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Islam, Faith, Courses and Current Issues
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Islam, Faith, Courses and Current Issues




Foundations and Reflections Sura Yasīn Part 5: Education and Sophistication

Sura Yasīn flips the scrip; it moves from addressing the Prophet and his community, to tell a story about a city similar to his; and now, suddenly it returns to teaching his community. Why? What does that tell us about the sophistication of the Qur'anic message and the deliberate excellence we need if we want to stand in the office of Prophethood?


Ramblings for the Political Motivated

How can we free our theology from the bounds caste in the late 60's, and most recently after 9/11? By releasing it, I mean, as Vincent W. Lloyd wrote, "To attempt to speak honestly in God's name." Why are efforts to wrestle our faith until it submits its voice to the notions of the left or the right a failure to uphold the balance and truth of prophethood,; and why are unchecked identity politics a threat to our unity as a community as well as the country when they are not nuanced and...


Explanation of The Forty-Ninth Chapter Part Two: Character and Faith

Being religious without investing in good character is high treason. The Prophet (sa) was sent to complete and perfect good character. This section of sura al-Hujurat instructs us on how to have a good character with faith.


Endless Hope: The Qur'an, its Blessings and You: Intro to Sura Hujurat

Locating yourself and Qur'an on the map of life is a challenge. What are the virtues of the Qur'an and how do you envision your relationship with it?


Adversity & Anchors: Four Foundations to Cope with Any Situation

Adversity is an outcome of faith. What are some important qualities we can take from the earliest chapters of the Qur'an sent to the Prophet (sa) that will carry us through success and challenges?


Foundations and Reflections: Surah Yasin #3 Part 2

Umma is a word we say often without consideration for its components and investment. While financial donations are still robust in communities, the numbers of trained, disciplined and organized volunteers are not. I address that, as well as a number of contemporary concerns around religious freedom in light of Sura Yasin


Foundations and Reflections: Surah Yasin #3 Part 1

In this, live lecture, I discuss verses 13 -17, challenging myself and the listener to engage and think about them in our context.


Friday Sermon #1: The World Cup and Your World

God created the earth and the heavens as a home for us, filling it with infinite resources and talents. How can that serve us as we frame our attitude towards life, our talents and service to others?


On Love, Life and Literature #2: Ahmed Shawqi on Thinking Beyond the Surface and "Pop" Religion

In this podcast, I share an important poem by one of the greatest Arab poets of the modern age, a short intro to his life and impact, as well as some lesson we can take from one of his poems.


Born Free: Muslim Led Slave Revolts in the Americas and The Prison Industrial Complex with Margarita Rosa

In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries Senegambian Muslims were led by their sheikhs to revolt across the Western Hemisphere against Spanish slavery. In their efforts rests the earliest liberation theology put to work: An approach that refused to accept bondage as anything but antithetical to faith; and saw faith synonymous with freedom. What followed was a legal logic that justified mass-murdering those Muslim slaves, banning them from those lands, sending many back to Africa and mass...


No One Can Be Too Brave: A Conversation with Dalia al-Najar, Razan al-Najar's Cousin

On June 1st Razan al-Najjar sat off, as she had done before, to serve her land and her people. She was a self-educated, first responder in one of the most dangerous places in the world She was exhausted. The day before she came home covered in blood, and it was Ramadan, so she was fasting. But her bravery and passion could not be extinguished. She was resilient, brave Sadly, as many of you know, she was murdered that day. Shot by an Israeli sniper, who until now remains free and uncharged....


Foundations and Reflections: Sura Yasin Part 2

"Who are your people?" is an important question because it forces us to think, not only about "our people," but ourselves; if we don't know who we are, then we cannot identify our folk; and if we can't do that, then we are not living up to our responsibility as a Prophetic community. That relationship locates us as spiritual and social agitators, empowered by faith to call to the truth. The opening verses of Sura Yasin compel us to think about that and other important concepts.


On Love, Life and Literature #1: Friendship

LIterature is an important ingredient of religious literacy. It animates it, aligning our lives on the earth with transcendent teachings from the heavens. In this series, I share with you my love of Arabic literature by choosing excerpts from poetry, prose and much more. I hope this will open a window to great works of literature and philosophy, inspiring you to delve deeper into the Arabic language, improving your love and life.


Being Woke #3: Confronting Injustice

Confronting injustice is a topic that continues to come up amongst Muslims, especially after the Arab Spring, recent changes in Turkey and Malaysia as well as the disasters of pseudo jihadist groups Some contend that politics and religion don’t mix; communities should wait until God gives them a way out, while others believe that violence against anyone justifies establishing “their” political order that is based on justice Resting in the middle are the masses; the vital center who feel...


Zakat al-Fitr and Battling Poverty

As we exit the month of fasting, we are commanded to perform one last act; one more sacrifice: Zakat al-Fitr. What is Zakat al-Fitr, how do we pay it and what are some of the issues around it that are important to American Muslim Communities?


Ramadan Nights 2: Three Lessons from The 20th Chapter of the Qur'an

In this short reflection, I share three powerful lessons we can take from the twentieth chapter of the Qur'an.