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Salam Girl! is a podcast hosted by Monica Traverzo & Nicole Queen. Join us on this journey of self discovery as we embrace our identity as American Muslim Women.

Salam Girl! is a podcast hosted by Monica Traverzo & Nicole Queen. Join us on this journey of self discovery as we embrace our identity as American Muslim Women.
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Salam Girl! is a podcast hosted by Monica Traverzo & Nicole Queen. Join us on this journey of self discovery as we embrace our identity as American Muslim Women.




Ep. 028: I Chose Islam- Nicole Queen's Convert Story

In this episode, Nicole Queen shares her journey to Islam. Come along on the ups and the downs she faced during her transition into Islam. This episode is full of useful advice for people who may be on their own journey.


Ep. 027: I Converted To Islam - Monica's Story

Ramadan Mubarak girls! We promised to spend this month delivering reflective stories that would give you "all the feels" about Islam and we are serving it up first with Monica's journey into Islam. She shares her heart and challenges and even a little romance! Make sure to share this one with a friend! Are you a SUBSCRIBER? Why not?


Ep. 026: Coming To Islam & Creating Space For Girls

Ramadan Mubarak Girls!!! Valeria came to Islam in a small south Texas town and saw a huge need for support for the girls in her Muslim community. So of course she got to work and founded, The Muslim Girls Club. Her story is inspiring to say the least and your absolutely going to love who she is and what she is doing for these young girls.


Ep. 025: Ramadan Resolutions

In this episode we talk about the things we want to improve upon this Ramadan, and things we want to avoid. One of which is #FOMO and how we sometimes allow that "fear of missing out" to hijack our Ramadan, and we lose touch with the deeper spiritual meaning behind the holy month. Whatever your Ramadan looks like, don't play the comparison game. Ramadan can be what you need it to be, a welcome blessing and a fresh start.


Ep. 024: Ramadan Meal Prepping with the Catastrophic Cook

This week we are talking about planning for iftars, feeding picky eaters and what to take to those iftar invitations that we all dread, the potluck! Noor from the hit food blog, The Catastrophic Cook, gives us all her best tips for shopping for food, planning your menu and not ending up on Netflix's "Nailed It".


Ep. 023: Not Your Mothers' Ramadan Decor!

Back in the day there wasn't a whole lot to choose from when time to decorate for Ramadan. Today is totally different and we talk to Star Paper Moon and Kanzi Store about their favorite Ramadan traditions and their new stylish Ramadan products to make this your most beautiful, unique Ramadan ever! These are not your Momma's Ramadan decorations! Star Paper Moon: @starpapermoon Kanzi Store: @kanzistore


Ep. 022: Time Manage Your Ramadan - With Bridge by Mona

Ramadan is coming fast and we are spending this month preparing you for success and the Ramadan of your dreams, InshAllah. Time management is a key component of achieving the results you are looking for this year. Bridge by Mona specializes in life coaching and corporate coaching and Mona is here with the Five P's to a successfully managed Ramadan! We'll look for your thank you cards in the mail.


Ep. 021: We Love You, We're Sorry

This is one of the hardest shows we have ever produced. We love each one of you girls and hope you will stay tuned until the end for a BIG announcement. PS: We are so immature...


Ep. 020: Owning Your Modest Style - With Hakeemah Cummings

We all go through it on a daily basis. It's time to get out the door and your rushing through trying to find a scarf that doesn't stink or have makeup lines on it, and your clothes are a whole other story. Hakeemah Cummings is a talented fashion stylist with experience to back up the title. She walks us through how to shop smarter and even to find new outfits using the clothing you already have. Get ready to fall in love with your wardrobe all over again.


Ep. 19: Pioneering The First Muslim Sorority - With Samira Maddox

Samira Maddox saw a massive void in representation, when she enrolled full time at her university. She is not the type of woman to let that void remain, and her actions sparked a movement that would forever change the lives of Muslim women in colleges and universities across the nation. It didn't stop there, wait till you here what else she has up her sleeves.


Ep. 018: My Phone is Ruining My Life.

Scroll, scroll, scroll we all do it. Have you ever really thought about the effects of how much time you spend on your phone and the toll it takes on your life in "real time". In today's show we talk about how it effects our relationship with spouses, our friends/coworkers, and children. We are going to help you kick this addiction and start being the person you keep stalking! Subscribe to our show and nominate a girl boss, here!


Ep. 017: "Blogging Secrets From With Love Leena"

Today we are talking to "With Love Leena" herself, about all things Social Media Influencer. Leena shares all her best secrets about how she climbed to the top of Instagram with her modest fashion blog. Learn how to blog like the best of them and maintain the balance between faith and fashion!


Ep. 016: Hijabi Jiu Jitsu Warrior- Zana Nachawati

Today we interview a Jiu Jitsu competitor who is a practicing Muslim woman and wears hijab proudly. Because why not? Zana Nachawati tells listeners all about her journey through this male dominated sport and how her hijab is an asset to her competitive nature! Subscribe to our podcast here.


Ep. 015: Self Care & Me Time

Nicole and Monica continue the series on self care by diving into the topic of "me time". Learn how the girls make time for themselves and what the benefits are and the best ways for you to make time for yourself, in your busy schedule. Subscribe to our email!


Ep. 014: The Match Making Queen, Hoda Abrahim

Finding a partner is fulfilling "half our deen" in Islam. Hoda Abrahim is a Love Guru who will show you how to find the right person to say "I do" with, and how to know if your looking for the right one! We talk all things love with social media influencer, @Watshoodie . Subscribe to us and leave a 5 star review so we can feature it in our review of the week!


Ep. 013: Hijab Hair Self Care

Nicole and Monica dive into the subject of self care concerning your hijab and the impact it has on your hair. Nicole visited a dermatologist for helpful tips and advice concerning hair loss from wearing the hijab for an extending period of time and the girls share that information and some personal tips as well to help you look and feel your best while wearing hijab, InshAllah. Subscribe to the Salam Girl Podcast and be sure to leave us a 5 star review so we can share it in our review of...


Ep. 012: I Converted For A Man

In this episode of the Salam Girl Podcast, an Islamic podcast for women, we dive into the always occurring questions that people face when coming to Islam. Nicole and Monica walk you through how to answer and take ownership of your reason for being Muslim. Subscribe to Salam Girl


Ep. 011: Besties-How Friendships Can Affect Your Faith & Future

In this episode of the Salam Girl Podcast, Nicole talks with her two long-time friends, Elif Kavakci and Nazreen Hassan, about the 30 year friendship they shared. They also dive into the importance of finding the right people who will keep you close to your faith and boost your self esteem.


Ep. 010: The New Muslim's Field Guide With: Theresa Corbin & Kaighla Um Dayo

Today we are talking to authors, Theresa Corbin and Kaighla Um Dayo about their new book, "The New Muslim's Field Guide". This book is practical and entertaining advice for anyone who is going through a major life change, like converting to Islam. Subscribe to the Salam Girl Podcast!


Ep. 009: A Salam Girl Reveal All! Get to Know Us!

Which Disney movie scarred Monica for life? Who was Nicole originally named after? What disgusting word does Monica repeat, causing instant cringe worthy images in your head all day? Tune in to find out as your Besties indulge in some crazy fun Q&A that is sure to shock you!