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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church

Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church


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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church






Pardon the Interruption...

God interrupts the lives of people so he can break into the world himself. Christmas is all about interruptions, but these interruptions present us with choices to consider and decision to be made. Join Pastor Joe as he explores the characters of Christmas to teach valuable lessons to prepare for life's interruptions.


Giving Him Thanks

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we must also prepare to give God thanks for all his blessings. In Luke 17, Jesus heals 10 lepers, but only one returns to give thanks. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains the lessons we can learn about faith, worship, and giving thanks to God.


Count Your Blessings

We can often plainly see how God has blessed our lives, but how do we "bless God" as the Psalms advise? Join Pastor Joe for this special Thanksgiving message to learn how we bless God by giving him thanks.


The Just Shall Live by Faith

The righteousness of God received by faith makes it possible for us to live right lives. Therefore, the objective of the Gospel is to enable the just to live by faith. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how the gospel and the righteousness of God enable us to please him as we live by faith.


It’s Decision Time

As we come to the crossroads of Proverbs 9, we are confronted with a choice. The passage portrays two houses, one on either side of the road. On one side, a house stands open, with an elegant lady named Wisdom inviting us in. On the other side of the road, another house stands open, with a seductive lady named Folly inviting us in. Which way will we turn? Join Pastor Joe as he explains the two invitations that await our response.


The Worldview of Wisdom: Honoring and Obeying Wisdom

As a church, we want to put ourselves in submission to love, honor, and obey our Lord Jesus Christ. One of the ways we do that is to honor and obey wisdom. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains that to have a God-centered life that is complete, blessed, and joyful you must have wisdom.


Have Confidence in the Gospel

The Gospel is the most powerful force on the planet, and in reality, it has not lost any potency or any capacity to change men and women for the glory of God. Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel. He had confidence in his message, and so can we. Listen as Pastor Joe explains several reasons why we don’t need to be ashamed of that message, and how we can have confidence in the Gospel.


The Distinctive Marks of True Bible Teachers: Preaching, Persecution, and Lamentation

In Matthew 23:29-39, Jesus further exposes the hypocrisy of the Pharisees and, in so doing, provides insight into another distinctive mark of true Bible teachers. Biblical preachers proclaim a message that might result in persecution and will result in lament over sin.


The Makings of a Commendable Church

The church at Rome was no exception to expectations, and Paul commended them for epitomizing the godly character that should be found in a church. We want our church to be commendable. Pastor Joe explains how to follow the model of the Roman church then we can and will be characterized as a commendable church.


The Distinctive Marks of True Righteousness: Concern for Character, Not Conformity

Christians need something more than rules and regulations to motivate us. We need a spiritual life based on internalized principles, not merely external conformity. Listen as Pastor Joe explains two key features of true Bible teachers: they do not “major on the minors” because they are “pure in heart.”


The Worldview of Wisdom: Loving and Listening to Wisdom

Everyone will seek what they love. Christ, who is the wisdom of God, promises wisdom to anyone who will seek it. Like dropping a bucket into the ocean, you will never come up empty-handed, but you must grab the bucket and go to the water. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how to love and listen to Wisdom.


Avoiding the Tactics of Sexual Temptations

In this world, some people are playing checkers while other people are playing chess. There are fools who are jumping around through life and falling into the traps and temptations of those who are targeting them for nothing more than personal pleasure. Proverbs 7 explores how sexual temptation appears in our life in order to show us how it works and how to avoid it.


An Introduction to Our Identity

In the opening verses of the letter, Paul introduces himself, his theology, and how Christians should see themselves. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how Paul's introductory remarks for the Book of Romans provides an opportunity to examine ourselves and discover our purpose in life.


The Distinctive Marks of True Righteous: Hungering for Holiness

Jesus lamented those who were greedy of gain when they could have been satisfied by hungering for holiness. Pastor Joe explains how true Bible-teachers hunger for real holiness by giving their heart to God.


Overcoming the Discord of Destructive Lust

A heart of lust can cause people to come crashing down in shame, but the real love we long for - the love of God - can overcome the discord of destructive lust. Join Pastor Joe as he explains how love that makes us marvel becomes the love that makes us mindful to obey God.


Trusting Our King to Fulfill His Promises

In this passage, Isaiah uses the promise of the coming kingdom to strengthen those in his day who were weak and afraid. Who hasn't experienced those same feelings? When we need God, He is there to provide grace in our time of need. Pastor Joe explains how to find and apply the promises of God to encourage us through times of hardship.

The Distinctive Marks of True Righteousness: Helping Others Into the Kingdom

Because of the significant dangers that come with following the wrong teachers, Jesus laments their blindness and warns us to avoid their calamity. In Part 1 of his 4-part mini-series, Pastor Joe contrasts the "woes" of Matthew 23 with the Beatitudes of Chapter 5 in order to help us recognize the distinctive marks of true righteousness.


Endeavoring to Keep the Unity

In music we can hear when songs are well written and harmonious. Similarly, we can observe when relationships are unified and when they are troubled. Proverbs 6 identifies areas of life that are disrupted by those who "sow discord" and make "bad music" in our lives. We’ll see how the sower finds his soil, casts his seed, and reaps a mischievous harvest. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how to endeavor to keep unity in our relationships.


Trusting Our King with Our Future - Part 2

In the four chapters that conclude the first section of his prophecy, Isaiah invites us to look at four future events to see what God has planned for His people and His world. In part 1 of this message, we discovered that we can trust that in the Future Our King will Reign (Isa. 32:1–20) and that we will experience deliverance (Isa. 33:1–24) Now, we turn to Isaiah’s appeal to his people to help them see that divine judgment is pending.


Living Authentically in a Pretentious World

People enjoy positive attention, and, like all people, we often hope that people notice any good thing that we do. In Matthew 23:5-12, we see Jesus coming to his disciples and the multitudes to inform them of the pandemic of pride and its serious symptoms. And, after he provides a diagnosis, he provides a prescription to cure it so we can live authentically in this pretentious world. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains Jesus' words of how to be the greatest in this life.