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Episode 40- The Practice of Mindful Journaling to Cultivate the Relationship with Self

Lynda Monk returns for an encore this week on Serving Consciously. Elizabeth and Lynda will explore the practice of mindful journaling as a means of connecting more deeply with self in an interactive way. With all the work we’ve been doing around Self Love, this interview will spark new ideas and provide alternative approaches to getting into your own heart.


Episode 39- Plan Your Conscious Mini Retreat

As we settle into the summer months, it seems fitting to give thought to taking a break, relaxing, and slowing down the pace. This week, Elizabeth provides a fresh take on the benefits of retreat and how we can consciously construct our retreat time to be both rejuvenating and contemplative leaving us refreshed for the return to routine in the fall. Don’t worry; this isn’t a working vacation! Think of it as an opportunity to recalibrate and integrate whatever is ready to be received.


Episode38- Conscious Service ~ What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Elizabeth welcomes guest Cindy Maki for a Journey into Self Love on this episode of Serving Consciously. Cindy shares highlights of her personal journey as the discussion weaves around the role of self-love in the lives of Service Providers. Elizabeth volunteers to experience a mini Nova Lightwork Session ~ a powerful healing modality in Cindy’s approach to energy work.


Episode37- Integrity and The Imposter Syndrome

In this episode of Serving Consciously, Elizabeth explores Integrity and Authenticity in Service. How do we sustain alignment and keep it real during those times when we are in the midst of becoming and transforming. What’s authentic in those moments? And how do we deal when we go a round with Imposter Syndrome?


Episode36- Conscious Service and The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Elizabeth welcomes Anneke Krakers, Coach and Expert assisting Social Workers and other Helping Professionals who want to merge their desire to Serve with their Entrepreneurial motivations. Please join Elizabeth and Anneke for an informative and enlightening interview!


Episode35- The Experienced Novice and The Active Witness

In this episode of Serving Consciously, Elizabeth introduces two members of tour Internal Service Committee and offers ways to engage with both in ways that enhance our capacity for Conscious Service. Please plan to tune in!


Episode34- The Courage and Compassion Connection

In this episode of Serving Consciously, Elizabeth explores some of the foundational aspects of the Conscious Service Approach. This time it’s all about Motivation, Values, and Personal Philosophy. Elizabeth shares some tips to help stimulate your personal self-discovery and declare your philosophical approach. Please plan to tune in!


Episode33- Conscious Service and Recreational Respite

Elizabeth welcomes Founder and CEO of Recreational Respite, Amy MacFarlane. Recreational Respite is grounded in the principles of inclusion and accessibility with an emphasis on holistic practice. Fun and rest are states that we all benefit from. Amy will share what she has built through her entrepreneurial spirit and what she has learned along the way. Please join Elizabeth and Amy for an informative and enlightening interview!


Episode32- The Courage and Compassion Connection

In this episode of Serving Consciously, Elizabeth explores more Guiding Principles and Cardinal Truths related to the Conscious Service Approach. This time it’s all about Self-Compassion, Self-Love, Courage, Risk and Resilience. Elizabeth shares a few stories and Powerful Guiding Questions to help stimulate your personal self-discovery. Please plan to tune in!


Episode31- Joyce Sweeney

Elizabeth welcomes author and writing coach, Joyce Sweeney to Serving Consciously for a conversation about Service Through the Written Word. Most of us have been deeply touched by beautifully written words that speak to our hearts and provide us with solace a different times in our lives. Some of us use writing as a means of connecting to ourselves and perhaps, serving others. Joyce will also give us a glimpse into her current work! So exciting. Please tune in for this one!


Episode30- The Reward of Not Knowing

Elizabeth welcomes guest Alexander Demetrius, author of The Reward of Not Knowing. Tune in to learn more about the hero’s journey that has inspired Alexander’s work and guided his life through trauma and tragedy. Explore the ways you can nurture your inner hero!


Episode29- Start Where You Are

In this episode, Elizabeth provides some insight into what it means to practice Conscious Service. Comprised of Guiding Principles and Cardinal Truths, the Conscious Service Approach is a blueprint for guidance on your personal path as a Service Provider. Elizabeth will explore Cardinal Truths related to Spiritual Mastery and Spiritual Responsibility and offer questions and exercises you can explore and integrate right away!


Episode28- Taking Stock and Moving Forward

2017 has been a big year ~ anyone relate? In this episode of Serving Consciously, Elizabeth goes it alone to share some practical strategies for gleaning the gifts, the glory and the gratitude for the often, grueling initiations into growth we experience. The she follows it up with guidance for putting our best food forward as we step into the New Year. We can’t always plan the whole route but we can certainly point ourselves in the direction we wish to go!


Episode27- Conscious Service and Expressive Arts

Join Elizabeth Bishop and guest Mele Kramer as they explore Mele’s passion project designed to assist healing through expressive arts. Mele has created a program especially for Korean Adoptees tailored to their unique experiences. 100,000 Kranes for my Mother emerged from Mele’s personal experiences as an adoptee and her passion for healing through Expressive Arts.


Episode26- Conscious Service and Gratitude

Elizabeth Bishop gets to switch places with our beloved Cameron Steele for a look at gratitude and Conscious Service. Most of you know this guest as the co-founder and producer of Contact Talk Radio providing us with consciousness enhancing programming around the clock. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Cameron and Elizabeth will discuss the role of gratitude in the provision of conscious service to humanity. And we may discover a few interesting tidbits about Cameron’s other passions along...


Episode25- Conscious Service and The Art of Language

Valarie Marks joins Elizabeth Bishop in this episode of Serving Consciously. Valarie is a very youthful retired teacher and the owner of “Marks Education,” where the mission is to teach children how to look at the whole English language for its individual parts, so they can craft their own words to accurately express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings, as well as to keenly understand the words and intentions of others. She is also an inspiring blogger and devoted mom. Valarie has combined...


Episode24- Conscious Service and The Role of Intuition

Elizabeth welcomes guest Lucca Hallex on this episode of Serving Consciously. Lucca is a psychic and intuitive guide who also has a background in counseling. In this conversation, Lucca and Elizabeth with explore the role of intuition and its importance in being of Service to others while maintaining self-compassion for the provider. This episode will leave you more in tune with your own intuition and how you can access this to support yourself, your joy and your contribution through Service.


Conscious Service and The Energy of Community

Rebecca Mears joins Elizabeth Bishop in this episode. Rebecca is all about community ~ she loves to create space, hold space, offer space and nurture the development of community amongst people who are drawn together for some common purpose. When Rebecca talks about community building, you can see the fire in her eyes ~ I’m sure you will feel this energy as you listen to Rebecca share her insights garnered from years of experience working with people all over the world.


Conscious Service and Your Word

Dear friend and writing partner, Erika Jones, joins Elizabeth Bishop in this episode of Serving Consciously. Erika is the Creator of Organic Baby Resource designed to assist mamas and mamas to be in the creation and sustainability of natural baby care. But, that’s only the beginning. In addition to being of service to moms everywhere, Erika is a writer, a poet, an illustrator, and a homeschooling mom to her three beautiful daughters. In this episode, Elizabeth and Erika will explore the...


Serving Consciously ~ The Fine Art of Storytelling

Long time friend and colleague ~ and master Story Teller, Gyda Chud joins Elizabeth Bishop in this episode. Gyda has an extensive background in Early Childhood Education, teaching, and social activism. A lifelong Vancouverite, Gyda is actively involved in several community initiatives and incorporates her natural talent for storytelling into her classes, workshops, and community development activities.