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24. Cheryl, from suicidal thoughts to New Life

A SUPER SPECIAL guest on this episode on the Podcast…..My Mum, Cheryl. I hold an amazing amount of respect for my Mum…and when you listen to her story you will understand why. Mum’s story covers a lot - a complete life transformation, miraculous healing, deliverance from suicidal thoughts and an amazing miracle that sounds a little like it belongs back in Egypt with the plagues & the Children of Israel. It’s pretty cool stuff. Just a quick warning about the content. There’s a section...


23. Trez goes from living with her boyfriend at age 14, to being a daughter of God

In this episode , Trez tells her story of how, at age 14, she had moved out of home and was living with her boyfriend in an abusive relationship. 14? I am sure there will be many people (parents) listening to this that can’t imagine this for their child. Fortunately for Trez, someone told her how God was real and she now leads a completely different, happy life with God and the love of the fellowship. This episode was recorded at NYC, where our brother Dan Frost ran a workshop for our...


22. Brad from Sydney

I recorded this episode at National Youngies Camp - I had just finished interviewing Hayley (whose testimony you can listen to back in episode 20) and Brad from Sydney walked past. We got talking, and within about 5 minutes he was sat at the outdoor table with a microphone in his face and we were discussing his testimony with the record button on! I was sooo glad to bump into him, because he has a great story to tell. He came from a background that involved marijuana, depression, mental...


21. Ian tells us straight about hypocrisy in churches today, and how God transformed his life

You are going to love this episode. Ian from Rockhampton in QLD tells us his story, in the most Australian, straight-down-the-line way possible. He tried so hard to find the truth in many, many churches so that his rough, drug & alcohol fuelled life could be changed - but all found was hypocrisy. Until one day……. God can change your life too Subscribe to this Podcast on your favourite Podcast App, or visit #trflife #alcohol...


20. Hayley tells of the importance of the family of God

This episode is a first in a series of interviews I did at the National Youngies Camp, held in a gorgeous part of NSW called Stanwell Tops about an hour or so south of Sydney. For those that haven’t been to National Youngies Camp (NYC), it’s a long weekend event (which has been running for 18 years) for the youth within our fellowship (ranging in age from 16 through to around mid 30’s…..or for those who are youthful at heart like me!). There were youngies from every part of Australia...


19. Tara from WA is healed from Coeliac disease

Hey there people. In this episode we have our guest interviewer, Simon, talking to Tara. Tara tells of a very tough time in her life, but after she weathered that storm she was healed miraculously from Coeliac disease. I want to share some information from Coeliac Australia on the condition. “In people with coeliac disease the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats), causing small bowel damage….. The tiny, finger-like projections which...


16. Ben from North London

Ben was a young guy, who despite his best efforts to give up a life addicted to drugs, just couldn’t. Struggling with paranoia and anxiety, all that changed when he came to know God. Make sure you subscribe on your favourite Podcast App so you don’t miss any episodes. You can also find us on: Instagram @revivalontheairtoday @therevivalfellowship #trflife


13. Dan’s son, Noah, had a stroke when only 1 week old

Imagine this. You and your wife are blessed with a new born son. Then, when he’s only a week old, he suffers a stroke. Dan, from North London, shares his son’s story and of God’s amazing healing power. Find us on: Instagram @revivalontheairtoday @therevivalfellowship


12. Graham tells how God brought him through his cancer diagnosis

Cancer affects many, many people today. Graham was diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer in 2008, and shares with us his story of what God did to bring him through. Find us on: Instagram @therevivalfellowship


10. Ewen and Christine share their story of Ewen’s cancer journey

Ewen and Christine share their inspiring story of how God provided healing, peace and comfort through Ewen’s cancer journey


9. The two Englishmen, Ryan and Brian, talk about some remarkable miracles

Hear Brian tell his amazing story, which includes his daughter healed from a broken arm and man he prayed for healed from cancer!


7. Liz & Louise tell us of the miracles they saw during their Papua New Guinea visit

Liz and Louise share with us the miracles they saw during their Papua New Guinea visit. Hear how miracles are seen in PNG on the scale outlined in the New Testament. An amazing story, in an amazing country, an amazing God. The picture below is of a man who was healed of his blindness after 40 years….


6. Ryan on being healed as a child and a life lived with God

Ryan’s story starts when he was a baby. Instantly healed from a lung condition at 6 months old, Ryan has grown up knowing the power of God.


5. Brendan - If you met the “old” Brendan, you wouldn’t recognise him

As a teenager, Brendan was living on streets, heavily into alcohol and had little hope for a happy life. That was until a guy he knew was healed from an Ice drug addiction. Hear how Brendan’s life was amazing changed through God’s power.


4. Ben receives undeniable proof of God’s existence

Ben read stories of Jesus Christ in the Bible when he was a kid, but couldn’t see how that matched with what he saw in religion today. One day he bumped into someone he knew, who had been instantly healed of a heroin addiction by the power of Jesus Christ. Ben thought that if Jesus was working today, then that was the proof he needed of the existence of God. She didn’t try to sell him her ideas on religion, but she had a real confidence in Jesus Christ, and said to Ben to go to God, and...


3. Chris - how God transformed Chris’ life of addiction to a life of Joy & Happiness

Chris’ life before God was very, very tough. A very violent background, addicted to drugs, addicted to smoking, homeless. But when Chris turned to God, and put God first in his life, his life was totally transformed. WARNING: Some may find a small section of this podcast a little graphic (Skip from 4:14 to 5:00) - but the rest is well worth the listen.



Welcome to “Revival On the Air Today”. The main aim of this podcast is to share with you testimonies of amazing things that God is doing in people’s lives. My name is Ben Campbell. I am a part of the Adelaide Revival Fellowship (which in turn is part of the worldwide Revival Fellowship). We’re a Christian faith that simply follows Jesus, and believes based on our experience following Gods Word that His power is alive and working today. We believe healings and miracles happen today just...