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Faith and spirituality can be difficult to understand. Finding answers can be confusing, especially in a world overwhelmed with information from so many different points of view. Let’s break down these complex topics of faith and gain a better understanding of the sacred… and the secular. Welcome to Seek & Find with Dr. Marc Rivera!


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Faith and spirituality can be difficult to understand. Finding answers can be confusing, especially in a world overwhelmed with information from so many different points of view. Let’s break down these complex topics of faith and gain a better understanding of the sacred… and the secular. Welcome to Seek & Find with Dr. Marc Rivera!




Exploring the Tension Between Jesus and Politics

Welcome to 'Seek & Find with Dr. Marc Rivera,' where we delve into matters of faith, life, and meaning. Join us as we explore the intriguing topic of Jesus and Politics. Discover how Jesus' teachings on love, justice, and compassion intersect with the broader realm of politics, challenging conventional notions. Through insightful discussions and biblical exploration, we uncover the transformative power of Jesus' message in addressing contemporary issues like inequality, poverty, and human rights. Reflect on how Jesus' teachings can shape your perspective on political engagement and the pursuit of justice in our complex world. Tune in as we unpack biblical teachings, examine historical contexts, and navigate the challenges and opportunities of political engagement rooted in faith. Here's the list of books Dr. Marc Rivera recommended in this episode:


Understanding the Holy Spirit: Beyond Speaking in Tongues

In this episode of "Seek & Find with Dr. Marc Rivera," we embark on a captivating journey into the power of the Holy Spirit that extends far beyond speaking in tongues. Join us as we delve into the significance of the Holy Spirit in our lives, going beyond the remarkable events of the Day of Pentecost. Discover how the Holy Spirit guides, empowers, and transforms believers, as we explore the diverse dimensions of God’s power. Whether you're seeking a deeper understanding or a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit, this episode invites you to unlock the endless possibilities when we walk hand in hand with the Holy Spirit.


Once Saved, Always Saved: Can salvation be lost?

Welcome to "Seek & Find with Dr. Marc Rivera," where we explore the big questions of faith, life, and meaning. In today's episode, we'll be diving into a topic that has sparked controversy and debate among Christians for centuries: "once saved, always saved" or the belief that salvation cannot be lost. The concept of eternal security is grounded in the Christian doctrine of justification, which holds that believers are made righteous through faith in Christ. However, there are different interpretations of the biblical passages that relate to the issue, and these interpretations have led to varying theological positions. Some Christians believe that once a person has truly been saved, they cannot lose their salvation no matter what they do, because their salvation is secured by the grace of God. Others believe that a person's salvation is conditional on their ongoing faith and obedience to God, and that a person can fall away from their salvation if they reject or turn away from God. In this episode, we'll be exploring the biblical and theological basis for the belief in eternal security, as well as the perspectives of those who hold different views. We'll also be discussing the controversy surrounding this topic, and how it has impacted the way that Christians understand their relationship with God and the role of faith and obedience in the Christian life. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and join us as we delve into this important and fascinating topic.


The Intersection of Urban Ministry and the Latino Church

In this episode, we are honored to have two esteemed guests joining us to discuss the world of urban ministry and the Latino church landscape. Bishop Dr. Ray Rivera, founder of the Latino Pastoral Action Center, and Lisa Trevino Cummins, president & founder of Urban Strategies in Washington DC, provide valuable insights and perspectives on the history and current state of Latino churches, and how they are adapting to the challenges of urban ministry. Join us for a thought-provoking conversation that explores the past, present, and future of the Latino church landscape and its critical role in urban communities.


The Power of Worship & Praise

Worship and praise are essential practices in the Christian faith, but what do they really mean and how can they help us deepen our relationship with God? In this episode of Seek & Find, Dr. Marc Rivera breaks down these concepts and explores their similarities and differences, drawing on biblical teachings and the Christian tradition. He provides practical guidelines and best practices for engaging in worship and praise in a genuine and meaningful way, while also examining how they relate to other aspects of Christian faith such as prayer, fellowship, and service. Join us as we explore the transformative power of worship and praise in our spiritual and emotional wellbeing, and discover how these practices can help us draw closer to God and strengthen our faith.


The Significance of Spiritual Disciplines for Modern Life

Paul encouraged believers to "train yourself in godliness" and to "exercise self-control in all things" (1 Timothy 4:7-8). In this episode of "Seek & Find with Dr. Marc Rivera," we'll be discussing the importance of spiritual disciplines for our personal growth and development. Dr. Rivera will define spiritual disciplines and explain the value and significance of each one. We'll explore why engaging in spiritual practices like prayer, fasting, meditation, and others is essential for our spiritual health and well-being. Dr. Rivera will also share practical tips and advice on how to incorporate spiritual disciplines into our daily lives, and how we can overcome the challenges and obstacles that often get in the way. Whether you're new to spiritual disciplines or a seasoned practitioner, you won't want to miss this insightful and thought-provoking discussion. Join us as we deepen our understanding of the power and potential of spiritual disciplines to transform our lives. Check out our previous episodes about church, the bible and prayer and stay tuned as we explore other specific spiritual disciplines in future episodes!


The Ethics of Prayer in Politics - What is Prayer?

The Ethics of Prayer in Politics: When Personal Agendas Trump God's Will In this episode, we examine the controversy surrounding the abuse of prayer in politics. While an open prayer for God should be void of human agenda and personal preferences, some religious leaders have used prayer as a tool to advance their own political interests, sometimes at the expense of the church and society. Have these leaders become too involved in politics? Is this diluting the message of the Gospel? Through thought-provoking discussion and analysis, Dr. Marc Rivera reflects on the need for American evangelicalism to uphold the integrity of the Gospel and to resist the lure of any politics that can weaken its message. We'll discuss the importance of the church as an agency of change, rather than an influencer of biased depravity, and the need for religious leaders to focus on the sacred preaching desk rather than the podiums of public discourse. Join us for an engaging conversation about the ethics of prayer in politics as Dr. Marc helps us navigate this complex issue and offers insight into how religious leaders can stay true to their spiritual calling while also engaging with the public sphere.


What is GOD’s Religion?

On this episode of Seek & Find, we examine the impact of dogma on spiritual growth. Some people have faced negative religious experiences that have led to a disconnect between their spiritual beliefs and personal experiences. This disconnect can result in blaming God for these negative experiences, making it difficult to move past the trauma and grow spiritually. Whether you are a long-time member of a religious community or just beginning to explore spirituality, this episode offers valuable insights on religious trauma and the various ways a person can move past it to find a new understanding of spirituality. Join us for this insightful conversation and discover ways to move beyond religious trauma towards a more fulfilling spiritual life.


Women in Church Leadership

In this episode, we will explore the ongoing debate surrounding women in church leadership. For centuries, women have played vital roles in the church, yet have been largely excluded from formal leadership positions. Despite this, many women have emerged as prominent figures in their communities and have become strong advocates for change. We're joined by Dr. Marc Rivera, who will provide insights into the reasons behind this exclusion and the effects it has had on the church and society at large. Throughout the episode, we'll examine the various arguments for and against women in church leadership, including biblical interpretations, cultural norms, and institutional barriers. We'll explore the historical context of this debate, as well as the contemporary challenges and opportunities for women in leadership. Recently, this debate was brought to the surface as The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) removed its largest congregation, Saddleback Church of Lake Forest, California, for appointing a woman as a teaching pastor. This milestone moment for Saddleback Church has inspired a re-examination of traditional gender roles and highlights a more inclusive approach that recognizes the gifts and talents of all members of the church, regardless of gender. Join us for this thought-provoking and inspiring conversation about women in church leadership with Dr. Marc Rivera on the Seek & Find podcast.


Who is GOD?

In this episode of our podcast, we dive into the question that has been asked by countless people throughout human history: Who is God? We discuss how different religions and belief systems have different names for the divine being they worship, including Allah in Islam, Brahma or Brahman in Hinduism, Buddha in Buddhism, and Yahweh, Adonai, Elohim, Jehovah, and other names in Judaism and Christianity. Dr. Marc Rivera brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the discussion, having studied world religions and theology extensively. He guides us through the complexities of understanding God from different cultural and religious perspectives and helps us explore the underlying concepts and beliefs that shape our understanding of the divine. We discuss the philosophical and theological debates around the nature of God, including questions of God's omnipotence, omniscience, and omnibenevolence. We also explore the idea of monotheism and polytheism, and how different religions and belief systems have evolved their understanding of the divine over time. Whether you're a devout believer or a curious skeptic, this episode will give you plenty of food for thought as we explore the timeless question of Who is God? and what we can learn from the diversity of beliefs and practices that surround this eternal mystery.


What is Church?

The word “church” originates from the ancient Greek word “ecclesia,” meaning “the called-out ones.” The word evolved to describe both followers of Christ and the building used for religious purposes. You cannot have one without the other. As churches reopen in the wake of the pandemic, a survey by Pew Research Center found in-person church attendance has plateaued. This episode aims to answer, “What is Church?” Questions about church average over 12,000 searches per month. Listen as Dr. Marc Rivera guides us through the dual definitions of “church” and provides a better understanding of its history, what it means, and what “church” looks like for us today.


How to read the Bible?

Reading the Bible instills inspiration and brings balance to our lives! In this episode we talk about “How to read the Bible?” and answer questions like… Many people are asking questions like this online, averaging over 11,000 searches per month. Listen as Dr. Marc Rivera shares his perspective and illustrates the literary landscape of the Bible. In a previous episode, we discussed who wrote the Bible and how our current Bible was developed and compiled. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Bible, you should check out our episode titled, “Who wrote the Bible?”


Who Wrote the Bible?

The Bible is the most popular book in the world, with nearly 4 billion copies sold over the last 50 years. A survey from 2021 says that 11% of Americans read the Bible daily. The Bible is also the most copied book of antiquity. The topic of this episode is "Who wrote the Bible?" Over the past 12-months, this question garnered over 22,000 online searches a month. Listen as Dr. Marc dissects this very popular question.


Seek & Find Introductory Episode

Welcome to Seek & Find with Dr. Marc Rivera. In this introductory episode, you'll learn more about Dr. Marc Rivera and the inspiration for this podcast. Thank you for listening and God Bless!