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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church

Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church


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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church






Endeavoring to Keep the Unity

In music we can hear when songs are well written and harmonious. Similarly, we can observe when relationships are unified and when they are troubled. Proverbs 6 identifies areas of life that are disrupted by those who "sow discord" and make "bad music" in our lives. We’ll see how the sower finds his soil, casts his seed, and reaps a mischievous harvest. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how to endeavor to keep unity in our relationships.


Trusting Our King with Our Future - Part 2

In the four chapters that conclude the first section of his prophecy, Isaiah invites us to look at four future events to see what God has planned for His people and His world. In part 1 of this message, we discovered that we can trust that in the Future Our King will Reign (Isa. 32:1–20) and that we will experience deliverance (Isa. 33:1–24) Now, we turn to Isaiah’s appeal to his people to help them see that divine judgment is pending.


Living Authentically in a Pretentious World

People enjoy positive attention, and, like all people, we often hope that people notice any good thing that we do. In Matthew 23:5-12, we see Jesus coming to his disciples and the multitudes to inform them of the pandemic of pride and its serious symptoms. And, after he provides a diagnosis, he provides a prescription to cure it so we can live authentically in this pretentious world. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains Jesus' words of how to be the greatest in this life.


Developing Discernment and Diligence in Wealth and Work

If we are wise hearers of His Word, then we will listen to God because we will want to know as much about ourselves as God will tell us. We want his extreme grace for our extreme makeover, one step at a time. Proverbs 6:1–11 shows two steps God wants us to take to improve functional areas of our life. Listen as Pastor Joe explains how God our Father is calling us to take new steps of faith and repentance into discernment and diligence for the sake of Christ.


Trusting Our King for Our Future

What does the future hold? Whatever the future holds, it is held together by our King, the Lord Jesus Christ. In the four chapters that conclude the first section of his prophecy, Isaiah invites us to look at four future events to see what God has planned for His people and His world. Join Pastor Joe as he explains chapters 32 and 33 of Isaiah's book.


Living Authentically in an Artificial World

The last thing that Christianity should ever become is religion for show. The problem presented within the text today is just that – the “dog and pony show” of the religious establishment of 1st Century Israel. In this message, Pastor Joe explains the first of two warnings by Jesus to help us avoid superficial and misdirected religion.


Bitter Honey and Sweet Water

The Bible is not shy about sex, and its message is clear: sexual folly destroys, sexual wisdom satisfies, and Christ is better than the best sex. Pastor Joe explains Proverbs 5 and God's wisdom about sex. His message explains how to avoid sexual folly, how to gain sexual wisdom, and how Christ is better than the best sex. Listen in to learn more!


Helping Like Our Wonderful Counselor

When a problem is overwhelming, or when our support system doesn’t work, we are thrown off balance. This is called a crisis. With God’s Word and Christ’s example, we can be more prepared to better handle their own crises and equipped to help other people in crisis. In this message, Pastor Joe shares how to develop a biblical approach to helping other through crises by following the example of Jesus Christ in His relationships with others.


Hope and Help Are Always Available

These psalms are for everyone who finds themselves in any type of despair or trouble. Hope and healing come to the writer as we see him passing through three stages before he comes to victory and peace. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how to progress through these stages to find hope and healing for yourself.


The Blessings of Wholehearted Trust

In Proverbs 3, God continues to further incentivize our wholehearted trust in God and practice of wisdom. Wholehearted trust believes, utilizes, and relies upon God’s wisdom, and wisdom brings great blessings. Join Pastor Joe as he explains the blessings that wisdom brings.


Answering to Jesus

After being asked a barrage of questions by the Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians, and Scribes, Jesus had some questions of his own. His audience was so baffled by the question that they couldn't answer. Join Pastor Joe as he explains what a right response to Jesus would be like in answer to the questions Jesus asked in Matthew 22:41-46.


Am I a Fickle or Faithful Christian?

For the fifth time, Isaiah’ pronounced a woe against them because they would succumb again to the temptation to trust in Egypt rather than in God. Isaiah’s message teaches us that God has a message for his people: he rebukes the fickle and protects his faithful followers.


Wisdom at the Extremes of Life

We need wisdom for those seasons in life when we are on top and for those seasons in life when nothing is going right. God is with us in both, with a wisdom that makes a positive difference. Earlier in Proverbs 3, God called us to trust him wholeheartedly (v. 5). Now, in Proverbs 3:9–12, he leads us to trust him wholeheartedly when we are pushed out to these two opposite edges of our lives—plenty and pain.


Doing All You Can For God

Bro. Wisdom Nayak shares his experiences in his homeland of India and explains how we can help with various projects for orphans, widows, and churches. He also challenged us with a biblical message on serving the Lord with all that we have.


The Greatest Action You Can Take with Your Life

Jesus explains the greatest action we can take with our lives: to love. We are to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Listen in as Pastor Joe examines the conversation that led to Jesus’ wise guidance.


Protecting Yourself in this World

Our Father is saying in Proverbs 2, “If you will seek newness of life in Christ (vv. 1–4), you will go deep with him (vv. 5–8), and you will change within yourself (vv. 9–11). If those things are true about you THEN you’ll be protected from the dangers of this world (vv. 12–22).” Listen in as Pastor Joe explains that spiritual growth protects us in this world from devious men and deadly women. It also ensures that we are safe forever in God’s place of blessing.


Authentic Spirituality

God has stockpiled resources for us that outperform all human techniques and coping strategies and spiritual regimens. Isaiah 30 presents to us another lesson from our God, who is patiently instructing us in another way to think and live. Join Pastor Joe as he asks and answers four questions we need to think about in order to access authentic spirituality.


Have You Lost the Wonder of It All?

Jesus' conversation with the Sadducees left a distinct impression on both the religious elites and the crowd. They were astonished! Listen in as Pastor Joe explains that the confrontation with the Sadducees warns us about 3 mentalities to avoid if we want to revere Jesus with awe and wonder.


Am I Growing Spiritually?

Proverbs 2 is one of the most helpful passages in the Bible because it explains what growth, sanctification, and renewal feels like. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how we can be renewed in God by getting real with God, seeing God get real with us, and then experiencing change.


Experiencing God in a Culture of Death

The world is bombarded by a culture that uncontroversially considers life to be cheap, insignificant, exploitable, trivial and expendable. Christians must find their voice and take action to help the most vulnerable in our society. Listen as Pastor Joe Martin explains three principles that underlie the 6th Commandment. From those principles, he will encourage us to take two actions to promote the sanctity of life and to help us all experience God in a culture of death.