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A podcast seeking to Restore the Vision, Restore the Mission, Restore the Church. Presented by Javier Diaz, North Region Pastoral Ministries Field Associate for Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.


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A podcast seeking to Restore the Vision, Restore the Mission, Restore the Church. Presented by Javier Diaz, North Region Pastoral Ministries Field Associate for Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.




Restore-Episode 95-John Peckham: God With Us - An Introduction to Adventist Theology

In episode 95, we welcome Dr. John Peckham back to the podcast to discuss his new book, God With Us: An Introduction to Adventist Theology. He also gives a brief update on the new role he accepted earlier this year, and then we spend some time unpacking his book. Make sure to take advantage of the 15% discount Andrews University Press has offered to listeners of this episode through January 2024. Use the promo code RESTORE2024 to receive the discount. Show Notes/Links/Resources BiographyGod With Us: An Introduction to Adventist TheologyRESTORE2024Episode 66-John Peckham: Divine AttributesEpisode 32-John Peckham: Theodicy of Love: Cosmic Conflict and the Problem of Evil


Restore-Episode 94-Alan Parker: Professor at Southern Adventist University School of Religion

For episode 94, we have a great conversation with Dr. Alan Parker, professor in the School of Religion at Southern Adventist University. We talk about his faith journey, how Millennials and Generation Z view evangelism, and much more. This is a power-packed conversation that will bless and challenge you. Show Notes/Links/Resources Bio/ContactSymposium paper and PowerPoint documents:


Restore-Episode 93-Steve Leddy: Director of Evangelism and Church Planting for Potomac Conference

Episode 93 features a discussion with Pastor Steve Leddy, evangelism and church planting director for Potomac Conference. You will be blessed as you listen to his personal story and our conversation about discipleship, church planting, and more. Show Notes/Links/Resources Contact Pastor Steve LeddyPotomac Conference Pastoral Ministries TeamNorth American Division Evangelism Institute: ACTS Church Planting Support System


Restore-Episode 92-David Trim: Director of G.C.’s Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research

On episode 92, we talk with Dr. David Trim, director of the General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research. In this conversation, he speaks of his faith journey, what his department actually does, why we need such a department, his recent book release, and much more. Show Notes/Links/Resources Office of Archives, Statistics, and ResearchAdventist ResearchASTR YouTubeAdventist EncyclopediaHearts of Faith: How We Became Seventh-day AdventistsAdventist Book CenterAmazon


Restore-Episode 91-Martin Doblmeier: Award-winning Filmmaker | Sabbath documentary

Episode 91 is an amazing conversation with award-winning Christian filmmaker Martin Doblmeier. Martin has made more than 30 films on faith, religion, and spirituality. His latest film is titled Sabbath. You will be blessed and challenged by this conversation. Show Notes/Links/Resources Journey FilmsSabbathOther filmsFacebookInstagramTwitter


Restore-Episode 90-Chris Martin: The Wolf in Their Pockets

In episode 90, we talk with Chris Martin who, earlier this year, released his second book on social media entitled The Wolf in Their Pockets: 13 Ways the Social Internet Threatens the People You Lead. Part of the brief book description states, "Martin both exposes the ways the Internet is distorting our life in Christ and shows us how to faithfully respond. Martin teaches us how to care for people who are obsessed with followers, views, and likes—and how to love those whose online influences have filled them with cynicism and contempt." You will be blessed and challenged by Martin's book and our conversation. Show Notes/Links/Resources Terms of ServiceTerms of Service: The Real Cost of Social MediaThe Wolf in Their Pockets: 13 Ways the Social Internet Threatens the People You


Restore-Episode 89-Elizabeth Talbot: Jesus 101 Institute

Episode 89 is an amazing conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Talbot, speaker/director for the Jesus 101 Biblical Institute, a media ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. In this conversation, we discuss her faith journey, the meaning of righteousness by faith, practical ways to share Jesus, and more. Show Notes/Links/Resources Jesus 101Ministry Magazine"On what basis does God declare me righteous?""Rest and Sabbath in Matthew's Gospel: an investigation of Matthew 11:24–12:14"Apple iOSGoogle Play/Android


Restore-Episode 88-Debleaire Snell: Senior Pastor of Oakwood University Church and Speaker/Director of Breath of Life Ministries

On episode 88, we have an incredible, inspiring conversation that is sure to challenge you as well. Debleaire Snell is Speaker/Director for Breath of Life Ministries and senior pastor for Oakwood University Church. Show Notes/Links/Resources Get UnrealisticBreath of LifeAmazonBreath of Life MinistriesOakwood University ChurchCarlton ByrdLeslie Pollard


Restore-Episode 87-Brady Shearer: Church Digital Content

For episode 87, we talk with Brady Shearer, YouTuber and CEO of Pro Church Tools. Brady and his team seek to help churches navigate their ministries through the single biggest communication shift we've seen in the last 500 years! This episode is full of great digital content to help churches move the mission of God forward in the digital world in which we all live. Be sure to check out for all the resources mentioned in the podcast and more. Show Notes/Links/Resources Pro Church ToolsYouTube channelSocialSermonsThe 1-page Church Social Media Plan


Restore-Episode 86-Leslie Pollard: History of Oakwood University, Leadership, and Mission

Episode 86 celebrates our seventh anniversary of the Restore Podcast, and this edition celebrates Black History Month. Our guest is Oakwood University President Leslie Pollard, Ph.D., D.Min., MBA. We talk about his faith journey, how Oakwood was founded, the future of Oakwood, leadership, and more. Show Notes/Links/Resources Power Through PrayerAmazonEmbracing Diversity: How to Understand and Reach People of All CulturesAdventist Book CenterAmazonProtest & ProgressAmazonCalvin B. Rock, Protest & ProgressWeb siteMission and history


Restore-Episode 85-Tim Madding: NAD Evangelism Institute Director

Episode 85—our first for 2023—we have a jam-packed conversation with Tim Madding, director of the North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI). In this conversation, we talk about his faith journey, being homeless at a young age, and his call to ministry. He defines and talks about plateaued, dying, and health churches, creating a multi-site church, and more. Show Notes/Links/Resources Tim Madding bioNADEIBeltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church


Restore-Episode 84-Dwight Nelson: Faith Journey, 40 Years of Ministry at PMC, Leadership, Evangelism, Preaching, and More!

Episode 84 features a spirit-filled conversation with Pastor Dwight Nelson, senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University. We talk about his call to ministry, leadership lessons learned, preaching, prayer, and so much more. Show Notes/Links/Resources NET 98 Anniversary Celebrated at Pioneer ChurchKeep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any AgeThe Rational Bible: DeuteronomyFrom Strength to Strength: Finding Success, Happiness, Deep Purpose in the Second Half of LifeRestore Podcast Episode 4Pioneer Memorial Church web site


Restore-Episode 83-Chanda Nunes-Henry: Executive Secretary & Ministerial Director, Nevada/Utah Conference

In episode 83, we have a power-packed conversation with Chanda Nunes-Henry, Executive Secretary and Pastoral Ministries Director for Nevada-Utah Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Chanda speaks deeply about her faith journey, call to ministry, and so much more! You will definitely be blessed, inspired, and challenged by this conversation. Show Notes/Links/Resources Pastor Chanda Nunes Elected As Nevada-Utah Executive Secretary


Restore-Episode 82-Heather Thompson Day - Seth Day: I'll See You Tomorrow

In episode 82, Dr. Heather Thompson Day returns, and this time, her husband Seth Day joins as they co-authored their recently released book, I'll See You Tomorrow: Building Relational Resilience When You Want to Quit. You will be blessed with this conversation on relationships, communication, and more! Show Notes/Links/Resources Plutchik's Wheel of EmotionsDaring to Trust: Opening Ourselves to Real Love and IntimacyAmazonI'll See You Tomorrow: Building Relational Resilience When You Want to QuitAmazonViral Jesus


Restore-Episode 81-Michael Campbell: 1922 - The Rise of Adventist Fundamentalism

In episode 81, welcome back Michael Campbell and discuss his new book released at the beginning of 2022, 1922: The Rise of Adventist Fundamentalism. This book will unpack the rise of Adventist fundamentalism and the 1922 General Conference Session. Show Notes/Links/Resources 1922: The Rise of Adventist FundamentalismAdventist Book CenterAmazon1919: The Untold Story of Adventism's Struggle with FundamentalismAdventist Book CenterAmazon@m_w_campbellAdventistHistorianRestore Episode 38


Restore-Episode 80-Karl Haffner: Loma Linda University VP for Student Experience

In episode 80, we talk with Karl Haffner, Ph.D., vice president of student experience at Loma Linda University. We discuss his faith journey, leadership, and more! You will be blessed and challenged by this conversation. Show Notes/Links/Resources The Speed of TrustAmazonNo Greater LoveAdventist Book CenterAmazonAre You More Spiritual Than a 5th Grader?Adventist Book CenterAmazonLinkedIn


Restore-Episode 79-Kendall Turcios: Arise

In episode 79, we talk with Kendall Turcios who is pastor of Arise Miami Church. He details his faith journey leading to his current assignement at Arise Church. This conversation will both challenge and bless you! Show Notes/Links/Resources Arise Miami ChurchRestore Podcast Episode 3The Compound EffectAtomic HabitsChurch Is a Team Sport


Restore-Episode 78-Melissa and Michael Gibson: Return to Palau

In episode 78, we have a powerful conversation with Melissa and Michael Gibson discussing the documentary, Return to Palau, which chronicles the story of Melissa and her family. It tells the "incredible true story of survival, faith, and forgiveness" as mentioned on the web site, below, where you can view the film. Show Notes/Links/Resources from Adventist News Network (ANN)


Restore-Episode 77-Larry Witzel: SermonView

Episode 77 features a discussion with Larry Witzel who is an entrepreneur, respected innovator, and an inspiring speaker at the intersection of technology and ministry. He is founder and president of SermonView Evangelism Marketing. In our conversation, we talk about his faith journey, event marketing, entrepreneurship, creating a healthy organizational culture, and more. Show Notes/Links/Resources


Restore-Episode 76-Andreas Beccai - Albert Handal: Walla Walla University Church Pastors

In episode 76, our guests are Andreas Beccai, senior pastor of Walla Walla University Church, and Albert Handal, campus chaplain at Walla Walla University. In this conversation, they discuss their faith journey, what the last 2+ years have been like for their ministry, and so much more. Show Notes/Links/Resources Walla Walla Church StaffWhy Churches Should Drop Their Online ServicesNew York TimesDeep