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Motives in Our Evangelism

Episode: 6 - Our teaching this week is from Philippians 1:12-18 discussing our motives when it comes to preaching and evangelizing. Part of the lesson is taken from the Care Center Monday night Bible study. The Gospel was shared and translated into Assyrian by Amanda M. followed by an interview with her concerning her testimony coming from Iran and her personal evangelism ministry. One questions was taken this time; What is your motivation for evangelism or your relentless effort at...


Always Be Ready

Episode: 005 – Once underway we had a gospel presentation by Amanda M. and the interpretation into Farsi, the language of her native country – Iran. Our teaching this week came from 1 Peter 3:15. Practical instruction on how to give a defense or reason for our hope. The questions: how do I witness to an atheist, and then a Muslim. Interview with Jerry Benson of San Diego explaining his ministry and specifically to Muslims on college campuses.


Overcoming Fear in Evangelism

In this episode I gave the Gospel and Google Translated it into Bengali. Afterwards some stats and prayer were given for Bangladesh and Northern India. This week’s teaching was out of 2 Timothy 1 on the topic of fear, one of the great obstacles in sharing our faith. We answered questions regarding how to start a conversation and what to do about rejection. A brief interview with Scott Crawford who has been preaching since the early 1970’s. Today’s show also had a short clip from Gaius a...


Philip & Ethiopian Eunuch

The Gospel is given with interpretation into Italian. In Acts 8 we looked at how Philip witnessed to the Ethiopian eunuch with practical instruction on how we should witness. This week has a longer interview with Bob Loeffert from Pittsburgh, PA. Bob, a former Catholic, shares his testimony and how to witness to Catholics. Question 1 - Should I go out witnessing alone? Question 2 - How do I follow up on people?


Woman Testifies of Messiah

This episode we take a look at the woman at the well; both how Jesus witnessed to her and also how then in turn the woman witnessed to the people of Samaria. Part of the teaching was recorded in a live Bible study at a local care center for the elderly. The gospel was shared and translated into Hindi. I answered some frequently asked questions about the police and street preaching, finishing with an interview with Robert Payne, and evangelist from Sacramento, California.


Basis of Our Faith

Lengthy introduction since it is the program's debut. My own testimony and experience in evangelism. We started off in the teaching out of Mark chapter 5. Jesus delivers a demoniac and then instructs him to go and tell! I shared the Gospel as well. There was a live recording of May sharing the Gospel in Mandarin (Chinese). We tackled the common questions; Do you think preaching the Gospel on the streets is effective? and then, How do you know if you are called to street preach? The show is...


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