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Tuesday - The Significance of Communion

What is the significance of covenant in the context of Communion? Today Rick Renner will open this important subject to you.

Monday Home Group - Strife Can Have Horrible Consequences

The devil is always looking for a way to penetrate your life. He wants to find a way to gain access into every relationship you have and spoil it. And just like a watchman who guards and protects the borders or gates of a property or building, you have to stand at the entrance of your life and say, “No admittance!” This lesson will explain the importance of declaring and enforcing your life to be a “No Strife Zone” and examine the consequences if you don’t. Join us on Home Group for this...

Monday - Peace Is Waiting for You

Did you know God’s peace is available to you? In this powerful program, Denise Renner shares about the personal encounter Martha had with Jesus.

Monday - Components of a Covenant

There were nine basic components in the making of a covenant. Do you know them? Join Rick today as he shares the nine components of a covenant.

Friday Home Group - Love Endures All Things

When God’s agape love is actively at work in our lives, we don’t celebrate people’s misfortunes; we rejoice when they’re blessed. We guard and protect people from being exposed and believe the very best of them in every situation. God’s love always hopes for and anticipates the best, endures and never quits, and it can be relied on in every situation. Join us on Home Group as we wrap up our discussion on The Love Test.

Friday - Supplication and Intercession

Today Rick Renner covers in-depth the prayers of supplication and intercession—two forms of supernatural prayer. Don’t miss this insightful program!

Thursday Home Group - Love Is ‘Not Easily Provoked’

The Bible says that God’s love does not demand its own way; it doesn’t manipulate or scheme to get what it wants. His love is also not easily provoked, which means we don’t act or speak in a needling way to cause an ugly response in others. Likewise, when God’s love is working in us, we don’t keep a record of the wrongs we have suffered — we forgive. Join us for Home Group as we continue our discussion on The Love Test.

Thursday - Thanksgiving and Agreement

Do you know what the prayer of thanksgiving and prayer of agreement are and how to use them? That is Rick Renner’s subject in today’s program.

Wednesday Home Group - Love Suffers Long and is Kind

When God’s love is working in our lives, we are not envious, self-promoting, proud, rude, or ill-mannered. We become others-centered instead of self-centered; we are humble and speak truthfully about ourselves. God’s love in us is respectful and courteous of others, being considerate and mindful of their needs. Tune in to Home Group as we continue our discussion on the Love Test.

Tuesday Home Group -God’s Love Is in You!

God’s love for you is unparalleled! It has been abundantly poured into your heart by the Holy Spirit the moment you were saved. Unlike human, natural love, God’s agape love is unconditional, sacrificial, and totally selfless. It is supernaturally longsuffering and kind to others, displaying great patience and adaptability. Tune in to Home Group as we continue our discussion on The Love Test.

Wednesday - Prayers of Petition and Authority

Today Rick Renner will cover the prayer of petition and prayer of authority. This life-transforming program will upgrade your prayer life!

Tuesday - Prayer of Consecration

The prayer of consecration is the most often used form of prayer in the New Testament. Do you know what it is? Join Rick Renner today to find out.

Monday Home Group - God Has Called Us To Walk in Love

Through the apostle Paul, God instructs us to walk in love with one another. Without love, we come across like ‘sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.’ That is, we are an annoying, irritating sound that seems to eternally echo in people’s ears. The love of God visibly at work in and through our lives is what gets people’s attention and draws people to Him. Join us on Home Group as we begin our discussion on The Love Test.

Monday - It Will Be Completely Worth It!

Today, learn how to activate your faith and run the race set before you with endurance as Denise Renner shares about the faith of a Shunammite woman.

Monday - Different Kinds of Prayer

There are many different kinds of prayer to be used in various circumstances. Today Rick covers the different kinds of prayer available to you.

Home Group - What Does All This Mean to You?

Being in the right place at the right time is vital for you to be prepared for God’s call on your life. By serving in full-time ministry at Antioch, Saul was equipped to be launched into his calling. Likewise, if you stay where you are supposed to be, it will lead you to God’s destination for your life. Join us for Home Group as we wrap up our discussion on Being At The Right Place at the Right Time.

A Message to Overcoming Believers

Join Rick Renner today as he discusses the promises that Christ makes to any believer who refuses to relinquish his or her victory!

Home Group - A Balance Between New and Old Leaders

Having a balance of new and older leaders is very important when it comes to having a powerful spiritual environment. They bring life, vitality, and stability to a church, making it feel as fresh and exciting as it is well-balanced and doctrinally sound. Antioch had the right balance of leaders for a powerful environment, and it was exactly where Paul needed to be. Tune in to Home Group as we continue our discussion on Being At The Right Place at the Right Time.

Called To Overcome

Polycarp is probably the most famous case of First Century persecution. Today Rick tells how this amazing early believer overcame evil in his time.