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Sarah M. Chappell hosts small business owners for conversations about spirituality, creativity, and defining success. Biweekly on Thursdays. Show notes at

Sarah M. Chappell hosts small business owners for conversations about spirituality, creativity, and defining success. Biweekly on Thursdays. Show notes at
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Sarah M. Chappell hosts small business owners for conversations about spirituality, creativity, and defining success. Biweekly on Thursdays. Show notes at




Episode 33: Instagram Training with Sarah Corbett

Are you frustrated by Instagram? Relying on it to grow your business, but feel like the algorithm is out to get you? Super fucking unclear on how to best use the platform without spending your entire life on social media? Sarah Corbett is here to soothe your anxiety and give you actionable steps to … Continue reading "Episode 33: Instagram Training with Sarah Corbett"


Episode 32: Dana Balicki

Transformational coach and teacher Dana Balicki is on the show sharing about her journey from professional activism to sustainable healership. In this episode, we explore the importance of joy in our work and how to slow the fuck down. Dana shares about how burnout (even from joy!) can be our greatest teacher, and how … Continue reading "Episode 32: Dana Balicki"


Episode 31: October Business Energy Reading

It’s October! BEST MONTH. This Libra is biased, but October is a powerful month for letting go of old stories and connecting into our deeper truths. The liminality of fall dredges up all kinds of crap for us to sort through, review, and release. As business owners and creative folk, that means money. Specifically … Continue reading "Episode 31: October Business Energy Reading"


Episode 30: Natha Perkins Campanella

This week on So You Wanna Be A Witch we’re chatting astrology! Natha Perkins Campanella is an intuitive counselor and astrologer, and joins the show to share how we can look to our astrological chart to help understand ourselves as business owners. In this episode, Natha tells you where to look in your chart to … Continue reading "Episode 30: Natha Perkins Campanella"


Episode 29: Using Tarot for Business

Welcome to the September Business Training episode! This week your host Sarah M. Chappell (that’s me!) is sharing in an introduction to using tarot in your business. You don’t have to be a professional tarot reader or have a tarot business for the cards to useful in planning and assessing. In this episode, I talk … Continue reading "Episode 29: Using Tarot for Business"


Episode 28: Grumpisode with Yarrow Magdalena

Welcome to the Grumpisode! That’s right, my friends – this week is all about allowing ourselves to be grumpy sometimes because owning a business is hard and catharsis is healing. I’m joined today by a dear friend and brilliant soul-centered entrepreneur, Yarrow Magdalena. Yarrow and I have been internet buds for a while, and it … Continue reading "Episode 28: Grumpisode with Yarrow Magdalena"


Episode 27: September Business Energy Reading

Welcome to Season 3 of So You Wanna Be A Witch! We’re back with big news: the podcast will be released weekly! The interviews you know and love will continue every other week, providing insight and sharing the journey of soul-centered entrepreneurship with business owners around the world. Our additional weeks together will be dedicated … Continue reading "Episode 27: September Business Energy Reading"


Episode 26: Sarah’s Soliloquy Redux

We’re back with the final episode of Season Two of So You Wanna Be A Witch! This reprises the Sarah’s Soliloquy from August 2017 with a twist: I’m answering your questions. In this episode, I share a bit about what has changed for me both personally and professionally since last year. I then dive into … Continue reading "Episode 26: Sarah’s Soliloquy Redux"


Episode 25: Sydney Campos

Sydney Campos is an Alignment Alchemist helping folks to live their most empowered lives. Sydney has just published her first book, The Empath Experience, and is the host of the Visionary Souls podcast. She teaches yoga and meditation, and melds coaching tools with Reiki energy healing and Akashic Records readings to help clients create their … Continue reading "Episode 25: Sydney Campos"


Episode 24: Solée Darrell

Solée Darrell is an intuitive jeweler, artist, and doula-in-training based in Vancouver. In this episode, Solée opens up about the transition to full-time self-employment, learning to trust herself, and making space for living in the moment. Solée shares about how working through loneliness has helped her to channel her energy into making, and how the … Continue reading "Episode 24: Solée Darrell"


Episode 23: Lauren + Vanessa

Lauren E. Hack and Vanessa Ungaro are House of Lava, a private salon and special events beauty team in Manhattan. Both Lauren and Vanessa are skilled beauty experts with a penchants for crystals, Reiki, and the power to transform women through self-care (and a great blowout). In this episode, Lauren and Vanessa share how the … Continue reading "Episode 23: Lauren + Vanessa"


Episode 22: Sandy Sitron

Sandy Sitron is a Brooklyn-based artist, astrologer, and hypnotist who uses the guidance of the starts to help clients truly know themselves and use that clarity to create lasting change. In this episode, Sandy offers a crash course in astrology, and shares how her longtime passion became her career. Working through unhealthy relationship patterns led … Continue reading "Episode 22: Sandy Sitron"


Episode 21: Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman

Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman is a Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Ritualist, Goddess Scholar, Mother, and Artist. Best known as the director of Active Culture Family, Erin walks a path of community stewardship and service to Gaia through her roles as lead facilitator of the Medicine Mandala Green Magic Apprenticeship program, and as Priestess of Bridge … Continue reading "Episode 21: Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman"


Episode 20: Courtney Alexander

Courtney Alexander is an artist, publisher, and the creator of the Dust II Onyx tarot deck. When I first saw images from her deck, I was left breathless with the depth and power that they hold. Courtney mentions in this episode that most of the tarot decks featuring people of color are not in fact made … Continue reading "Episode 20: Courtney Alexander"


Episode 19: Samantha Story

Classical Chinese Medicine has become a transformative part of my own health and wellbeing, and I am thrilled to have an expert on the podcast to share about her practice and experience! Samantha Story MS, L.Ac is an acupuncturist and healer based in New York City. Samantha stumbled upon Chinese Medicine and in it … Continue reading "Episode 19: Samantha Story"


Episode 18: La Vonne Natasha Caesar

Welcome to Season Two of So You Wanna Be A Witch! I am honored to kick off with the indescribably magical La Vonne Natasha Caesar. La Vonne is a medicine woman with a deep bag of tools who intuitively blends womb knowledge, Reiki, Thai yoga bodywork, and herbalism in her custom Total Energy Alignment (TEA) … Continue reading "Episode 18: La Vonne Natasha Caesar"


Episode 17: Lauren Haynes

Lauren Haynes of Wooden Spoon Herbs is an herbalist with a beautiful product line out of the mountains of Georgia. She came to plant medicine through the DIY and punk scenes, and now offers over 50 remedies and has been featured in Vogue Magazine. This episode dives right into the meat of running a soul-centered … Continue reading "Episode 17: Lauren Haynes"


Episode 16: Barrie Cohen

Hedge witch Barrie Cohen of Beezie Textiles is a fiber artist working to integrate plant magic and fabric for beauty and healing. Barrie’s experiences working on farms introduced her to herbal medicine and the deep lore of flowers. Now, she is using her art to craft custom garments and home goods full of plant … Continue reading "Episode 16: Barrie Cohen"


Episode 15: Rochelle Eisenberger

Rochelle is so rad. She’s an herbalist with a private practice and retail shop and will just wrap you up in her passion for plants and help you to heal. I met Rochelle while teaching at Everyday Magic and was taken by her warmth and willingness to share about her winding path to owning an … Continue reading "Episode 15: Rochelle Eisenberger"


Episode 14: Milla Prince

Milla Prince of The Woman Who Married A Bear and Fireweed & Nettle Herbals is the witch of my dreams. She’s a fiercely smart and hilarious folk herbalist, activist, and writer who single-handedly changed my life. To be clear, I’ve met only Milla once. But once was enough. Her passion charges through her work and … Continue reading "Episode 14: Milla Prince"