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Inspiration for living from your ESSENCE

Inspiration for living from your ESSENCE


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Inspiration for living from your ESSENCE






Indigenous & Colonizer with Kristen Von Foxx

Shamanic practitioner, author, and speaker, The Shamanatrix, Kristen Von Foxx empowers individuals who’ve been through trauma to reclaim their power and passion through an ancient healing modality called soul retrieval. She combines psycho-therapeutic practice, holistic nutrition, and art therapy with shamanic healing techniques from indigenous societies to assist individuals in personal transformation so that they […]


Wake Up World! with Varun Gandhi, PhD

What was your motivating factor for awakening? What did it take for you to listen to your heart and move towards its pull for the conscious role you’re meant to live in the world? Varun Gandhi, PhD joins Soul Nectar Show to share with us his message of living more socially conscious in a world […]


Healing Through Creativity with Larissa Russell

In challenging times in our life we may experience overwhelming feelings or emotions, which can sometimes lead us to staying in them or trying to negate them and push them away. Larissa Russell shares with us how she taps in to using creativity as a vehicle for working with the subconscious to help heal the […]


The Path to Overstanding with Tom Evans

How can we get to a place to live in acceptance and grace of everything that is going on in the world, with all the massive changes happening? This week our guest Tom Evans guides us to paint a picture to the path of understanding. As a seasoned metaphysician, he shares his insights from spirit […]


Out Into The Desert with Karl and Laura Forehand

Do you find yourself questioning your participation in organized religion? Are you in the midst of leaving organizational religion or have you already started your journey for a deeper sense of Truth? The collective is going through a deconstruction of many types of institutions, including the ones of worship as we move through The Great […]


Second Wave Celebration, Part IV

Are you ready to connect to the divine through the Akashic records? Or, are you noticing a change in the way we are experiencing Time on earth? Your curiosity may be your own resonance as being a part of the Second Wave! Listen in to learn more here on Part IV of the rebroadcast for […]


Second Wave Celebration Part III

Have you recently started a rapid awakening journey? Are you curious how our ancestral lineage correlates to our quantum selves? Delving into these mysteries or others might point you towards being a part of the Second Wave! Listen in to learn more here on Part III of the rebroadcast for the July 27th Celebration of […]


Second Wave Celebration Part II

What does it mean to be moving from the Piscean to the Aquarian age? How does our presence during this time benefit us and others? Are you a part of the Second Wave? This is Part 2 of the rebroadcast for the July 27th Celebration of 3 years of being on the International Bestseller list […]


Second Wave Celebration Part 1

Have you been wondering what is going on the planet? Is the planet going insane? We are indeed in what is called the Second Wave. Listen to today’s rebroadcast to learn more. Welcome to Part 1 rebroadcast of the July 27th celebration of 3 years of being on the International Bestseller list on Amazon across […]


Loving Through Betrayal with Lora Cheadle

Have you ever faced the initiation of moving through betrayal of a partner? Maybe it was innocent flirtation that was misconstrued? Whether the relationship ends, or not, there is much to learn from our own patterns and beliefs in relating. And, it’s an opportunity to share our deepest wounds and explore our shadows with a […]


Liberating Women with Ana Patricia Bourgeois

The great awakening is here; and It’s a time for humans in women’s bodies to embody the divine feminine principles and reawaken their feminine gifts leaving behind the multi-generational struggle to liberate their dominion. Joining this episode of Soul Nectar show is Ana Patricia Bourgeois, Intuitive Business Coach, Author, and Host of The Powerful Female […]


Shattering the Stigma with Erik DaRosa

This year has challenged our own inner emotional states of relating to our environment, ourselves, and our loved ones post pandemic, and especially in the US including the many school shootings, which have occurred thus far, and the political climate. It has caused much anxiety and stress for many. Erik DaRosa, known to friends and […]


Purposeful Prosperity with Maii Vu

2022 has challenged our ideas and beliefs of how life works, how the money system works, and how business is conducted. And, we’re being invited into relationship with our souls and with the universe. Our Soul Nectar Show guest this week, Maii Vu found herself in exploration of these inquiries after her family income became […]


Blessing of Living with SIMRAN

Challenge, conflict, chaos, obstacles, darkness, and death. You might think these things are terrible, but what if these are actually secret passageways to personal empowerment, to spiritual growth to your highest potential? In this episode, our guest SIMRAN gives us a sneak peak into her new book, “Living: The 7 Blessings of Human Experience,” the […]


True Voice with Jessica Schugardt

A significant aspect of the spiritual journey is the relationship with our physical bodies. It carries the history not only of our lineage, our ancestors, but also all the stories, beliefs, and emotions of our lifetime. Jessica Schugardt shares her story of healing a physical manifestation in her vocal chords. Her prognosis was that her […]


Healing Vibes with Chance Garton

Don’t you just love how the spiritual journey unfolds before you, and how as you traverse along your path there’s a discovering of new things or opportunities of interest? Chance Garton is back, a returning guest, revealing his discovery and co-creation with sound vibrational healing. In his practice, Chance intentionally seeks refinement of the collective […]


Decoding Burnout with Sharon Grossman

After many of us cocooning for two years, we are ready to get back out into the world and have things get back to normal with consistency. And yet, one might still find many changes and roadblocks happening in 2022 where life is not going as expected and things continue to shift and change at […]


Uvalde In Memoriam

As an emotional processor, it takes me space to move through the emotional wave until I know what wants to move through me as a higher message. Here is a message moving through me for the collective about Uvalde, and all the 27 school shootings in 2022 so far. ****We are One, intricately connected to […]


Soul Magic with Alena Chapman

Has life felt a bit like a struggle lately? Are you asking yourself, what am I doing wrong? Or, why does life have to be so hard? Maybe things just haven’t been working out the way that you expected them to this year. What if all of it has been a big setup, a universal […]


Welcome to My Mountain with Haden Starbuck

What if you could or have already cultivated your own spaciousness for expansion in your most perfect environmental space? Maybe it’s both an energetic and physical space? How could you share it,…the wonderful reflection of you, of your essence? Haden Starbuck shares in conversation around her experience of nurturing and cultivating her world with 25 […]