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On Meditation, Health, and Peace | Guided Meditation | Episode 4

Welcome to episode 4 of Resting in the Word, a guided meditation podcast to help heal your spirit and quiet your mind. A place where you can find peace and comfort without judgment. Today we explore the three main benefits of meditating to scripture, and then relax to ten minutes of meditation highlighted with words of peace from the Bible. Join teacher, writer and host Connie Minnell and begin Resting in the Word. (Note: Do not listen to while driving, as this podcast is created with...


Strength and Comfort

If you reached the point of exhaustion and can't sleep, you need today's show. We'll look closely at the old saying, “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” Because if that's true, then how much do we need to rely on our own strength and how much should we turn over to God? Life is busy, you love it that way and so do I! It keeps us on our toes. But sometimes things just get TOO busy. Sometimes the old brain just won't shut off, and sleep seems like it will never. Ever. Come. It's...


Listening for the Truth

This podcast is about blessing your spirit as it blesses your sleep, and today we focus on learning to listen to the truth. But the truth is not always easy to find, or easy to accept. Welcome to Resting in the Word, a podcast designed to help heal your spirit and quiet your mind as we meditate upon some of the most calming verses from the Holy Scripture. I'm your host, Connie Minnell, and today we're focusing on revealing the truth. A few years ago there was an energetic little...


Introduction to Meditating in the Word

Welcome to Episode 1 of Resting in the Word, a scripture meditation podcast created to refresh the spirit and relax the mind. This show is designed for anyone who struggles to find a restful night's sleep but is also looking for more than just healing the body. Here you're given a choice to meditate upon the inspirational words that can and will change your life. Resting in the Word is created to help you enjoy all the mental, physical and spiritual health benefits that come with finally...