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Sarah M. Chappell hosts small business owners for conversations about spirituality, creativity, and defining success. Biweekly on Thursdays. Show notes at

Sarah M. Chappell hosts small business owners for conversations about spirituality, creativity, and defining success. Biweekly on Thursdays. Show notes at
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Sarah M. Chappell hosts small business owners for conversations about spirituality, creativity, and defining success. Biweekly on Thursdays. Show notes at




Episode 50: Networking with Ellie Shoja

Do you like talking to other people, or does the idea of networking make you break out in a cold sweat? Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, building a business requires building relationships, making networking a key skill to develop! Fortunately, Ellie Shoja, the founder of Peace Unleashed and an award-winning writer, producer, mindset … Continue reading "Episode 50: Networking with Ellie Shoja"


Episode 49: Spencre L.R. McGowan

Herbalist and author Spencre L.R. McGowan of Gingertooth and Twine joins us on the pod for some real fucking talk about business and mental health! In this episode, Spencre shares about her journey to herbal medicine, her travels across the country, and her dreams (now reality!) of running a pie delivery service. But we go … Continue reading "Episode 49: Spencre L.R. McGowan"


Episode 48: March Business Energy Reading

March’s energy reading is here and we’ve got stuff to do—and not do! This month invites us into some deep questions in our business: what is it time to let go of? Where are we clinging to old offers and activities out of fear? How are we allowing lack of clarity to keep us from … Continue reading "Episode 48: March Business Energy Reading"


Episode 47: Becky Beyer

Herbalist, teacher, and wild foods expert Becky Beyer of Blood and Spicebush is our guest this week! Becky, who holds a masters in Appalachian Studies, practices traditional witchcraft and runs two educational programs in Western North Carolina. In this episode, Becky gives an overview of traditional witchcraft, the historical basis for her practice, and … Continue reading "Episode 47: Becky Beyer"


Episode 46: Branding with Jordan Duvall

Branding expert Jordan Duvall is on the show for our monthly business training! Jordan is an award-winning art director, photographer, and success coach who worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and now helps brands authentically market to their ideal audiences. In this training, Jordan shares the difference between branding and marketing, how … Continue reading "Episode 46: Branding with Jordan Duvall"


Episode 45: Krystal Banner

Former engineer Krystal Banner joins the show to talk about starting and growing her artistic business, Kaleidadope! Krystal is a prolific creator with a tarot deck, an affirmation deck, fixed candles, and so much more. In this episode, Krystal explores her transition for corporate to self-employment, the importance of planning, finding purpose, and how crushing … Continue reading "Episode 45: Krystal Banner"


Episode 44: February Business Energy Reading

We’re back from winter break with a chance to tune in and engage with the energy of February in your small business and your daily life. In this episode, your host Sarah M. Chappell explores the invitation that the Ace of Wands offering us this month to burst forth, grow, and expand. There is tension … Continue reading "Episode 44: February Business Energy Reading"


Episode 42: Alexis P. Morgan

Writer and trouble maker Alexis P. Morgan is on the pod! Alexis is a brilliant thinker who practices divination and crafts brutal takedowns of the marketers of bullshit. In short, I’m a big fan. In this episode, Alexis shares about how she supports herself as a working writer, learning to be a public figure, the … Continue reading "Episode 42: Alexis P. Morgan"


Episode 41: Andi Todaro

Graphic designer and Fountain Tarot collaborator Andi Todaro is our guest this week! Andi is one-third of the team behind The Fountain Tarot and The Fountain Tarot Journal, and she joins the show to explore her life as an artist and maker influenced by the cards. Andi dives into her life as a working … Continue reading "Episode 41: Andi Todaro"


Episode 40: Sarah Corbett

Herbalist, tarot reader, and social media maven Sarah Corbett of Rowan + Sage joins the show this week to talk about her path to holistic wellness and running two small businesses. In this episode, Sarah shares her challenging journey from suffering with an unknown chronic illness to becoming a Celiac-safe herbalist. We explore her … Continue reading "Episode 40: Sarah Corbett"


Episode 39: December Business Energy Reading

December is here, and we are staring down 2019. Fortunately, after a couple of months of stagnation and reflection, the energy of December has us ready to go and ride out the end of the year with vigor. First, I want to apologize: the sound quality on this episode is pretty terrible, and it’s … Continue reading "Episode 39: December Business Energy Reading"


Episode 38: Christi Johnson

Artist Christi Johnson of Mixed Color and Stitch Wish joins the podcast to explore her journey to textile design, country life, and magic-infused business. Christi is a textile artist with a passion for natural dyes and embroidery, and in this episode, she tells us what natural dying is, how her work is inspired through symbol, … Continue reading "Episode 38: Christi Johnson"


Episode 37: Pitching Corporate with Anna Toonk

Spiritual worker and teacher Anna Toonk is back on the show! Anna is well-known for her extensive work with corporate clients, and she joins the podcast this episode to share her advice on pitching corporate and getting that sweet big company cash. Anna shares how to be more approachable to non-woo clients, the importance of … Continue reading "Episode 37: Pitching Corporate with Anna Toonk"


Episode 36: Tobi Newson

Photographer, model, and writer Tobi Newson joins the podcast to chat about witchcraft, sex work, and doing whatever she wants. Tobi is a former suicide girl, and in this episode we explore her journey from a conservative Mormon upbringing to her empowering experience as an alternative model. Tobi shares what modeling is really like, what … Continue reading "Episode 36: Tobi Newson"


Episode 35: November Business Energy Reading

November is upon us and we are being invited to once again check in with where we are in our businesses, what we are prioritizing, and how we are caring – or not caring – for ourselves. The past few months have been part of a huge Death moment, the cards calling us out on … Continue reading "Episode 35: November Business Energy Reading"


Episode 34: Alia Walston

Intuitive reader and educator Alia Walston joins the show to share about her journey through addiction, sobriety, and spiritual calling. Through an ever-expanding understanding of tarot, astrology and magical work, Alia connects to the soul’s purpose to create experiences of joy. Alia openly discusses her mental health and substance use challenges, and how they led … Continue reading "Episode 34: Alia Walston"


Episode 33: Instagram Training with Sarah Corbett

Are you frustrated by Instagram? Relying on it to grow your business, but feel like the algorithm is out to get you? Super fucking unclear on how to best use the platform without spending your entire life on social media? Sarah Corbett is here to soothe your anxiety and give you actionable steps to … Continue reading "Episode 33: Instagram Training with Sarah Corbett"


Episode 32: Dana Balicki

Transformational coach and teacher Dana Balicki is on the show sharing about her journey from professional activism to sustainable healership. In this episode, we explore the importance of joy in our work and how to slow the fuck down. Dana shares about how burnout (even from joy!) can be our greatest teacher, and how … Continue reading "Episode 32: Dana Balicki"


Episode 31: October Business Energy Reading

It’s October! BEST MONTH. This Libra is biased, but October is a powerful month for letting go of old stories and connecting into our deeper truths. The liminality of fall dredges up all kinds of crap for us to sort through, review, and release. As business owners and creative folk, that means money. Specifically … Continue reading "Episode 31: October Business Energy Reading"