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Episode 65 – Mystical Artifacts & Imbuement

How to Infuse Objects with Energy Programming Summary Have you ever wore a friend's piece of clothing and felt like them for a moment? In this episode of Rebel Guru Radio, Eric Pepin dives into what he calls imbuement. Learn how music and art can hold more information than first realized and how personality can affect the longevity of imbuement. Listen in and gather tips on improving your own imbuements! Episode Bullet Points Related Courses: Foundation...


Episode 64 – Deeper Spiritual Connection

Summary In this episode, Eric Pepin discusses the nature of spiritual backlash and delivers simple, yet effective methods to help you go into deeper spiritual states. What is an effective way to approach releasing issues that hold you back? Tune in to this episode to gain tips on how to maintain higher states of awareness in your daily life. Episode Bullet Points Related...


Episode 63 – Transferable Energy

Summary What are the characteristics that describe an empathic person? How can someone learn to use their abilities for self-healing? In this episode, Eric Pepin covers a new multi-functional technique designed to help bolster your neuro system as well as speaks upon multiple topics from energy vampires to positive people. Episode Bullet Points Related Courses Foundation Meditation High Guard


Episode 62 – Meditation & The Sixth Sense

Mystical States of Consciousness Many spiritual teachers today believe that paranormal abilities are merely a distraction or a byproduct of other unrelated practices. They will commonly discourage pursuing Sixth Sense development directly, but at what cost? Eric Pepin goes against the grain, pointing out the fact that all great spiritual masters have demonstrated psychic abilities, and very adamantly states that the Sixth Sense is the key to your spiritual awakening. Discover the missing...


Episode 61 – Hallucinogens and Addiction Part 2

A Liberator or Spiritual Danger? Are hallucinogens the best way to reach higher levels of consciousness or are they a trap designed to lock you in place? Spiritual seekers tend to have the highest level of addiction to hallucinogenic drugs because we often seek to escape from life. Mind-altering can make you more compassionate, more human, and more patient, but what’s the price? It’s time for the truth. Episode Bullet Points Rebel Guru Radio Exclusive Offer The In-Between The In-Between...


Episode 60 – Hallucinogens and Addiction

The Good, the Bad, and the Truth Hallucinogens and psychedelics have nearly overtaken the culture of spiritual truth-seekers, but what role do they actually play in your spiritual journey? In this episode, Eric Pepin will discuss the attraction to hallucinogens and psychedelics as well as what their potential advantages and dangers are. Then, he’ll cover drug addiction, including opioids, methamphetamines, and even alcohol abuse. Episode Bullet Points Rebel Guru Radio Exclusive Course...


Episode 59 - Collective Consciousness

Exploring Your Connection What’s really happening beneath the surface of your perceivable thought? Your connection to the collective consciousness shapes you influencing your thoughts and expressions. Join us for the live Q&A with Eric Pepin on May 10 at 3 PM and explore how your connection to the collective consciousness affects you and how you can separate from it. Exclusive class offer: Echoes of Consciousness


Eric Pepin Live Session 35 - Scanning & Psychic Smell

Scanning & Psychic Smell What does your sense of smell have to do with Psychic ability? Are there ways to use scent to your benefit? In the episode, Eric Pepin delves into the possibilities of how smell functions in the Psychic arena. Have you ever randomly thought of someone and wondered why? Perhaps, it's that person thinking about you. Get practical tools on how to tell! These 30 minute clips are taken from full 2 hour live monthly Classes with Eric Pepin. Sign Up for EJP Live...


Episode 58 - Kundalini & Surrender

Kundalini & Surrender In this episode, Eric will explore the real truth behind Kundalini and dispel a lot of the garbage out there surrounding the topic. Be guided through a mini kundalini practice and feel the energy first hand! Don't miss out on the video format of this episode, you can find it on Youtube. Enjoy Episode Bullet Points: Energy Mastery product offer: For the Video visit Disclaimer: This...


Eric Pepin Live Session 34 - Sixth Sense Essentials

Eric Pepin Live Session 34 - Sixth Sense Essentials What's the difference between psychic and spiritual abilities? Your senses play an important part in your evolution and they can even create spiritual experiences for you. Learn what the actual sixth sense is and how you can activate it so that you can leverage it to your advantage. Then, understand how your body is your connection to your psychic abilities and how you can develop these abilities throughout your everyday life. Enjoy! Sign...


Episode 57 - Hacking Healing

The Placebo Effect and Self-Healing What if the placebo effect is more powerful than we think? The effectiveness of the placebo effect has been widely documented in many clinical and experimental studies with phenomenal success. In fact, the earliest record of the positive results of the placebo effect dates all the way back to the 18th century! Disclaimer: This is not intended to be medical advice. We are not medical professionals. The ideas expressed in this podcast are strictly our...


Eric Pepin Live Session 33 clip - Facing Your Resistance

Eric Pepin Live Session 33 clip - Facing Your Resistance What’s holding you back? At times, your spiritual journey may seem like an uphill battle as things try to deter your attention, you receive resistance from family or friends, and you face internal struggles like doubt. In this episode, develop an understanding of how the simulated reality uses error-correcting code to limit you from reaching higher states. Learn how to reach and negotiate with loved ones who don’t understand your...


Eric Pepin Live Session 32 clip - Dividing Your Consciousness: Orbs Technique

Dividing Your Consciousness The Orbs Technique Do you wish you had a way to deal with chaotic times in your life? Do you lack the confidence to deal with life's challenges? Learn how Eric Pepin handles situations like this and start resolving the chaos today! Enjoy a guided session he calls the Orbs, you can utilize this whenever life's challenges get messy. Also, learn how to properly use the HBI Pyramid Technique to defend the energy of yourself and objects. If you loved this podcast...


Episode 56 - Time Stepping

Episode 56 – Time Stepping Retrospectively Improving Your Life What would you change if you could send a message to your past self? Eric recounts some of his personal experiences as he describes how Time Stepping can be used to get yourself through a tough time, particularly when you have toxic people in your life. Learn how to define the real you This podcast was recorded as a live stream via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube on February 13, 2019. Enjoy! Get the Modules mentioned in this...


Episode 55 – Rewriting Your Reality

Mastering Your Manifestations Are you sabotaging your own manifestations? Manifestations are an amplification of the desire of interest you are looking for, but In this live session, learn how to help the Universe help you in your manifestations. Plus, learn how to boost your manifestations through proper preparation. This podcast was recorded as a live stream via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube on January 28, 2019. Enjoy! In this show we cover:


Eric Pepin Live - Session 31 Clip - Portals

In this episode, Eric comprehensively explains the rarely-taught topic of portals. Explore an in-depth breakdown of what portals are how you can create them. Learn why they are the perfect practice for the winter season and why they are important in your spirituality. For more information on portals, be sure to check out the full session. In This Show We Cover: - What is a portal. - How to create one. - What’s possible with portals. - The difference that lighting and location can...


Episode 54: Ghost, Entities & The Paranormal

Rebel Guru Radio Episode 54 - Ghost, Entities & The Paranormal In this Episode, Eric breaks through common misunderstandings in the paranormal community and upgrades your perspective to see ghosts and entities in a new light. Learn about the various possibilities that can be occurring and how interpreting your experience from a human perspective is a mistake. Enjoy! This podcast was recorded live stream over Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram on November 16, 2018. To see the video...


Eric Pepin Live - Session 30 clip - The Kingdom Pt 3

EJP Live 30 Clip Intro In this Episode, Eric talks about the differences between a Diplomat, Negotiator, Influencer and Seducer. Then he explains how you can use them in your Kingdom. Find out how something seemingly unrelated like dog training is a good analogy for building your kingdom and teaching your people. Enjoy! For more on Power Tuning Session and other sessions of Eric Pepin Live: Join Eric Pepin Live As a member, you get live access to each...


Eric Pepin Live - Session 29 Clip - The Kingdom Pt 2

In this clip, Eric further discusses The Kingdom, a technique designed to work with your Identities, or “I’s”, through symbolic communication. Develop the mechanism to influence your inner consciousness and develop a powerful presence. Enjoy! For more on Power Tuning Session and other sessions of Eric Pepin Live: Join Eric Pepin Live As a member, you get live access to each monthly session and unlimited access to every replay. So, Are you ready to feel...


Episode 53: "The Pepin Mill"

In this Episode, Eric discusses his thoughts on a common topic discussed in the new age community called “Shadow Work”. Learn why the “I’s” are a more efficient and cleaner approach to working with your inner personalities and behaviors. Find out if you are being too passive in life because of your sociological programming and how to grow past that. Eric is raw and honest about "The Pepin Mill", so YOU the student can know what you’re getting into. Enjoy! In this show we cover: Magnetic...