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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church

Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church


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Weekly preaching and teaching audio brought to you by Liberty Baptist Church






Have You Lost the Wonder of It All?

Jesus' conversation with the Sadducees left a distinct impression on both the religious elites and the crowd. They were astonished! Listen in as Pastor Joe explains that the confrontation with the Sadducees warns us about 3 mentalities to avoid if we want to revere Jesus with awe and wonder.


Am I Growing Spiritually?

Proverbs 2 is one of the most helpful passages in the Bible because it explains what growth, sanctification, and renewal feels like. Listen in as Pastor Joe explains how we can be renewed in God by getting real with God, seeing God get real with us, and then experiencing change.


Experiencing God in a Culture of Death

The world is bombarded by a culture that uncontroversially considers life to be cheap, insignificant, exploitable, trivial and expendable. Christians must find their voice and take action to help the most vulnerable in our society. Listen as Pastor Joe Martin explains three principles that underlie the 6th Commandment. From those principles, he will encourage us to take two actions to promote the sanctity of life and to help us all experience God in a culture of death.


The Worship of the Sovereign God

Despite our lack of full understanding of God, we should avow that God is trustworthy. Because he is trustworthy, we need not fear his plan. Pastor Joe explains how God's freedom, holiness, and limitlessness combine to provide comfort for the meek.


Giving Back to God

In speaking with the religious leaders, Jesus explained what God wants from people and directs them to a proper response as his image bearers. Pastor Joe explains Matthew 22:15-22 by asking and answering two important questions: “What does God want?” and “What must I do?” Listen in to discover the answers!


The Warning Labels of Wisdom

The conclusion of Proverbs 1 is giving us some warning labels, and if we heed their warnings, we can turn our lives away from foolishness and toward wisdom. Pastor Joe explains how to listen to Jesus and turn back to his wisdom.


The Worship of the Trustworthy, Mysterious God

God’s love makes him easy to worship although he is hard to understand. Isaiah 29 explains that we won’t always understand God, but we can always trust him. Join Pastor Joe as he explains how God awakens us from our sleepy worship as we seek to obtain the power of God to glorify him in worship.


You're Invited!

Have you ever been invited to a wedding? It's important to RSVP to let the happy couple know that you're planning to attend. In Matthew 22, Jesus finalizes a trio of parables by telling a story about a wedding and the reception. In doing so, he both invites and warns: he invites people into the kingdom and warns them not to refuse the invitation. Join Pastor Joe as he explains how to personally accept God's invitation to salvation.


The Advisements of a Loving Father

Our loving father gives us two advisements to deter us from the gang of sinners: to receive the offer of wisdom and to heed the warning of wisdom. Join Pastor as he explains how we need the reality-based counseling of the Bible as we live in a world where wisdom and folly compete for our attention.


God's Victory Over Empty Worship

If we go home from church with just an “okay” experience, perhaps it is time to be concerned about how we are entering the worship experience. Isaiah begins this chapter where we must begin: by examining our worship. Join Pastor Joe as he explains that Isaiah 29 shows us God’s intention to have victory over our empty worship.


A Matchup for the Ages, Round 2

In "Round 2" with the elders of Israel, Jesus gave 3 insights into God’s patience, judgment, and authority that invites his audience to understand the real character of God and His Son. Join Pastor Joe as he explains that God is patient and just, but we would be wise to not try his patience and, instead, trust his Son.


Beginning with Wisdom

The beginning of knowledge is the fear of the Lord, which makes the fear of the Lord both a doorway and a pathway. Pastor Joe explains how to be prepared for life by focusing on Jesus in order to obtain deep character and straight thinking.


A Matchup for the Ages, Round 1

People are at odds with Jesus Christ, and they will spar with him over who has rightful authority. In our text, you’ll see that Jesus is NOT knocking people out; people knock themselves out. Jesus provides three counters to the theological "punches" of the rulers of temple to help people get out of the ring and get into the kingdom of God.


Why the Book of Proverbs Matters

Wisdom is the practice of grasping the meaning of a situation and understanding what to do and how to do it in the right way at the right time. Simply put, Proverbs is wisdom that works. Join Pastor as he introduces his new sermon series through the Book of Proverbs called "Wisdom that Works." Listen in as he explains that God coaches us in the wisdom we need throughout the long and complicated path of our everyday lives.


Trusting God's Way with Us

What is God doing in your life at this time? Join Pastor Joe as he encourages us to trust God's ways of enriching our lives despite hardships.


The Expectation of Fruitfulness

Jesus had a legitimate expectation for his followers to be fruitful, authentic, and capable of demonstrating their faith. Join Pastor Martin as he explains how the withering of the fig tree in Matthew 21 confronts us with 3 expectations to determine if God is satisfied with our fruitfulness.


A Spiritual House Cleaning

When a church loses its sense of its God given purpose it is setting itself up for a holy house cleaning. Join Pastor Joe as he explains that the cleansing of the temple confronts us with four Christ-centered standards to determine if God is pleased with this house.


Prayer: The Continual Conversation

As we "climb higher" to the prayerful peak, you will see that the summit is frequent communion with God. Join Pastor Joe as he concludes his practical series on prayer. We "reach the summit" by learning to pray without ceasing by lifting up small and frequent requests throughout the day. Climb with us!


What Crown Sits Upon Your Head?

If God saves sinners and supports his children in every circumstance, what is our part? It could be reduced to two simple words: Trust God. Join Pastor Joe as he explains Isaiah's illustration of "the crown" that effects our lives. In this message, he teaches practical ways to persistently and enthusiastically pursue Christ and Christ-likeness each day.


The Help We Need In Any Affliction

Across the history of our nation, we have summoned thousands to serve on battlefields from which they did not return. For some, the wars may be over, but for others there is a fight that rages on beyond the crucible of the physical battlefield. There is a war rages on within the mind. Though mental illness is treatable, less than two-thirds of those suffering will seek treatment. Dr. Joe Martin, pastor of Liberty Baptist Church and AACC Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, explains God's...