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29. "Squid" and Beth tell of crippling Anxiety & an amazing healing

Squid (real name Michael) & his wife Beth tell their amazing story of how Squid was healed of Anxiety that was so severe at one point that he couldn’t leave his house for months, and it affected his physical body to the point where his limbs would lock up and he couldn’t move. We hear Beth talk about how, despite him suffering from this since before they were married and for a number of years after, she never lost faith that God would heal him. And that’s exactly what God did. This...


28. Jenny & Chris (Part 2) - Chris finds the truth & the bus trip of miracles

If you didn’t catch our last episode (episode 27), this is part 2 of the interview I did with Jenny & Chris and I highly recommend you ghit the pause button and go a listen to Part 1. In this episode you’ll hear from Chris who talks about how she used to attend a powerless church and realised that just making a decision for Christ isn’t enough – you actually have to act on Acts 2:38 (see what I did there?), along with some miracles in her life. Chris & Jenny then finish up our interview...


27. Jenny & Chris (Part 1) - Jenny is healed miraculously of a stroke

We’ve had a bit of a break over the last few months, but we’ve got some great episodes coming up for you over the next few months – so, stay tuned. This episode is from when I recently interview two ladies, Jenny and Chris from Adelaide, who are great friends and who’ve both had some pretty amazing things happen in their lives. I’ve split the interview over two episodes. In this episode we hear mostly from Jenny, and does she have some things to talk about including being miraculously...


26. Jasmine navigates her parents divorce & other teenage challenges

Jasmine is our guest in this episode, a young lady who had to navigate her Parent’s divorce, stand up to a non-believing parent and make tough but right choices before she could really commit to following God. What I love about her story is that it really does embody the concept that we are just one decision away from a totally different life. Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as...


25. Pr Michael & Liz are descendants of "Job"

In this episode I talk to Pr Michael and Liz from Canberra. Their story is remarkable – so much so that I reckon they are descendants of Job from the Old Testament….drug addiction, being told you have 12 weeks to live, marriage breakdown, multiple healings, endometriosis, bankruptcy.…but God has been there right alongside them the whole way through. Matthew 6:31 #drugaddiction #healing #bankruptcy #trflife #provision #marriage


24. Cheryl, from suicidal thoughts to New Life

A SUPER SPECIAL guest on this episode on the Podcast…..My Mum, Cheryl. I hold an amazing amount of respect for my Mum…and when you listen to her story you will understand why. Mum’s story covers a lot - a complete life transformation, miraculous healing, deliverance from suicidal thoughts and an amazing miracle that sounds a little like it belongs back in Egypt with the plagues & the Children of Israel. It’s pretty cool stuff. Just a quick warning about the content. There’s a section...


23. Trez goes from living with her boyfriend at age 14, to being a daughter of God

In this episode , Trez tells her story of how, at age 14, she had moved out of home and was living with her boyfriend in an abusive relationship. 14? I am sure there will be many parents listening to this that can’t imagine this for their child. Fortunately for Trez, someone told her how God was real and she now leads a completely different, happy life with God and the love of the fellowship. This episode was recorded at NYC, where our brother Dan Frost ran a workshop for our young people...


22. Brad is healed from Depression

I recorded this episode at National Youngies Camp - I had just finished interviewing Hayley (whose testimony you can listen to back in episode 20) and Brad from Sydney walked past. We got talking, and within about 5 minutes he was sat at the outdoor table with a microphone in his face and we were discussing his testimony with the record button on! I was sooo glad to bump into him, because he has a great story to tell. He came from a background that involved marijuana, depression, mental...


21. Ian tells us straight about hypocrisy in churches today, and how God transformed his life

You are going to love this episode. Ian from Rockhampton in QLD tells us his story, in the most Australian, straight-down-the-line way possible. He tried so hard to find the truth in many, many churches so that his rough, drug & alcohol fuelled life could be changed - but all found was hypocrisy. Until one day....... God can change your life too Subscribe to this Podcast on your favourite Podcast App, or visit #trflife #alcohol...


20. Hayley tells of the importance of the family of God

This episode is a first in a series of interviews I did at the National Youngies Camp, held in a gorgeous part of NSW called Stanwell Tops about an hour or so south of Sydney. For those that haven’t been to National Youngies Camp (NYC), it’s a long weekend event (which has been running for 18 years) for the youth within our fellowship (ranging in age from 16 through to around mid 30’s…..or for those who are youthful at heart like me!). There were youngies from every part of Australia...


19. Tara is healed from Coeliac disease

In this episode we have our guest interviewer, Simon, talking to Tara. Tara tells of a very tough time in her life, but after she weathered that storm she was healed miraculously from Coeliac disease. I want to share some information from Coeliac Australia on the condition. “In people with coeliac disease the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats), causing small bowel damage….. The tiny, finger-like projections which line the bowel...


18. Chris from WA tells how he was healed from drugs and mental illness

In our latest episode, we have our guest host, Simon, interviewing Chris from WA. You’re going to hear an amazing story from Chris…who today is no longer dealing with drugs, homelessness or the severity of mental illness he was suffering. God has transformed his life. If you want to know more about how God can deliver you from your illness, how He can transform your life and how you can come to experience the proof that is in the bible, visit or you can send...


17. Dan from Medway UK

In this episode we have a guest host, Simon from Western Australia. Simon interviews Dan from our Medway fellowship in the UK. Dan tells how he was healed of a fractured vertebrae, which, until he was healed by God, caused him serious agony/pain, especially given he did a physical job as a plumber. He also talks of an incident that many of us never want to experience – a major incident on a plane when he was travelling to Australia. Happy listening. #trflife


16. Ben from North London

Ben was a young guy, who despite his best efforts to give up a life addicted to drugs, just couldn't. Struggling with paranoia and anxiety, all that changed when he came to know God. Make sure you subscribe on your favourite Podcast App so you don't miss any episodes. You can also find us on: Instagram @revivalontheairtoday @therevivalfellowship #trflife


15. Alec turned from God to a life of drugs and violence....but God brought him back

God's grace is so encompassing. We all experience this when we receive the Holy Spirit, but sometimes we forget how amazing it is. Alec's experience of turning his back on God, wandering around in the mire this world, and then being reconnected with his faith shows us that God WILL be there for us - we just need to turn to him. Make sure you subscribe on your favourite Podcast App so you don't miss any episodes. You can also find us...


14. Stephan & Zsuzsa's marriage was healed by God

With divorce rates in Switzerland averaging between 40-50%, Stephan and Zsuzsa's marriage outlook didn't look good. They had tried almost everything to resolve their marriage - until God came into their life and provided a miracle for them. It's a fantastic story. Find us on: Instagram @revivalontheairtoday @therevivalfellowship


13. Dan's son, Noah, had a stroke when only 1 week old

Imagine this. You and your wife are blessed with a new born son. Then, when he's only a week old, he suffers a stroke. Dan, from North London, shares his son's story and of God's amazing healing power. Find us on: Instagram @revivalontheairtoday @therevivalfellowship


13. Dan’s son, Noah, had a stroke when only 1 week old

Imagine this. You and your wife are blessed with a new born son. Then, when he’s only a week old, he suffers a stroke. Dan, from North London, shares his son’s story and of God’s amazing healing power. Find us on: Instagram @revivalontheairtoday @therevivalfellowship


12. Graham tells how God brought him through his cancer diagnosis

Cancer affects many, many people today. Graham was diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer in 2013, and shares with us his story of what God did to bring him through. Find us on: Instagram @revivalontheairtoday @therevivalfellowship


11. Pastor Godfrey from PNG

Pr Godfrey was recently in Adelaide, and I was fortunate enough to be able to grab some of his time for him to tell his story of how he came to know God personally, of some amazing miracles and of how the Revival work started in PNG - from the beginning with just him and his family, to now over 100,000 people fellowshipping right across PNG. It’s an inspiring tale…with lots of encouragement for us all in there. Make sure you like & share so that we can spread even further the good news...