewal automatically translates to increased missional behaviour is true, then why aren't we seeing more of this? Has the church in the West missed an essential element in their pneumatology and missiology? In this episode, Nick Kadun and returning guest Dr. Kyle Harnett talk about why training for mission and evangelism is crucial to seeing everyday Christians effectively engage in Spirit-filled mission, and why this matters for Canada.


Ep 44: One Thing International Students Wish Canadians Knew

Did you know that 90% of international students who come to study in Canada never get an opportunity to enter a Canadian home? In this episode Jerin Thomas engages in a conversation with an international student who shares his experience of having a "home away from home" in Canada. We also get to listen to the Canadian family who opened their hearts to make friends with international students.


Ep 43: Missional Disciple Making - Faye's Story

Jesus catalyzed a movement by sharing His life with others. Tune in to reKindle's Missional Disciple Making Series, where in this episode, Faye Vecino shares her story of how God used Covid to make space in her life to be personally discipled for the first time. The impact on her life and ministry has been paradigm shifting!