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Episode 34 - The Nose Goes...

Sometimes messages from our expanded self can be right in front of our nose... literally... You might not think it has a specific message, but there are actually quite a few. Have breathing/sinus issues? Broken nose issues? Sneezing? There are SO many things that we're told through scent and taste (which is closely related). It's definitely not what you probably think it is... and yet, it can be as plain as the nose on our face! Listen in!


Episode 33 - This Can Be EXTREMELY Helpful in a Message!

Sometimes, we take things wayyyyyy to extremes. Too much/too little of anything can be a big indicator. Food, exerciise, control... there are many underlying messages we're giving to ourselves in both sides of the pendulum. What's the extreme you might not be seeing for what it's saying?


Episode 32 - Does This (Literally) Speak to You?

We often don't realize that even from conversations we might hear as well as have, the weight of words can be a distinct message to us. You'd think that would be obvious, right? Wellllll.... maybe, maybe not. Listen in and see what it says to you!


Episode 31 - Messages Can Be (Literally) So Colorful!

Different colors mean different things to different individuals... right? In this episode, we're talking about the prominence of different colors can be a very distinct message to us. We have a LOT of different things associated with different colors... this is a FUN "coloring" game to explore! See what colors can be saying for you.. listen in!


Episode 30 -In Synch With Synchronicity

There's such a difference between when things feel choppy and clunky... and when everything seems magically flowing and synchronistic. These are HUGE signs on our journey that we often miss as signs. Join us to take a closer look at how it flows all together.


Episode 29 - Feeling Undervalued, Underutilized, Underappreciated?

Have you had situations where you've felt underappreciated... undervalued... and/or underutilized? Tired of feeling frustrated because of it? Well... let's take a look at what it might be telling you, so you can put that to bed once and for all!


Episode 28 - When a Sign is a Sign

Have you ever been driving down the road, thinking about something, and you look up to see a billboard that says exactly what you needed to "hear" at the moment? In this episode, we talk about the vast array of literal signs around us that we might not normally even notice. Let's have a little fun with it!


Episode 27 -The Angry Truth (or the Truth of Anger)

We often get stopped, distracted, and/or lost in our anger. However, it's actually a GREAT messenger for us; we just need to know how to see it for what it is. Join us as we discuss how we "invite in" a conversation with our anger and let it give us the powerful messages it's there ti provide.


Episode 26 - Giving You a Hands On Perspective

Hands seem to be a simple thing. However think about their role in our lives and what they respresent. We hold, we create, we "give a hand." So, what could hand issues and/or injuries be telling you? Quite a bit...


Episode 25 - Don’t STRESS About It!

We often get lost in stress, play victim to it, get ourselves sick from it... and yet, what is it there to TELL us? What a GREAT tool and message for seeing what we're often trying not to see... ready to take off the blindfold? Join us for this episode!


Episode 24 - What Does That Tune Mean? Music, Frequency, and What It Can Be Telling You

Ever wake up in the morning with a song in your head... or be driving in the car, when suddenly a song comes on and it's just SO perfect for that moment? Have you ever looked more closely into that, and what the music might mean? Music, frequency (there's an entire field of sound healing), pretty much the same thing... let's see what it might be trying to tell you!


Episode 23 - What Are You Afraid Of?

Let's go into the recesses of the dark and dingy dungeon and take a look at what we fear. NO, not just look at it... let's invite Fear in to have a cuppa and see what it's here to tell us! Afraid to look? We'll come with you... let's do it!


Episode 22 - Biting Into the Issue with Teeth

Funny how we don't often connect tooth or mouth issues with a "message"... and yet, they can point to some deep-rooted things hidden in the cracks and crevices that are VERY important to look at! Let's take a bite out of it, and see what comes up!


Episode 21 - What Dreams May Come... and What They Can Tell Us

There are books, courses, and classes galore on dream interpretation. Let's look at that in terms of the mirror and what they could be telling us. Other dimensional travel/access? Lucid dreaming? Regardless of how you look at it, there are some important clues to our consciousness in there.


Episode 20 - How’s the Weather Out There... and IN There?

We most often look at the weather as something outside of us, independent of us, and having nothing to do with us individually. But, what if we didn't? What if we looked at what swirls around us as something swirling inside of us?


Episode 19 - What’s Bugging You?

Let's take a gander at the smaller beings who might actually have big messages - insects and that form of animal around us. They can bite, sting, literally get under our skin... and yet, we often wave them off with annoyance instead of gratitude for the reminder they provide.


Episode 18 - The Language of Plants

We might look at all kinds of animals... but what about plants? As a transcendent consciousness in our realities, they actually have quite a lot to say! We can impose meaning on them... or they can convey meaning to us.


Episode 17 - Car-tastrophes and Our Blind Spot

We've talked about cars... but what about car accidents? What about literally sitting at a light and getting hit from behind? We quickly fall into victim mode when we're in a car accident, or when something major breaks. Yet... what might we not otherwise be looking at that had to create that "wake up and smell the coffee" kind of scenario?


Episode 16 - What’s Weighing On You?

Weight is one of our biggest obsessions; we tend to focus more on it come Spring because summer's coming, we wear less clothing, and we typically want to be more active. So, what does your weight say about you - too little or too much? What could you be holding on to?


Episode 15 - Time’s Reflection

We often don't think of time itself as a message, but it's actually a pretty loud one! Don't have the time? Never have enough time to ___________? There'a a pretty clear indicator it's giving you! What is that? Listen in to find out!