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RLR016: Looking into the Hourglass: How to do a Tarot Reading

In episode 16, I demonstrate how to conduct a tarot reading based on an actual question from a Root Lock Radio listener. We'll see how envisioning an hourglass shape can guide you to establish a structure to your tarot readings and you'll hear a step-by-step demonstration that details how you go from laying the cards out on the table to constructing a coherent and useful message for your client to take with them. For listener questions call or text: 646.535.8540 or email:...


RLR014: Reading Reversals

In episode 14, we'll dig into the concept of reversals (cards that appear upside-down). Because there is no one right way to read a reversed card, introducing reversals into your tarot practice is a great way to develop your intuition and practice exploring possibilities with yourself or the person you're reading for. I'll show you four ways that reversals can alter a card's meaning and how you can apply these four possible alterations to any card. I'll also invite you to call or text the...


RLR013: The Court Cards Part II: Pentacles and Swords

In episode 13, we will conclude our exploration of the Tarot's Court Cards, by looking at the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings of the Pentacles and Swords Suits. Since this concludes our exploration of the entire Tarot deck, you're invited to share your ideas for the future of Root Lock Radio by contacting the host. We'll also have an exciting announcement about Weston's upcoming appearances on the Archetypal Tarot Podcast. Music provided by: Shenandoah Davis...


RLR012: The Court Cards Part I: Wands and Cups

In episode 12, we will delve into the specifics of the Court Cards by conducting an in-depth examination of the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages of the Wands and Cups suits. Drawing on the previous episode, we'll see how each card's position as an intersection of the suit's traits with the archetypal role of the court figure results in a personality type that exists apart from both gender and human form. We'll also begin to explore what drawing a card "reversed" (or upside-down) can mean...


RLR011: Setting the Stage for the Court Cards

In episode 11, we'll shift our focus to the 16 Court Cards of the tarot deck and talk about how they should be viewed as symbols of personality types, rather than actual people, and how deconstructing traditional views of gender can help us to widen the scope of these cards. We'll discuss how the four elemental energies of the suits can translate into personality traits and how we can use the Ace-through-10 cards of each suit to figure out what those traits are. Then we'll talk about the...


RLR005: The Last Leg of the Fool's Journey

In episode 5, we'll finish our exploration of the cards of the major arcana through the last leg of the fool's journey, in which the fool struggles with himself to integrate the lessons he has learned along the way. Then we'll talk about how the archetypes presented in the major arcana cards can help us to make sense of our life experiences and the world around us. For a deeper exploration of archetypes in the major arcana, I recommend The Archetypal Tarot Podcast by Cyndera Quackenbush...