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Satsang discussing all aspects of yoga, the vedas, tantra and tantric philosophy. Storytelling from hindu and buddhist mythology, and musings on spiritual living and speculation on the mysterious nature of the universe. Occasional guided meditations, advice on pranayama and asana practice.

Satsang discussing all aspects of yoga, the vedas, tantra and tantric philosophy. Storytelling from hindu and buddhist mythology, and musings on spiritual living and speculation on the mysterious nature of the universe. Occasional guided meditations, advice on pranayama and asana practice.
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Satsang discussing all aspects of yoga, the vedas, tantra and tantric philosophy. Storytelling from hindu and buddhist mythology, and musings on spiritual living and speculation on the mysterious nature of the universe. Occasional guided meditations, advice on pranayama and asana practice.




Satsang With Sitaram Das and Josh Whiton

Satsang With Josh Whiton I like being reminded of my years as an urban gardener. For years I had what I like to think of as a wildly energetic, permaculture experiment in my back yard. There were herbs and kale everywhere, and I was graced with birds and bees and butterflies. I was able to feed people out of my back yard on cool summer nights. I mixed soil with wild abandon, flew in earthworms, and tried to make them feel at home. I know it was a little more unkempt than my neighbors's...


Satsang with Sitaram Das and Anandamali

Satsang With Anandamali Last week, I had the honor to speak at the San Francisco stop of the Evolving Caravan tour. The caravan travels around the world and brings together speakers that discuss consciousness, technology, well being, a variety of other topics related to where we are and where we’re going. I felt embraced and welcomed by my fellow speakers, as well as by the audience and the organizers. It was a great vibe, full of obviously brilliant and committed individuals. There was...


Satsang With Sitar and Roman Villagrana

Daniel and Roman talk about having a daily practice of creating good vibes, and how a positive lifestyle and conscious community is integral to changing the world and having a peaceful revolution of consciousness. They explore concepts like, how to discover a language that helps one to find their own center, and grow in kindness and openness. Roman discusses how language has the possibility to program your mind to unfold and create.


Satsang With Sitaram Das and Mazin Mahgoub

Daniel and Mazin talk about the process of processing, and how powerful coaching works. They discuss the differences between psychology and ontology, the very nature of being. Mazin shares the very important distinction between transformation and healing, and why it is necessary to pay attention to where a client may be at in relationship to trauma. The conversation goes into the areas of power privilege, and race, which is good, because the podcast doesn't always explore these topics.


Satsang with Sitaram Das & Sarah Tomlinson

Satsang With Sarah Tomlinson Sitaram Das and Sarah Tomlinson talk about the yoga and meditation of Yantra Painting. Sarah gives Sitaram a mini reading, using her new oracle deck. They talk about the Goddess energy of the cards he picked, and also the energy of the Goddess Durga. Sarah Also regales us with a few sweet stories about her teacher, Harish Johari.


Satsang With Sitaram Das and Lilavati Devi

Satsang With Lilavati Devi Daniel and Lilavati talk about how Nasya Oil can help protect and cleanse the nasal passages and sinuses of people who are affected by the Northern California Wildfires. Self care can fall by the wayside when times are tough, but that is often when we need it the most. She talks about what the herbs in nasya oil help, and also how you can make your own DIY nasya. She is offering 10% nasya to listeners of the podcast, with coupon code CALOVE Aromabliss Ayurveda


Satsang with Sitaram Das and Prajna Vieira

Satsang With Prajna Vieira Daniel hangs out with Prajna in her flat on the seventh floor of Amma's Ashram in Kerala, South India. They discuss a bunch of topics, including how to modify asana practices for injuries, funny things yoga teachers say, and how karma yoga pushes all your buttons so that you can grow spiritually. They laugh a lot, and tell a bunch of jokes about what it's like to be a devotee.


Satsang with Sitaram Das & Vraja Kishor

Satsang With Vraja Kishor If you are making people mad, and you aren't breaking yama and niyama, you're doing something right. Sitaram Das and Vraja Kishor talk about how they first got introduced to the Bhagavad Gita, and what it would be like to be friends with Krishna, and their personal relationships with god. Sitaram Das compares his hippie leanings to Vraja's Punk Sensibilities. They discuss how controversies can motivate people to open their minds, and learn new things in new...


Satsang With Sitaram Das and Joe Longo

Satsang With Joe Longo Joe Longo Visits The Podcast. He's a busy guy, and has a ton of projects and workshops. We talk a lot about the Tattooed Yoga Project, and his other famous, iconoclastic Kundalini workshops, like, 'Punch Fear In The Face', 'Joega', and 'The Path of The Rightous'. We also discuss how yoga makes us grow as men, and what it means to be a conscious man in 2017. Joe makes a New Years Resolution to stumble more often. Visit Joe at his website...


Satsang With Sitaram Das and Jake Kobrin

In this Episode of Satsang with Sitaram Das, I get to sit down with Jake Kobrin in his art studio. We talk about the different sorts of mediums that he works, in; traditional paints, digital, and now in virtual reality. He gives me a chance to play with the program ‘tilt brush’. We talk about the effects of virtual reality on our consciousness, and it’s potential in the future. We discuss his teaching at the newly founded Visionary Arts Academy, and how every artist is ultimately self...


Satsang With Sitaram Das and Lorin Roche

Daniel finally wrangles Lorin into being on his podcast after 3 or 4 years of hounding him. They talk a lot about sanskrit, and about how it is a language of love and sacrifice. They talk a lot about the different ways one can meditate, and suggest that people start with the ancient practice of 'not being mean to yourself for twenty minutes. Lorin then reads from his book, 'The Radiant Sutras', and discusses meditation for difficult times. Visit Lorin at his website,...


Episode 26 - Satsang With Daniel Schlagle

Satsang with Sitar and Daniel Schlagle of the Digital Circus. Sitar and Daniel discuss poi spinning and flow arts. They talk about the importance of finding a practice that keeps the body healthy and enables us to channel energy in a positive way. Daniel Tells about teaching poi, and practicing poi,embodying the flow, and connecting to source. Dan hints at some top secret poi that he is developing. They talk about fire, and the sun, and the recent sunspot explosions. We move onto talking...


Episode 25 - Satsang with Lu

Satsang with Sitar and Lu. Sitar and Lu discuss earthship, the sustainable building movement that is coming out of Taos, New Mexico. They talk about all the benefits of earthships, rammed earth tires, and getting off the grid. Lu talks about her time as an earthship apprentice, and encourages other people to get involved. They talk about retrofitting houses with earthship technology. Lu also talks about way to create sustainability in existing urban homes. Then she waxes poetic about the...


Episode 24, Satsang with Adil

Satsang with Sitar and Adil. Adil and Sitar talk about treating people unconditionally, connecting with the universe, and the true meaning behind the Taj Mahal. Adil talks about what it was like growing up next to this miraculous site, and how much he likes to travel and be with nature. The discuss the power of intention and the importance of trusting the universe to magnify those intentions. Adil's magnificent energy and attitude are so clear and come through the recording in an amazing...


Episode 23, Satsang With Krishna

Satsang with Sitar and Krishna. Krishna runs the Double Rainbow Organic Farm on Leopard Mountain, in Banepa, Nepal. They talk about organic farming, Sadhu Ways, and chanting The Chandi. This episode was recorded on Krishna's Property, inside a bamboo teepee. It was good times.


Episode 21, Satsang with Aditi

Satsang with Sitar and Aditi Devi, a Yogini Who leads Kali Puja in Boulder, Colorado every Saturday night. She also teaches online, and offers in depth sadhanas. Inspired by Amanda Palmer's TED Talk, Sitar and Aditi discuss leaps of faith and how to merge into the universal love field. It is also revealed that neither of them are morning people. There is some talk about Nepal, and its spiritual landscape. A breathing practice for communing with the Great Mother is also given.


Episode 20, Satsang with Brenda McMorrow

Satsang with Sitar and Brenda McMorrow, Kirtan Artist and resident of Guelph, Ontario. Brenda and sitar remember Shyamdas, a beloved member of the yoga community. They discuss his devotion, his wisdom, and his humor. Brenda talks about how he inspired her creative process and spiritual growth. They also talk about kirtan as a practice of singing to God, and how to create a song that will please Maharaji. A shared love for Ramana Maharshi is discovered. Some Coco Cafe is enjoyed.


Episode 19, Satsang With Dan Farella

Satsang with Sitar and Dan Farella, Yogi and master herbalist at Return to Nature. They talk about the plants, and how they are manifestations of the Goddess. They speak about the importance of working with the mental conditioning that keeps us separate from nature, and the healing medicine that may be growing in our own back yards. All Plants Are Prasad!


Episode 18, Satsang with Jason Villarreal

Satsang with Sitar and Jason Villarreal, Senior teacher at The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Jason and Sitar discuss all of Jason's amazing psychic powers. They talk about grounding, body centered meditations, and how to use them to create the salad of your life.