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Welcome to Restore Church weekly program, led by Pastor Oskar Sigurdsson. This broadcast conveys messages of restoration, healing and hope for people from all walks of life.

Welcome to Restore Church weekly program, led by Pastor Oskar Sigurdsson. This broadcast conveys messages of restoration, healing and hope for people from all walks of life.
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Welcome to Restore Church weekly program, led by Pastor Oskar Sigurdsson. This broadcast conveys messages of restoration, healing and hope for people from all walks of life.




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The Plight of the Promise

Every promise has a plight and a place.attached to it. God will see if you can be trusted with the promise He gave you. God takes advantage of traumatizing situation to bring us up to the place of the promise. Timing is not always in our favor when God is calling us to our destiny. The travel from receiving the promise till birthing the promise is when we must abide in Him. The promise is delivered through pain, but desire to birth again will return.


It's Not Over Yet

It´s not over yet! We all have a "why" in our life when we go through seasons of no fruit. In spite of no fruit Zacharias and Elisabeth remained faithful and true to God. God answered Zacharias personal prayer while he was praying for others. God remembers our tears, prayers and labor. God may take us to the end of ourselves for us to see only God could have done it. Your blessing is not just for you. Your fruit has a purpose to restore and turn people to God. Don´t let others put their...


Dealing With My Daily Bread

Part 1 of our series "Your Kingdom Come" Gal 6:1-10. Jesus freed us not to go back into slavery but to live the life Jesus died to give us. This new life must be fed. Anything living we take on in life whether it be creature or relationship must be fed. The law of sowing and reaping is an irrevocable law in God´s books. Jesus cursed the fig tree because it was only taking and not giving back to what was giving to it.


Give Me Vision

Series: "Vision" Proverbs 29:18 We ought to have a God given vision for our lives. Without a vision we lack restraint. God creates situations a situation for a revelation, designed for restraint in our lives. God has a vision for our lives, a vision is birthed by hearing His Voice. We must learn to hear His Voice for ourselves. We can be called, anointed, have a ministry but yet not know His Voice. Keeping our lamps burning in the midnight hour will give light to others and the Truth will...


Give It Away

Series: "Vision" We can never become all that God meant for us to be if we be partial. Jesus held nothing back in order to purchase us back to God. He was all in completely surrendered to His Father´s purpose for His life. Bible says, " give and it will come back to you " What we give ourselves to, will give it self back to us.


Discerning the Distractions

Series " Vision " Lk 9:57-62 This message deals with wether we go after our destiny or cling to our history. You cannot follow Him while where you came from is more important to you then where He´s going. " Me first " is an attitude that can cause us forfeit our destiny, therefore we must discern the distractions. Magnifying glass helps you narrow down what you are focusing on. What we give attention to we give life to. We delete the distractions by magnifying the LORD.


Deleting Distractions



Mercy Made it Possible

Series: "Mystery of the Tabernacle" Noah´s ark was pitched to pacify everything inside the ark and protect them from the threat outside. Baby Moses was secured in an ark. When the ark of the covenant was with Israel, they had victory and peace. It is in the conversation between the cherubim´s where He will meet with us, no weapon formed against us shall prosper, we can pass through the waters. Mercy is above the law hence mercy made it possible for us to come boldly unto God.


Get In The Cloud

Series: "Mystery of the Tabernacle" We could take our prayers no further than the veil. Our High Priest, Jesus Christ tore the veil in twain and carried our plea to the father. Praying in the Name of Jesus releases the aroma and our prayers are stored up in the cloud.


I'm Changing My Diet

Series: "Mystery of the Tabernacle" Going from brass to gold one must enter through the door. The bread is behind the door and God provoke´s us to hunger. Provocation makes you hunger for more and beyond where you are. Therefore you must be weaned from the place you've been eating and get used to a new diet.


The Water Just Broke

Series: "Mystery of the Tabernacle" Moses had to build the Tabernacle according to the pattern. God has an order of worship. Proceeding our freedom He brings order and structure into our life. Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast!


Responsibility of Freedom

Series: Mystery of the Tabernacle. The purpose of the Tabernacle was to restore Israel to a place of worship. God freed you to worship Him. Don't forget to subscribe to our podcast!